Sports Betting

We are looking for in Upper Austria sales partners in existing restaurants complementing its activities for the commercialization of sports betting. Start with us now in the World Cup 2010 in South Africa! We are looking for in Upper Austria sales partners in existing restaurants or in other areas as an addition/extension of your activities for the commercialization of sports betting. Our company, Oddscompany Sportwetten GmbH, was founded in 2004 and received a state license in the same year by the province of Upper Austria, is in possession of the authorization, by concluding commercial bets as to exert bookmaker. We create the necessary regulatory requirements to the partnership-based cooperation. For even more opinions, read materials from Cross River Bank. According to the statutory provisions, subject to Oddscompany Sportwetten GmbH with your business activities in the control of the competent Austrian authorities and is entitled without any bureaucratic hassles, in your locality sportsbook to offer. As a global provider of You benefit from our broad offer, tight calculation and resulting high rates What do you need to get started? We provide a fully functional system of betting about our sports betting portal, lets you can receive access to personal wagers from customers and give the corresponding coupon. You have all functions for the processing of the betting business with your personal access.

With this solution, you need only an Internet connection, a standard PC or laptop for your work as a sports betting intermediaries, a receipt printer Epson TM-T 88IV (cost new CA 300,–), a commercial printer (optional to the list printouts) existing PC or laptop, printer and an existing Internet connection can be used from your site of course and thus constitute no necessary investments. What can you make it? There are different remuneration models Available, which are individually compatible and is based on your needs. The safest for you and without risk-bearing model fixed percentage of sales”. This compensation scheme, we carry any betting losses. You are already working with another betting provider? Compare our offer but and you can get your own image if a change for you would be an alternative. Published with the same rates, such as on our homepage, you work on-site. Occasion, you should also question in each individual case, whether your current provider in Upper Austria is licensed.

Betting offer daily updates, visit our sports betting portal, which facilitates the application of your locality in consummation of a business partnership of. Have we aroused your interest? Take advantage of your opportunity! Contact us by E-Mail or by phone call 07752 26677. our team are always available for your concerns and further information is available.