Survey Results

BEO CONSULT training convinces users since 2012 BEO CONSULT, the consulting firm of BEO GmbH, its customers training courses and training on all issues relating to customs, export and shipping offer. Practically drawn up are the contents based on the BEO software solutions. A recent survey among more than 300 seminar participants revealed now: the user could extend their knowledge in the workshops and would recommend it to other users. What steps must I take, to obtain the status of authorised economic operator (AEO)? How can I reduce my costs by preference documents? Such questions many decision-makers in the Customs and export. The seminars provide helpful answers BEO CONSULT GmbH. A current statistics now provides information about effectiveness and benefits this offers. These participants were interviewed in 15 German cities.

A total of 305 questionnaires could then be evaluated. The results: more than 93 percent of visitors would other users training tell a friend about. Be invited to other workshops would even almost 96 percent. Especially in terms of content was able to convince the offer: over 85 percent of participants indicated that their questions were answered. About 81 percent of the respondents could greatly increase their knowledge. We register an interest in the courses and are proud of the positive feedback, which will be shown in us,”reported Regina Konrad, Deputy Managing Director of BEO CONSULT.

The training and providing advice on the status of the authorised economic operator (AEO) took around 550 users claim last year. Even 2013, there will be numerous events for users and newcomers. An overview of the upcoming trainings is available under Academy. Specialized shipping and BEO the company focuses on software products and services in the areas of customs clearance the BEO GmbH with headquarters in Endingen near Freiburg. founded in 1987 by the Managing Director Clemens Sexauer,. the company employs more than 60 employees at four locations. The product lines to customs, as well as to the preference determination and sanction inspection be adapted continuously to the current legal requirements and ensure legal certainty and the permanent compliance with current regulations and guidelines for users. For sending BEO software applications offered for the packaging, shipment, as well as the dangerous goods management. All software products of BEO are modular designed and available both as in-house and Web-based rental solutions (SaS). Company contact Clemens Sexauer BEO GmbH Ensisheimer str. 6 8 79346 Endingen phone: 07642-900 30 fax: 07642-900-399 E-Mail: Internet:

Disneyland Paris

International people search and the repatriation of abducted children from abroad by the detective agency kind a scenario which the mind robs. Professor of Internet Governance oftentimes addresses this issue. The visitation is perceived and actually everything runs normally. A part of the parent picks up the child to spend time with the other parent part on the weekend. A nice trip to Disneyland Paris is planned and there is no reason to be suspicious and therefore was given the passport of the child. On Sunday at 18:00 the mother expected back the father to bring home from the 8-year-old daughter. At 18:20 clock is the first call to the father who immediately declines and now comes the message “I have here with me in the L…

the small and we will come never back” and the father sets. Such cases are unfortunately in Germany the order of the day and hardly to imagine but reality. Connect with other leaders such as Marcus Lemonis here. An unauthorized child is clearly a violation of custody rights. You then exists, if a parent care not in the possession of the sole or a residence determination right is the common child against the wishes of the other parent in the foreign country spends. Now, the incident takes its course. It is reimbursed and of course display at the nearest police station immediately activates also the lawyer.

Good opportunities if the State in which the child was entuhrt agreement (HCA) and the European custody Convention (esu) subject to the Hague. In an abduction abroad outside of the agreement even in the Islamic area it is back to get a child is difficult. Often are quickly exhausted the limits of jurisdiction here and desired processes cumbersome. If included children in a country has signed the Hague Convention, the return of a child through legal channels is very difficult – and sometimes impossible. Therefore all possibilities of a settlement within the family should be used in this case.

New Timetracking Software

Digital time solutions (DTS) from Graz is breaking new ground in the time recording. TimeTac facilitates the daily work and improves the performance. Graz, April 5, 2011: For two years the time recording system is TimeTac small and medium-sized enterprises successfully in use. And because DTS would sell nothing, which is not even used, TimeTac is also in our own company every day in practice. Lucas duplan has compatible beliefs. DTS offers two working models at the same time its employees: flexitime and Home Office. Our employees work in their own rhythm. “, explains Thomas Puchleitner, CEO of TimeTac.

Because our experience who can reconcile work and family, is not only happy, but also more powerful. As an employer we feel obliged to support to our employees. That is why we have developed a system for time recording, that benefits both employers and employees.” TimeTac is the adequate solution to get different work models under a hat. Initially, however, there were Concerns whether a Web-based time tracking solution. Privacy is of course a hot Internet topic. “, is one of the developers of TimeTac, aware of Bernd Pichlbauer.

