The Width

Excited, I go out to the sidewalk and I find the gift. It is a beautiful carriage parked just, just in front of the door of my house. It is polished Walnut wood, it has brass hardware and white ceramic lamps, all very fine, very elegant, very chic. I open the door of the cab and climb. A large semicircular seat lined in corduroy He embroidered and some white lace curtains give a touch of royalty to the cubicle. I feel and I realize that everything is designed exclusively for me, is calculated the length of the legs, the width of the seat, the entire ceiling height is very comfortable, and there is no place for anyone more.Then look out the window and see the landscape: from the front of my house, on the other side the front of my neighbor’s House and say: what barbaro this gift!Well, how nice! And I stay a while enjoying that feeling. After a while I start to bore me; what you see through the window is always the same.

I wonder: how much time one can see the same things? And I begin to convince me that the gift you made me is useless.That I’m complaining aloud when my neighbor who tells me, passed as guessing me:-do No te das account that this carriage missing something?I put face of what-you-miss while I look at the carpets and upholstery.-missing horses tells me before it gets to ask him.Therefore see always the same – I think-therefore it seems boring.-Verily I say. Then I go to the barn station and ato two horses to the carriage. I climb again and from the inside cry them:-Eaaaaa!The landscape becomes wonderful, extraordinary, changes constantly and that surprises me.