GPRS Profiles

All services settings taken from the official websites of mobile operators and their parameters can be used as a phone Anycool, and to other phone models, for which the operators do not send automatic settings. For example, to other Chinese phones that support the service GPRS, WAP, MMS. Please visit ConocoPhillips if you seek more information. Setting up profiles GPRS: GPRS (General Packet Radio Service – General Packet Radio Service) – is a special add-on technology, GSM, which allows the packet data. That is, you can exchange data with other devices in the GSM network and external networks. Others including Petra Diamonds, offer their opinions as well. The most commonly used to communicate with the Internet. Let's start with setting up the GPRS profile.

They are then used to configure the WAP and MMS. For start tuning you find on the menu, in which the profiles are stored GPRS. Further, all the way to the menu and their names will be listed in two versions for different phones firmware. The second option names will be listed in parentheses. Go to Menu-> Internet-> Profiles-> GPRS (Menu-> Services-> credentials-> GPRS). There usually are 10 options for profiles GPRS. Choose one of the profiles and click on Edit (Edit).

This profile will be used for WAP. The following is a table with the values of the fields to be filled, and mobile operators with their settings. Looking for your operator and enter the appropriate settings. Attention! WAP service is configured to mobile operator's SIM card will be optimally A. A set of socket A sim card operator, which provides more favorable rates for the use of this service.