National Museum

Garage, pantry grocery, pharmacy, hardware store, or the roof of the casa de los abuelos, may not be the first places in which someone thinks when you’re looking for new fashion accessories. The truth, these are some of the places where a few young designers and fashion illustrators who are part of the school of art and fashion design from Krakow (, those who have found materials in these places to create your bags made by hand with total originality. The end result is quite unique and original, but also elegant, intelligent and attractive. All designs were hand made with materials such as vinyl records, tins and boxes of soup. These ancient objects that seem useless and whose only destination is a dumpster have become pieces of style and fashion. Not only designed bags are an excellent demonstration of creativity of these students, but also show concern for the environment with a great interest in the importance of recycling. With these designs students demonstrated that nothing is too useless to transform into Couture and you don’t have to pay much money to have outstanding and original accessories from the crowd. Eco creativity, was part of a workshop which was attended by students to learn how to reuse objects and materials, how to create new models with old photos, different types of plastic, newspapers and make new shapes inspired in what have been found already discarded.

The design of handbags unveiled a great imaginative talent of students. Who would have thought, after all, that a metal screw could be the inspiration for a futuristic look industrial, a plastic tape offered a more avant-garde look, or maybe those black plastic bags offer a romantic style? In this way, these workshops focused on the natural talent of the students and strengthened their confidence, while encouraged them to take risks in a more creative way. After the workshops, the next step was to show the bags to the public. Together with the National Museum in Krakow, the school of art and fashion design, has combined a catwalk / art exhibition in one of the rooms of the Museum, which has gathered a large audience interested in these designs and concepts highly orignal.