Sloboda Russian

Language can not reflect ethno-cultural components, such as: the geographic realities of the advertising texts – “Vodka Altai, for example, so-called” pretsendentnye “personality – a cigarette” Peter I ; rethinking of sayings and proverbs. 4 For example, “Strike the iron while it is fashionable, in advertising filigree of steel furniture, or” Take care of your teeth from an early age, “in advertising Dental Ltd Studio Spectra . No exception and the name of vodka “On three, as is known in Russia long predpochitayuli Drinking above method. Or “Sloboda – new oil from old recipes,” Sloboda known to form settlements in feudal Russia near the fortified cities, whose residents were exempt from taxes and duties. Use of historicism in the advertisement text is intended to evoke in the minds of buyers for many of them loved the association with the Cossack freemen.

In recent years, actively entered into force on the globalization process, he gets a strong reflection in the cultural sphere. National characteristics in culture and, accordingly, in advertising leveled. Russia is a participant in this process, so its impact has been on it. I would hope that the experience of adopting a Western counterparts, Russian advertisers have not forgotten about the strongest traditions of Russian culture, of great linguistic traditions, and will speak to the audience in a language that she is close and understandable. List literature. Alchuk A. Metamorphosis of the image of women in the Russian advertising / Gender Studies / kcgs.