Efficiency Management And Administration

Wikipedia reminds us that the efficiency comes from the Latin word efficientia which in Spanish means, action, force production. Efficiency has several meanings: In economics, efficiency is a relation between the results (profits, goals accomplished, products, etc..) And the resources used (man-hours invested capital, raw materials, etc.): Rational use media that are available to achieve a predetermined objective, it is the requirement to avoid or extravagance and error.

Ability to achieve the objectives and program goals with minimum resources and time, making their optimization. For more information see Xcel Energy. In physics, the efficiency of a process or a device is the ratio of useful energy and energy invested. The definition is: Irrigation efficiency: percentage of the volume of water diverted in an irrigation system in relation to the volume of water actually used by plants. In an interesting letter on this topic by Alexis Codina in an article published in deferencia.com makes reference, which must be very clear the difference between effectiveness and efficiency, notes about efficiency is “doing more of the same, but cheaper “, while efficiency requires” doing new things that create value..