Technique Time

None of us are with you, of course, are not taken seriously by advertising slogan of firms that sell equipment or programs to translate from one language to another and contain words such as "due to our product translator as a profession will soon disappear!". Phrases like this are aimed at the final consumer, who has not, as Typically, nothing to do with this exciting profession. But here, contrary to certain beliefs, the technique still has made some progress. Immediately explained by example. Appealed to me as a woman with a rather unusual for the time requested. Learn more at this site: Ray Kurzweil. More precisely, please, it was quite clear – to translate web pages, but their content was for me until the new one – it was an "electronic matchmaker".

A client came out, they say, at an international level, led abundant correspondence with foreign agencies, knowledge of the language is definitely lacked. And the lion's share of the time, she says, she "coffin" is on the register on a numerous English -, French – and German resources. I've spent with it by agreement the time spent working as it should, but at some point the woman refuses my services and my question of why the answer is simple – an electronic dictionary. Easily embedded into your browser, this product is, to my surprise, very well translated pages, and being affordable and does not require almost no special knowledge from the user, once pushed me in this field. Fact unpleasant for me, but served as a tool for myself in the future, for dictionary was a useful thing, and elementary-saving time. .