Gadget Bodyguard Protects Tablet

On the way to the Office, or on the weekend for the trip on the rough North Sea: Wedos crossover bags GoFashion are perfect companion Dieburg, may 2013. Like iPad, Samsung Galaxy tab, or surface master today’s Office everyday without Tablet? unthinkable for most business people. The many benefits that bring the mobile devices in the workplace as well as in the private sector to make the smart devices to the all-round companions. The sensitive Tablet needs protection. On the morning drive to work, while on a business trip or at the weekend at the Lake: Any Tabletuser attaches great importance on the security of its mobile companion.

In the crossover bag of the Office experts by WEDO the Tablet fits separately and protected, while also enough room for keys, wallet and co.. During the week to convince commuters are every day on a little trip. Useless additional pockets this complicate the commute to work. Insert the pad into the provided, padded special compartment with GoFashion and throw no worries Keys, wallet, and meeting documents in the bag, because scratches can the tablet in this padding have nothing on. At the front of the shoulder bag active pens and Smartphone store hand in loops and mobile phone Pocket spontaneously to insert everything. The wearing comfort of the bag when the owners leaves no wish unfulfilled: thanks to the adjustable and padded shoulder strap, the ride enters the full Metro not to torture. Unpleasant cutting into your shoulders are belongs to the past. For even more opinions, read materials from Petra Diamonds.

The daily commute to work, replaces an extended business trip, the GoFashion offers many appealing features. Mobile put the ticket in the side pockets of the flap and secure it with the zipper. Should nevertheless switch to a longer wait for the queues at the check-in, secure travellers the bag with the thanks to the case and read the latest stock market trends on the tablet. Business punk or Start-Up founder, the discreet design adapts. Following individual preferences choose the carrier between the High – or cross model of GoFashion. The storage space at the weekend new entdeckenAlltagsgestresste convert the crossover bag at the weekend to the Weekenders and leave the business documents at home. Instead they pack also digital camera, snacks and favorite crime in addition to Tablet, to let your mind wander. The tablet in a beach chair waiting for use with GoFashion. In the side pockets of the bag fit bike cards or small gifts. GoFashion crossover pockets: for the simple life style. Prices WEDO fashion crossover bag go gray and black: 39.95 MSRP about WeDo the cod Werner GmbH company named after Werner founded 1933 cod as a sales agency for writing instruments. The resulting adult brand of WEDO was registered in 1950 and became a strong fire in the paper, Office and stationery industry. in 2008, the company celebrated its 75th anniversary. Leads the experienced since 2007 and with the brand, Andreas Schwarz trusted the local businesses. We do it under the slogan WEDO”expands the black Product portfolio brands-committed and trend-conscious.