International Water Prize

Russian President is concerned about the quality of drinking water in Russia. Named winner of the International Water Prize. Scientists have found a way to stop global warming and the greenhouse effect. Biologists have made it clear the origin of wings in insects. Coral reefs are threatened with extinction. Eliot Horowitz spoke with conviction.

Experiment on ocean fertilization failed. Scientists found the cause of warming Atlantic. Throughout the world, past environmental action 'Earth Hour'. Photofact: Ten animals that may disappear because of global climate change. Overview of events for the week of 23/03/2009 to 29/03/2009. Russian President is concerned about the quality of drinking water in Russia, Dmitry Medvedev negatively evaluated quality of Russian drinking water. He noted that Russia, having a unique fresh water resources, can not properly provide quality drinking water to its population. According to the president, in large part the subjects of our country work to provide drinking water by 'very badly'.

In this case, Dmitry Medvedev expressed hope that the Government Water Strategy being developed, will allow much more efficient ensure that Russia's population with clean drinking water. Named winner of the International Water Prize laureate the prestigious name of the International Water Prize in 2009, which is awarded for education work in the field of water resources, was named on Wednesday in the Swedish capital. This year, the prestigious prize was awarded an Indian social reformer and innovator Dr. Bindeshvar Pathak. Dr. Pathak in the framework he established in 1970 non-governmental organization to promote the social sphere made a great contribution to the development of sanitation technology, social entrepreneurship, education programs in health care for the population of India.

How Can You Buy Train Tickets Without A Hassle .

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Examination Commission

Admission Exams (interview) is chairman of the committee to verify the above-mentioned documents. Decision on admission to the examinations after samostelnoy training (externally) takes the Chief Inspector of small boat of the Russian Federation by the Chairman of the Examination Commission. The decision on admission to the examinations made in writing on the form of a personal point of skipper (gives the Secretary of the Commission) with the announcement of the examinee places, dates, times and order of the exam (interview). In the case of refusal of admission to the examinations, a personal card master's showing in her motivated reasons for refusal, instead of submitting the documents returned to the master. Received the statement of disagreement with the skippers causes of failure are considered in 5-days from the date of their receipt.

Examinations for the right to control shall be in the bulk sample program for the area in navigation, followed by a test of skills control the appropriate type of the vessel. Examiners tickets drawn separately for each area of navigation. Evaluation of knowledge produced by the student's record system. It is deemed nesdannym if examinee was unable to give correct answer more than two questions on the ticket. Examination results are issued in a personal account of examiners master card ("credit" or "Fail"). Individuals who receive "Fail" shall be permitted to resit not earlier than 7 days. Secretary of the Commission after making the results of the exam, inform the examinee about the procedure for obtaining permits, place and circumstances of the audit of management skills vessel, while necessary – on the order of re-examination.