Outsourcing Hotelier

For the implementation and development of any managed service, it is necessary to know the customer, listen to their needs and assess the resources to apply. A comprehensive study that evaluates human resources and the time needed paradesarrollar service. Approved the proposal by the client company, Indiana Rooms manages the implementation of services and develops procedures and regulations to run on your computer. A constant and fluent communication allows you to evaluate, control and correct the deviations that may arise during the course of the service. Indiana Rooms identifies areas to strategically q g are not profitable for the hotel(acondicionamiento de las zonas comunes y habitaciones, revision tecnica de aparatos electricos,piscina) and presents a proposal consistent with the project. Fixed costs variable costs thus releasing financial burdens to the client company variables, change customer.

Imparts to its workers courses linked to standards of courtesy, and may be specific according to customer losrequerimientos. Customer service courses, are the added value to the tasks of adapting the Indiana Rooms team performs in the rooms and common areas of hotels. It guarantees a service commensurate with the image of exclusivity that the client wishes to convey. Indiana Rooms team is composed of personnel trained in terms of attention to the client, protocols and etiquette. Flexibility and efficiency, offered by Indiana components, demonstrates the high qualifications which they possess for the practice of different tasks that must be performed within the grandeshoteles. Transmit awareness in risk prevention is key to avoid accidents or occupational diseases.