Looks Tester

We’ve always wondered how would be blonde/o of morena/o, long, short hair, bangs or without, curly, smooth, hair makeup / but many times by the fear of change, we have not done anything, we stayed as we were. As well, there is a tester of looks, where adding our photo with hair, we can see that type of hairstyles, colors of hair, short, long hair, make-up, we have better. The truth that is very fun, and helps a lot to see what best suits you, according to the factions in our face. strategy offer more in-depth analysis. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Atmos Energy. It’s a program of tester of looks, which is more complete and better, because it is not a website, but it is a program that you can download directly to your computer. This program can be downloaded for free at this link: signal to download depending on your operating system: windows, mac leave that the download page is loaded completely and you will see that a new window appears (can take 30 seconds to appear). Click on the option to save file. It is a file executable, just have to install it on your computer and ready, you can already use the program on your pc. Here I leave a link of Naomi, which explains it very well: the look that best fits you only have to put a photo and make the changes you want. I hope that you have enjoyed, just with this descubris that you feel better a type of hairstyle, long or short, with bangs to the side, straight or not, a certain color of lipstick., and who knows, like os animais to change his look. Follow me on: original author and source of the article