The words not much really matter in what seduction refers to, without place to doubt what matters is one who transmits them, if you’re able to convey any word so that you take each value you as a person then you’ve gone to a field where no matter you open with whatever you want to with the girls, will not mind you say this or that, because you know that what matters is that your you’re saying it, and best of all is that you you’re having fun and having a good. As you will understand, the words are part of the best techniques to seduce a woman. For more information see this site: Ann Davies. When you go and get too close to women no te metas in your head to see that you’re thinking about, or to see if what you’re saying is right or wrong, just words, so talk about whatever, the girl actually is absorbing what your attitude, your ability to communicate with her, and the people who surround youthen it will be unnecessary to focus you on what you say, rather than focusing on what you say, and realize that If you’re the one that says it comes from a reliable source, of an extraordinary person. Techniques to seduce a woman that involve the art of the conversation when talking with the girls and you run out of things to say it is usually the result of not listening to the girls, they are talking about and can tell you about various topics, that item you can drill down to another, and another, and another, without actually reaching a finalbecause you can reach a subject such as the family, Chinese rugs, then go on to dance, topics of which is endless because talk, don’t limit yourself by the words, rather than get them Allied yours feels like saying any word not only positively affect your conversation and also as in reality these words are part of what you’reregardless of whatever..