Rhodesian Ridgeback

Today, fans of dog breeding is harder than ever to surprise. This concerns, first of all, the most significant range of different breeds of dogs. Dogs the size of a man and a small, easily fits in a jacket pocket, covered with dense and falling to the floor fur or no – for now the dogs in the state is virtually what you want. And many of them fairly long history of occurrence. Yet the Rhodesian Ridgeback – it's an amazing story.

Long since the dogs were companions of the human race, could accompany him on what you want moving and action. And for nations roamed southern Africa became a dog First of all guards and companions in the hunt for wild animals. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Nick Khan and gain more knowledge.. Guards – because when moving the tribes own dog, but due to our own wonderful sense of smell and hearing, become able to effectively before members of the tribe, to sense the enemy. Assistants – because of their amazing physiological characteristics allowed to enter into battle, even with the leopard. Including the point made in ancient Egypt, wall paintings can be see the dogs with a visible Ridge, through which their own name and lion dogs.

In general, the only proper because a highly cultural life of ancient Egypt to date, you can let the pure theoretically study the inception of the variety. In general, in the middle of the V millennium bc hunting dogs with a distinct so-called Ridge at mid-back were well known. Although, understand today's Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies look just is not so, as their distant ancestors who lived in Africa. And all thanks to the long history of confusing crossing of dogs since the mid-17 century, when the African Cape of Good Hope, the Dutch settled. Actually the early emigrants to describe the use of hunting dogs, the local tribes, most of all – Hottentot – always including a description of the band on their backs. The earliest description of a professional breed of lion dogs prepared by a scholar and historian George MakKoulhil in the 19 century. However, its detailed description is not particularly flattering. He imagined that this nightmare on the outer shape of an animal in which some hair on the back of increases in the opposite direction. Average growth data MakKoulhil animals could be described as 45-46 centimeters, that is to say, ancestors of modern Ridgeback were much shorter. Subsequently lvinopodobnye dogs were crossed with , who lived in South Africa, as well as arrive from to rock. Official recognition of this breed acquired a 1900 and the first standard was established in 1922. Today, the club Ridgeback really find in any Western, in principle, and not exclusively European, country, and in addition at the beginning of last century, this breed is said to be very rare, and All, without exception, individuals in Europe, it was possible to count on the fingers of even one hand. For example, the first Ridgeback in Europe came only in 1914, the second – not earlier than 1927. Ridgeback is considered one of the most attractive for breeding. And it can touch as well as rural residents and urban residents. Rhodesian Ridgebacks almost do not get sick, very cushy love seats, and with the – multi-kilometer walk.

German Shepherd Dog

Plant or not to have a dog, each person decides for himself. But if you think, is this true? Why then are allowed so many mistakes? When buying a dog, usually a person has as a goal (or several targets simultaneously): the protection of property and personality, love for animals, wants to have a friend to yourself or your child, etc. But one way or another can get out, either that person was wrong with the intended target, or select a breed is not suitable for this purpose. so before you buy a dog, you need to answer the question: 'Do I need a dog and how much is needed, the German Shepherd? " So, you love dogs, have decided for what you need it and decided to get myself a four-legged other. Whenever Greg C. Garland listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Stopping a choice on the German Shepherd Dog, we must remember that dogs of this breed is characterized by high mobility and striking temperametrom, they need long walks and regular training. And if these features are not afraid, then the choice of a German Shepherd – a good choice. German Shepherd – a working dog, which is used in a variety of types of services (guard, investigative).

The owner of a dog of this breed must be at least minimally develop her natural abilities through training, this would require confidence that acquires a puppy will be healthy physically developed and will have a strong nervous system. To make a reasonable choice of a puppy of this breed, should take into account several factors: better to buy a puppy from breeders who specialize in German Shepherds and are engaged in cultivation for several years and created a good breeding fund; good breeders care about and worry about their pets, and are interested in the fact that the future owner to choose a good puppy. To take into account all these factors and not to be mistaken with a choice, it is recommended to take the puppies in the kennels. In the first three months of life, the German Shepherd puppies prone to stress, so he needs to pay special attention to develop self-confidence. Puppies from kennels get it all, they are in the early months of his life near his his mother, with brothers and sisters, it introduced gradually to the outside world. In addition, breeders do not save on the products and give the dogs optimally balanced meals for them. All this strengthens the kids. Referring to professional or kennel of German Shepherds, the future owner can see photos and video footage of the ancestors puppy, he will explain why it was such a binding, and what the character and appearance mind to grow a dog. In addition, owners of the nursery will help to prepare your dog for the exhibition will help owners and konsultatsiayami tips on growing, training and education of offspring. And as usual nursery provide their services in training German shepherds.