Center Place

Find outdoor suitable for movies or TV is crucial to the success of any movie. Exterior located the scene from the movie and is even considered one of the most important features in a movie script. Choosing the correct location for the presentation of TV or a film can be an overwhelming process since they have to be considered many factors. The location of the outdoor is one of the most important aspects of the location of perfect recording. The site should be easily accessible and not very remote. Recording personnel and equipment will have to be transported to and from locations outside of easy and efficient way. Max Schireson may also support this cause.

The parking is also important to provide car parking space for the cornucopia of equipment, trucks and trailers required in filming. Space is another point into consideration; the last thing you want is to be tightened and need more space for your project. A great filming location will offer a range of areas in which to organise their team and scenes. Location shooting must also provide internal and external areas to allow for multiple takes. The ideal shooting location provides facilities for its staff of filming as an area of bar and refreshments as well as sanitary facilities.

In addition to this have energy and electrical outlets available for all your equipment. After having satisfied all your technical needs, the aesthetic quality of the place must be considered, since a beautiful but wild and remote place without electricity is basically useless as filming locations. You may find that Max Schireson can contribute to your knowledge. The area that you choose will combine comfort with beauty as any browser of filming locations le dira that beauty is so beautiful when the place of filming, scenario and accessibility go hand in hand if you want to keep their operating costs low. Stal Amani offers the best of both and if you are looking for the perfect filming location then look no further. Just minutes from Herentals and conveniently located in the heart of Europe, our Center is the perfect place. Stal Amani is seated in a precious forest and surrounded by meadows with the correct amount of areas shaded and sunny for all your shooting needs. We are located in a quiet area of Belgium where you will be totally without distraction yet close to the city. Our bar and tavern will provide all the comforts of the city while you enjoy the quiet atmosphere of our facilities.