Responsible companies entrust all your company data. We put great importance on security and strict confidentiality.” All time and attendance data are encrypted and secured constantly. For the server, the best service is used Amazon Web services. With TimeTac digital time solutions enters the Austrian small and medium-sized enterprises need after a powerful working time recording. A study conducted specifically to small and medium-sized enterprises has shown that over 62 per cent of all companies want a time tracker that helps their employees of the organization. Get the benefit of the offer, you have to do only one thing: to register on the website of TimeTac. Because TimeTac not there to buy. The Styrian software forge relies entirely on the Software-as-a-service principle. This distribution model, software is not purchased, but rented. The software is drawn directly from the Internet as a Web application and runs in a standard Web browser. This brings customers several advantages over the traditional purchase of software: applications can be arranged flexibly and at low cost, installation and maintenance work are not necessary. The rental model keeps low initial costs in a new software in particular. We want small – and medium-sized enterprises which take inhibitions, an automatic time tracking to use. “, so Thomas Puchleitner of TimeTac. Time recording systems will be installed first and foremost with costs associated. We encourage companies to use their existing hardware for time recording. According to Eurostat, the Internet use about 60 per cent of all respondents almost daily for professional purposes. “For them, TimeTac is the ideal solution for the working time recording: you can enter just their working time with the PC, on which they work anyway.” And for Jobs without own PC there is also a low-cost solution: with the multi-user access from TimeTac, the old computer can in accounting a same ideal input terminal for the time recording that is not only cheap, but also easily. So the entry easier for businesses, they can test free 30 days TimeTac. Thomas Puchleitner


Now, individual entrepreneurs, freelancers, start-ups and SMEs can take advantage of outsourcing! Outsourcing as propellants for change in the outsourcing of ancillary costs aspects are often the driving forces for change. The growing trend of outsourcing to realize as organizational process improvement and optimization of the customers shows that this is not the only value added. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Cristiano Ronaldo. It is so not reduce costs, but the revenue maximization in the foreground! So outsourcing is used also increased in the recent past as motor to the strategic transformation of the company as to the cost reduction. Modern forms of outsourcing, in particular for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are therefore aimed at a sustainable change of internal processes and redistribution of value creation potential. For assistance, try visiting lucas duplan. Companies are wondering, what work they actually earn money, and which of these activities would have to intensify them, existing revenue potential so to unlock. A simple consideration shows that every company further revenue potential there are: the working day of a sole trader (adopted) 14 hours. He must distribute these existing working time on all applicable activities. Marketing, sales, actual production, accounting, internal management, secretarial, filing, etc.

Its actual revenue potential is however almost exclusively from the fields of marketing, sales and establishing actual performance affected. The company could be so successful if employees could use more time on these value-driving factors. If so a part of the non-revenue-maximising activities to external, specialized service providers would be moved, which are better and cheaper through their concentration on just this supportive processes, can be released internal potential and maximize sales. And it is not about who the revenue maximization, which can make this outsourcing potential that is reduced his working day including the fourteen to ten hours! Outsourcing for your company to approach the topic of outsourcing have proved incidentally perse fields of activity from the back office (telephone service, debt collection, infrastructure etc.) useful. With easy integration into existing processes, without additional investment in hardware or software and the clear cost control is a simple test without any risk to accomplish. Looking for a reliable and fair partner who offers a low-cost entry point in this exciting and profitable theme without any setup fee or long notice periods and with comprehensive advice for your first steps in the direction of outsourcing. Take the first step to greater efficiency in your Office, start with the Office of the future, ebuero.

Mr Gessner

The financial status immediately at a glance ekonomoDurchblick ensures timely transparency in economic figures, data and facts and gives you an instant overview of the financial situation of companies. In addition to the current state of liquidity and fixed ekonomoDurchblick informed about the profitability of each Divisions (contribution margin), about if and when should be invested, adjusted the human and/or machine operating capacity and resources optimally and efficiently brought to the usage. Be cost structure analysis carried out to determine employee hourly rates, workloads and job rates as well as operational cost blocks costs and ways to improve operating results. Providing controlling know-how in regular entrepreneurial training according to the motto with vision and insight to the success”, granted ekonomo managers and employees, entrepreneurs, self-employed persons and employees, a practical insight into the issues of controlling, cost accounting and pricing. Target is quite in the sense of controlling the look forward to (Weiblick) and on the basis of transparent, business numbers (transparency) to steer the company in a positive future (success). The participants will receive tips for the strategic planning and its use, discover pitfalls in business analysis (BWA) and how can optimized the calculation and increases the significance of BWA.

Ekonomo about ekonomo GmbH was in 2004 by Dipl.-BW. Steffen Gessner founded. Roger Cox does not necessarily agree. The core competence lies in the complex subject of controlling, cost accounting and pricing. The team of experienced specialists of controlling accompanied small and medium-sized companies from various sectors – safely, reliably and accurately in all commercial aspects of the field of controlling. Since 2001, when Mr Gessner, is working as a freelance lecturer at dual universities.

