Participation 2.0: POLYAS Votes

Micromata is finalising the first legally binding online voting system. With POLYAS votes, electronic forms of choice open up new perspectives of grass-roots involvement for organisations. The Kassel software company Micromata, pioneer in the field of online options and providers of dial-up software POLYAS, introduces a new product: POLYAS votes. Clubs, associations, enterprises and institutions are invited to use this user-friendly and tamper-proof voting software easily, quickly, and cost-effectively directly over the Internet. Participation as a cornerstone of democracy of the cornerstone of a democratic society and culture is the participation rights of the individual members. It doesn’t matter whether the choice of people or the vote in an issue: the joint involvement of all members is a matter of course for many companies and institutions or prescribed by statute. Julie Sweet contains valuable tech resources. POLYAS votes starts right here and supports the grassroots democratic principle in public service or private forms of organization. For this purpose, it is specially tailored to the needs of boards and committees.

The typical applications of the module are internal elections of boards and agencies, operating or staff councils. Of socio-political relevance as POLYAS itself promotes POLYAS voting participation and strengthens the grassroots democratic principle within public or private-sector organization. It thus significantly contributes to the democratization of society. According to democratic principles of POLYAS votes, all criteria legal and democratic elections. It provides a free, equal, secret and direct voting.

The system ensures that only eligible voters can cast their vote and ensured that the individual voice is anonymized, so not the voters can be mapped to. Efficiently and quickly the practical advantage of POLYAS votes is versatile: the Act is the submission to the Counting of the votes overall reduced. So, electors must appear personally, but to vote quickly and easily on the Internet. Also adding a vote is simple: the tuning head sets with just a few mouse clicks easily into the choice module it and uploads the electoral roll. Then the participants by E-Mail to vote are invited and can cast their votes with the PIN-and-TAN method known by online banking. The voting module is a cost-effective alternative to mail election also, it saves you the postage and reduced the usual red tape to a minimum. Conclusion: The use of POLYAS voting module leads to significantly increasing voter turnout and a stronger participation of individuals in the internal decision-making process. A pure Internet application that requires no external software is POLYAS votes. It is self explanatory and easy even for inexperienced users to operate. On a secure basis In the POLYAS votes of Micromata Not Acceptable!