Time Between Parentheses

Time between parentheses Teodulo Lopez Melendez creating a new reality resembles the Venezuelans to a kind of impossible mission for which alleged lack of forces. The Word solution seems to have escaped as a roving celestial body not subject to any gravitation. Already thinking about possible outputs you crave a barren characteristic of his ancestor’s finished historical times. We can already call this time in which are one parentheses. Today watch reality with fatigue and pessimism is set as a heavy hardware that prevents the transformative power of the will. The new paradigm capable of awakening it not leans or makes it powerless to remove it from the historical that they plunged into lethargy or is overused and tragedies hidden under the carpet by the representatives of a past that will not return. It is a particular ataraxia which replaces with lip condition alert. We ask because the Venezuelan has abandoned the role of decryptor.

Dissatisfaction with the existing seems to have lost its capacity of motorize the trip out from the ominous present. The Venezuelan has lost the strength to impose the submission of reality to the symbolic order. I.e. stopped questioning it. This space jammed between two symbols that one only is and is called parenthesis freezes and breaks, will constitute in a sort of limbo where only one would expect a higher decision that will determine once and for all the duration of punishment prior to the rise to new instances. The two ends of the parentheses remain locked to a Republic while some allege that symbol that closes right break on September 26 in a barrage of mana.

From the side of power is regarded with complacency time hidden in the parentheses while outside unleashes a flood of facts and tears taking advantage of the time of the parentheses. Inaction characterized at the time of the parentheses. Referred to by the Christian theology that the parentheses time ends, which is just a passage, but the conception of time is like a snake curl curve about herself that search tail to morder it as a story well written with appropriate literary techniques. Emphasis is placed on the right side of the parentheses and argues has date, that enough patience to exit time of the parentheses. In the outside world, on the other hand, time runs fast, it apresa, it violates, goes above, are clothes because the Republic is enclosed in parenthesis. This country has two times: of the parentheses is where enclosed the Republic and that of the usurpers. The pestilence has two times: the cats who scavenge and those who exhibit it. There are two theories: the who inside the parentheses are beginning to hold that time does not exist and the us who questioned about the interaction that will allow the revival of the energy. We conclude that we must find the highest group of possible symmetries which always leads to energies unimaginably high. It is possible that the country is simply pushing the right side of this ortografico-politico sign and extending time the parentheses. It is necessary to open the parenthesis, interrupting the speech locked, make it clear that the speech goes about the entire expression and not the closure of a time. Here there can be neither santos nor Patriarchs waiting for the redemption of the Venezuelan genre. We have to take away the plate we have hung around the neck. We can no longer ignore the intricacies or evaporating us with the smoke of the Avila that burned only.