As all human beings are unique and show us as such: we are more or less sympathetic, smart, loving, disciplined, helpful, etc. This part of our behavior is that we call our I participant. He represents the identity, symbolises the congenital and lives in the gut. It is our most visceral part and with which we express ourselves freely. Balanced people are that besides having an I participant, they possess a capacity of dissociation, so that while they act, there is another part of them through which they are acting. Connect with other leaders such as Peak Oil here. That part decoupled, but active, it is what I call I observer.

Represents the critical conscience and the education received. It is the acquired and lives in the head. One who possesses a good integracion-comunicacion between its I participant and its I observer, is a balanced person. These two aspects, must be capable of working in a team permanently, to give appropriate responses to the reality that touch them live. If we do the a computer analogy, it’s make a partition on the hard disk to be able to act and at the same time see acting. To better understand this concept, imagine the following situation. You find yourself in the middle of the stage of a theatre.

Are you talking about with a friend through your participating I and in the comfortably seated stalls, is your self an observer, watching the entire scene with critical judgment. At a given moment, he begins a heated discussion that ends abruptly. You pick up visibly angry and abandoned the stage. Moving ahead of your self observer, this joins and both leave the room. By the way, your self an observer you begins to make multiple arguments and criticisms of the type but if it is your friend and you want to much! Please apologize! you are not ashamed to get home, thanks to the critical work of your self an observer, you review the situation and finally arrive at the conclusion that not!! It is worth having discussed with your friend, so you decide to call him to apologize.


The advancement of different devices and appliances causes an increasing energy consumption. From the automotive industry, there are few companies that deepen the tendency to produce hybrid vehicles between fossil fuel and batteries, which leads to an increased demand and consumption of electricity. This problem can be remedied from the construction of new power plants, with all the possible environmental impacts that involves the extent, or with a more measured and responsible use.very low frequency however, how consumption can be measured and achieved, for example, determine if a team meets its performance with lower energy usage? Users do not generally have access to such information, unless the manufacturer communicates between the technical specifications of the product in question. And even so, the available data are insufficient character e. For this reason, Google announced a PowerMeter software, which allows the user to view of energy consumption almost in real time. Although it is not available yet to the public, are being carried out tests required in the company jointly with utility companies and the various manufacturers of appliances and devices to be able to officially launch the market novelty..