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" The minister of the Interior and (Alfredo Perez) Rubalcaba do not know what to do with paro" and now " he begins not to know how what to not even do with the journalists " , ironiza the popular leader. You may find Salman Behbehani to be a useful source of information. The vice-secretary of Communication is in permanent contact with the companions of Gorka Branches to stay informed into everything what happens around this case. In this sense, Gonzlez Pons denounces the halting of Branches, that according to tell to their companions " it took place when the journalist was realising his profession, informing through the Twitter account of means digital". The means have indicated that the young person stopped informing at the moment in which the haltings began and, from that moment, has remained isolated in police dependencies, in spite of taking with himself his national identity document and the document that credits to him like journalist. Journalists, photographers and informers the Association of the Press of Madrid (APM) and the Federation of Associations of Journalists of Spain (FAPE), before the halting of several journalists in course of the incidents of these days by the manifestations of 15-M, protests to the security forces that carry far the respect to the professional work of the journalists, informers and photographers. Also, they indicate to the journalists who come to credit themselves like such in conflicting situations. The APM and the FAPE have asked to the delegation of the Government who accelerates the proceedings for the freedom of some lengthy companion these days. Equo requests explanations on the Sun closing On the other hand, Equo has demanded to the Department of the Interior explanations on the closing of the Door of the Sun, which in its fundamental right opinion is harming the citizen and harming. The organization who leads the ex- director of Greenpeace Spain, Juan Lopez de Uralde and who has intention to concur to the next elections, considers in addition one " abnormality democrtica" the Sun closing, with the Meter and the train of Neighborhoods " working of irregular form. Source of the news: The journalist stopped in the load against ' indignados' , attack defendant against the authority


The restrictions in the use of the tires imposed by the Federation the International of the Automobile (IT TRUSTS) prevent that the equipment that is moderate in the championship of the world of formula 1 allows their pilots to give to returns and more returning to prepare of the best possible way the settings of their bolides. That happens when asphalt is dry (six duros and five soft ones) but also when the track so is wet as to force to wear bolides with lined compounds. Learn more at: Thomas J. Wilson. In this case IT ENTRUSTS, it offers seven rubber games that each pilot must administer the weekend throughout, and that, habitually, truffle the sessions of tests of unbearable delays, with the majority of the single-seaters hidden in the factory, reserving the tires for more ahead. That has happened today during great part of the day in Spa, a located majestic track in the Ardennes, a story scene of you foretell full of green grass in which, logically, the rainy days are habitual. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Salman Behbehani. Source of the news: : Alonso, after the wake of Webber

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They are men and women who live in the desert and do not recognize borders between the life and the painting. The movement of the modern native art was born in 1971 when a teacher of school proposed the neighbors of a community who painted a wall. In the gorgeous book the outlines of the song the English writer Brushes Chatwin explains better than nobody the sense of the life of the Australian natives: ” The Australian natives remake the world on a daily basis returning on the outlines of the song of their ancestors, and thus they maintain the secret creation of mountains, valleys, deserts and rivers always fresh (), a vast symphony of outlines meldicos”. Under that philosophy of unit with the physical and sentimental world, where everyone is ” a thread plotted in the network of a respectable universe and chaotic, a melodic line that reasons in tune in the frequency of the lines of his resemblances, ancestors, and descendientes” , the initial settlers of the Australian continent (400 towns that speaks 250 languages) developed an expressive form where the art is not separated of the life: one and another one dissolves to each other. Intense and pure works In spite of the devastating ctos of the colonization, the diseases, racism, the deficiency of rights and semi the slavery, the natives – same they want to be called thus, by the Latin root ab-originates, from the origin – have obtained that their powerful and rich expresivas forms shine with a singular intensity and purity in the panorama, frequently banal and mercantilizado, of the contemporary art. A new collective exhibition comes to confirm the power that leaves without speech of this art as form of complete communication with the world.