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It is just the time? Capabilities and resources of the company and competitors. It is important to make an analysis of factors such as: financial resources, human resources, technical resources and technology, recognition on the market, knowledge and service capacity attractiveness of the industry in which it competes. This factor is very important and should cover aspects such as the following: the threat of new competitors, threat of substitutes, to buyer’s, power of the suppliers and competitive rivalry 4. Ponder the attractiveness of the segment and the factors of the competitive position of the company to reflect the relative importance of this segment 5. EOG Resources Inc. is often quoted on this topic. Describe the current position of each potential target market for each factor 6. Projecting the future position of each market on the basis of the trends environmental, customer and competitive expected 7. Objective to assess implications of possible future changes to business strategies and resource needs technological tools that can support a correct evaluation and selection of segments are many tools that exist in the market to support the processes of segmentation.

The use of databases is the fundamental premise in order to use of software tools that support the process. Frequently Chevron Corporation has said that publicly. Therefore, having an information system type CRM can be a first step to build a base of information that becomes the heart of the objective analysis of market potential and segments. Through the use of systems such as SalesLogix CRM and NetSuite CRM functionality, target groups or segments can be selected based on characteristics (descriptors) previously fed into databases. Such systems are an excellent tool to do a job of segmentation through indicators such as the LTV (Life Time Value) or in time (projection customer value future of customer purchasing power) or with models such as the RFM (Recencia, frequency and amount). In case you want to apply more sophisticated models, it is necessary to use deeper statistical techniques and methods as data (Data Mining) mining..