The Interdependence

Values represent the nature of the truth beyond the social reality. They are attributes of the spirit that nourishes us, give life and well-being. You may want to visit Viktor Mayer-Schönberger to increase your knowledge. Some of the most important spiritual human values in holistic education are: peace, confidence, cooperation, responsibility, freedom, love, compassion, humility, fraternity and kindness. Therefore the holistic education prepares educators for new roles in societies of the 21st century characterized by interdependence, their educational work is about relationships and connections by integrating and harmonizing the Web of life; diversity is another principle on which works the new educator transcending methods and standardized tests, recognizes multiple pathways and styles to learn with the same validity, the unit is achieved through the value of diversity. To understand the interdependence and diversity of all existence is fundamental basis of teaching practice. The use of methods, techniques, and curriculum materials holistas is secondary to the importance of awareness of the educator, who needs to move from a perspective focusing on the ego to a perspective centered in a compassionate, educational, service of a perspective of thought and memory, to a vision based on the intelligence and creativity, a paradigm of mechanistic science to a new holistic paradigm in holistic education.

To achieve an educational vision integral is needed a thorough educational reform in normal schools that exceed the mechanistic educational myths of the 19th and 20th centuries which consists an arduous task because it is necessary to make a deep and serious criticism of all the newtoniano-cartesiano paradigm of mechanistic science. Education from the holistic perspective is seen more as an art than as a technology, is a creative process rather than a mechanical process. The central element in the formation of a holistic educator will be cultivating creative, strategic, scientific, emotional and aesthetic qualities among others as the values of compassion, responsibility, gratitude, respect, justice, honesty and humility, which is not grown in our educational system that strives to cultivate students self-centered and vain, which tend to grow up with a sense of superiority of class over others, but humility is one of the great values of education holistic, which means that we must perceive us with equal value than all other human beings, with equal potential because we are one member of the great human family.