What is training e-learning? During the past years, the e-learning training, is taking shape and becoming in what will be the future of training both in Spain and in the rest of countries around the world. But really know what training e-learning? To give an exact term, before writing this post, I started me to search in the dictionary of the RAE, the exact definition of the term, however, I found that this term for the SAR does not exist. For this reason I kept searching in Castilian and English language dictionaries and none of them there is the Word e-learning. Perhaps it is a term too novel to appear in dictionaries, or perhaps still not found an exact definition for this term. However, this type of training, with us already more than 10 years. Admittedly, until recent years, has not taken the relevance to semerece, and currently with new technologies of information everything is simpler. E-learning, literally means online learning, learning through new technologies of information.

After much searching on this term, I’ve found something on a web page of Mexico, an article published in the year 2003, where like me today are trying to find a precise definition of that term. This article defines the term e-learning from the different points of view from which they can be studied: the concept of e-Learning is easily understood by most people. Even so, this industry are pending for a precise definition of this term. To give us an idea of the variants that exist currently in the conception of e-learning, let’s examine some of the more common definitions: technically, e-Learning is the delivery of educational material via any electronic means, including the Internet, Intranets, Extranets, audio, video, network satellite, interactive television, CD and DVD, among others media. For educators, e-Learning is the use of networks and communications technologies to design, select, manage, deliver and expand education.