Search Engine Optimization

The word search engine optimization, SEO short (derived from the English “Search engine optimization”), is explained basically by itself, is becoming the optimization of a website for search engines. A distinction is generally between a so-called “Onsite” optimization, which includes all changes to the source code and the contents of a Web page, and he “offsite” deals optimization, which are found mainly with the link building / from partner sites. Why search engine optimization? Without a search engine optimization you have now put a little more chance of his website in the top spots in search results of major search engines (especially market leader Google). Although it is such a brilliant concept or niche keywords, quite possible, but experience shows that are to be found in almost any desired keywords is not optimized pages more in the top 10. Basics: Beginning one should as a rule with the on-site optimization, since the off-site optimization is a longer-term issue.

First, one should it is even superior to what search words you would ever be found in the search engines, ideally should be at least one each of these search words on the bottom there are the search word in both the title of the page and in the actual content occurs several times. To check the keyword density, one can use various online SEO tools / Webmaster Tools, which is to find it free on the Internet