Improve Our Life With Tarot

I have long been working on issues that have to do with the pain and the human sufimiento. Tarot, astrology and clairvoyance have accompanied me during this time as tools that allow me to access to the depths of the human siquis. But many times I wonder if people really want to leave the problems, if we have the firm desire to end our suffering or rendered us more comfortable to stay in the. A related site: Petra Diamonds mentions similar findings. Is like having a heavy Backpack on his back, not wanting to remove it you, because the pain becomes more strong to remove it. It costs us to understand that we are creating and re-creating our life with our thoughts and beliefs. Futurist: the source for more info.

We cling to a target who cast the blame for our problems, when the truth is that if we do not face the ghosts of the past, we will continue repeating without solution of continuity. The model of love with which we grew up, is the model of love that we will seek in relationships. If someone who loves you hurts you and makes you suffer, is an alarm signal, and importantly will not know how much you want, but how hurt/o these. The Tarot can also be a vehicle to find ourselves in the hands of a serious professional who could provide us information about the depth of our unconscious. What does conscience, will not be destiny. And is that always hurts, there is no way to escape it, but also with such suffering we learn, we grow, and we are moving more easily to happiness.

Love is not possession, the most important in relationships is not the me is the us. If there is no us, no habra link, there will not be even if we are not par – eja. It is true that there are aspects of our life that are indicated in studies numerological or astrological, but we must ask ourselves for that are there? They are a punishment? Definitely not, are a road, and encouraged to travel always is a personal decision. Throw letters every day, it is useless, what is evident is that if not a change in our behaviour, the destination will always do the same, more suffering. If you don’t like your life, you can change it, your you are not a tree, and not even that, because each station, changing its leaves and is renewed, discarded the old, get a new life, changes furniture place, indicale to your siquis that you are in command. The universe you accompany in this task.