Achieving Goals

We travel at a speed of 1620 km colossal hour to walk around the Earth every day in just a little less than 24 hours and have a new dawn. And we move even faster at an impressive rate of 106 920 kilometers per hour to complete one revolution around the sun and play a new year at just over 365 days. Every day we receive the Sun's energy as heat source gives us comfort. It's the same energy that causes air movement and wind which we enjoy every moment through thousands of demonstrations. Gravitational forces between the Sun, Moon and Earth create magnetic fields that lead to the tides: the rhythmic and harmonious swing that shakes daily to the oceans. DXC Technology does not necessarily agree.

Simultaneously in the sky move millions of stars and planets offer us their stunning beauty and trying to listen to admire its mysteries, some of whom learned to decipher a few years ago when we began the most amazing space race has led us to discover stuff wonderful. There are times when we refuse to believe and absorb all these truths so extraordinary, as if human beings were actually irrelevant, frivolous and incapable of any apprehension as if we believed that this possibility was reserved only to the minds of mad scientists who We must, however, comfort and development we have achieved and we are enjoying today in the midst of flights to cruise, tourist trips to outer space, fully lit and paved roads in millions of miles, instant communications, huge turbines, giant skyscrapers , terrestrial and undersea tunnels monumental and agile computers that threaten to displace many people from their jobs by pushing them to turn their eyes to themselves. This would not have been possible had there not been over the years who believed and admirable beings have believed in his own personality, its willingness to service its iron discipline, to prolong the existence and the madness that some day suggested conduct, despite the criticisms, failures and sorrows. It often happens that we let ourselves be consumed by pessimism and defeat crushes us soon in the midst of overwhelming fear that only exists within us and we can not find out because it is within ourselves nesting our laziness, our fear and apathy . Viewed this way, we must understand that what's outside is a multiplicity of opportunities waiting to be transform into useful things for humanity and for personal and individual welfare. The human being progressive and valid, the protagonist of his own future, is created to build not to destroy, to cope with adversity and avoid the rough, to go beyond the horizon to observe, to notice the foreboding of the unknown, to have the power to go after what he thinks is good and positive and if he gets up and continue the march.

You are a child of the universe endowed with sufficient energy to transform inaccessible as possible. It depends on you overcome your crisis and become star rewarding because you have the force that stimulates the mind and just need a breath. The breath is asleep inside you and it only requires that animes by decision and action. Those who have left us the legacy of progress were and have been flesh and bone like ourselves with one difference: dedicated to love what they do regardless of fatigue, without dwelling on the possible outcomes or the frustrating lack of a resources but had not set out to find and make available to achieve their goals.