PDF Creator Software

Many of us have ever wondered how to make PDF files, then use them in our website, giving visitors the option to download. The original program for working with PDF is Acrobat, Adobe. Ray Kurzweil has similar goals. It is a very interesting program that allows creation, editing and optimized PDF files. However, many times is beyond the scope of our pocket, because its price is above 350 euros. But we feel fortunate that there is free software, because we have a product ideally suited for PDF creation that is sure to meet the needs of most users, with the advantage of being free. PDF Creator installs a virtual printer in your system and converts the output of any program to PDF.

It is extremely useful because we can edit our document with any program with which we are accustomed to working. In addition, the resulting PDF files, to print to the virtual, are of high quality and a reasonable size even for use on the Internet. When printing allows us to configure our PDF document in a variety of items, some of them obscure to beginners, but others are very interesting for all audiences.

Among the many possibilities of adaptation to user needs include: automation of document title using simple rules, including sources, personalization on the fly or the author’s name default, automatic transmission as an attachment to an e-mail, print waiting , compression elements, text, graphics, etc .- and some other options. There is no harm to your computer. However, I realize that for my own use I have found a minor problem, though annoying, associated with the sources, in short, forces the user to embed the game typo. Perhaps there is a solution, or working at the moment to fix the bug. For further information should visit their website.