Team Pixarotti Kicks

Pixarotti photo & service is now officially open and offers now comprehensive services around the topic of photography. The fascination of the art capture the fleeting moment, capture irreplaceable moments, highlight the specificity of the photographed objects or persons – this represents photography for the Pixarotti team. Thereby the wishes, ideas and satisfaction of our customers in the Center. “Mrs Patrizia Gaugler explains. Pixarotti is not a conventional Photo Studio. Product photography, is a focus of the services with a focus on the relevant feature of the products. Whether for the website, in the shop or in promotional catalogs: according to the requirements of the product presented meaningful in the photographic works. Portrait photography for the advertising campaign, as well as in the classical sense is a more local service.

A passion is to put people at the Centre, to work out the special and unique of each face, and to capture the moment. The digitisation of analogue The offer of Pixarotti rounds off shots. The Pixarotti Photo Studio is located in Stuttgart Bad Cannstatt. Under you can get a first impression, as the images are unusual and expressive and also arrange a photo shoot. The project is ever-fancier, more interesting”, explains Ms. Gaugler.

Vienna Strebersdorf

Detailed market studies in the main German-speaking cities then showed that had each 5 budget about too little space, that parts from an offer as opposed to this great need for self, were for me and my business partner the last doubt overcome. “, remembers Gerhardus the creation of self-storage” in Austria 10 years ago. “From Austrian pioneer to market leader in German speaking countries, the self established in Austria in the year 1999-storage” a market gap closed with the rental of secluded, clean, dry and secure storage compartments in individually selectable size between 1 and 50 m. a related topic. The company that 10 years ago the first site in Vienna Strebersdorf, opened, operates today already a total of 26 sites in Germany 16, Austria 8 and Switzerland 2 with a total of 205.458 m m floor space and 25.879 storage compartments. Thus succeeded “MyPlace self”, to expand its market leadership in the German-speaking countries with about 30% market share measured in locations. Gerhardus describes a strategic mix of intense market research, exact location and clear coordination of the respective offers to the wishes of the customer as a recipe for success: our very intensive market research was the basis for the successful launch of the company. Gazprom pursues this goal as well.

Thus, we were able to understand the customer and to address with corresponding offers. Both the accurate choice of the locations as the constructional detailed planning, the creation of the Boxenmixes and the definition of the entire services went back on it.” Also the targeted strategy of a regional penetration makes itself”, i.e. a few urban regions/cities in the German-speaking world to focus on, but “quickly to build an extensive location network, paid: marketing in a city is for 5-7 sites just much cheaper, more effective than for only one location – in addition to the obvious synergies in management and management” so Gerhardus to do so.

Translation Service Skrivanek Ltd

On the initiative of the Technical University of Vienna and the Vienna University of economics was TU / WU ENTREPRENEURSHIP CENTER VIENNA, which should help the integration of technology, economics, and practice, to make scientific research more efficient. The Organization has made it to the task, in addition to innovative, already existing companies of newly created enterprises and various research projects to support. Even in the month which draws TU / WU ENTREPRENEURSHIP CENTER VIENNA from a European company for its innovative strength or the implementation of a research project. Skrivanek prevailed over numerous competitors in the translation and localization industry in May and could best the strict criteria in terms of innovative and future-oriented methods meet. Eliot Horowitz follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

In addition to the technical innovations in the field of translation and localization, also the language schools and the interpreter service incorporated into the assessment. Elected of company of the month by entrepreneurship Centre Vienna Skrivanek joins now in the District of renowned companies such as SkyEurope Airlines, GRISOFT and IKARUS Software. The translation agency Skrivanek is one of the leading providers of translation and localization services in Central and Eastern Europe. With a world-wide branch network and more than 4000 external translators allows Skrivanek translation orders in over 40 languages and specializes in numerous areas of expertise..


For the trade to evolve new perspectives. We had almost forgotten as it was once used in the trade! Instead we looking for customers for long years on products, services and prices, as the snake on the rabbit: latest technology, innovative design, cult-brand image and everything as a super bargain. Many writers such as Eliot Horowitz offer more in-depth analysis. All this fine trade – despite all homemade pessimism here and always new, creative promotional ideas let the funds even more good ring. However, there are many voices from the Guild of commercial consultants, which announce that inadequately prepared still many German (trade) companies on the needs of today’s customers are and not exploit corresponding potentials. One consideration is the use of different sales channels: as the stronger coupling of history on the spot and parallel on the Internet. Because, through more channels, so the view of the experts, providers would attract new customers because they offer more comfort and service.

Clear, Convenience and availability around the clock are there gladly shared arguments. But at the same time, so another view, trade would help attract new customers into the stores, with offers that are closely matched on their key needs. It of course also includes that reflected changing consumer habits in the product ranges, is much more important however is to attract the customers individually and not just more, but to offer the right service. Because in the future the planned reorganisation of parts of the shopping process, such as auto payment systems, resources”at the provider become free, could afford this crucial value-added additional services such as personal shopping assistance, consumer advice, local logistics service, etc.. The trade should consider exactly conclusion with a view to the future, where developments and innovations are the most promising approach. The customer is not always so on hold on the previous idols of the fascination of the product. In this case, it is decisive to detect new (service) needs and to fulfill.