Self Hypnosis

Meaning of the word "success" for each person is different. Someone thinks that in order to be successful, you need to move up the career ladder. Another person believes that success is closely related to wealth. And for the third person success – it is when you have family and loved ones. In general, the notion of success due to the peculiarity of thinking, habits and belief in themselves and in their strength. Success – is when a man thanks to the laws of reason and the laws of life, makes his life happy in all directions. What kind of thinking? Thinking of a successful person different from the thinking of a loser.

The first focuses on the positive, the second on the negative. A successful person thinks about what to do to he smiled and success is doing it. And not successful complains constantly about life and experiencing dissatisfaction with their present situation, aggravating him further. Man looking for opportunities to succeed everywhere, and believes in himself. And the loser drops hands at the slightest difficulty. A successful person – a person with certain qualities such as perseverance, courage, determination, patience, self-discipline, confidence. And if he does not have some of these qualities, he develops them, using various techniques and tricks.

Anyone can be successful if it believes in the success and begin to gradually move towards your goals. If you would feel pleasure in this way. Anyone can learn positive thinking and using simple techniques to reprogram your subconscious to the desired wave. And you too can, my dear friend. The main thing that is very much want to. What kind of equipment that can be used succeed? Given the fact that all people are different, and technology should be chosen based on their own differences. For example, if you're a visual, then you are well suited creative visualization. Just imagine that you a successful person and you will sooner or later they will become. If you kinestetik, then work with feelings. Feel now the man of success. It's your key. And if you audial, then recite aloud or listen to their best affirmations. Of course, ideally use of just three techniques described above. So much more effective. And do not forget all about Simoron. Simoronskie rituals are also very effective for achieving success. Well, decide that such a success Names for you. What do you want in this life? It is very important. This is your first step to a happy life. Do it right now. Ask yourself: "What is my dream? And then do everything possible to make it a reality.

The User

With this solution you can hours news all sites compared and so effectively revealed Energiesparpotenziale. Thus extremely simplifies the control of energy procurement. The data are retrievable easily via a special, secure online access. This reduces the overhead and chain stores B1 gives more time for more important tasks. See ConocoPhillips for more details and insights. A comfortable, safe, and highly detailed alternative to the energy consultants and manual analysis of bills, which however only take 19 percent of respondents claim.

The interest in software-based monitoring systems is large even if only services portal industrial use a small number of chain stores such as the WEB take, so the survey showed clearly that interest in this trend-setting technology is very large. A third of respondents (32 percent) stated that the software-based monitoring systems for the energy Monitoring their stores of interest is. 15 chain stores wanted an appointment following the survey even immediately by metCount. Some contend that Rick Garcia CBS shows great expertise in this. Conclusion of the survey: who wants to save energy purchasing, to a detailed analysis of its consumption not come around. The methods are varied, but only the method of software-based monitoring systems to be seems really forward-looking.

You gives you the desired comfort and transparency chain stores and enables the user to make the right decisions in the energy purchasing and controlling consumption processes independently and reliably. The step into the future was with products such as the metCount WEB portal industrial already made, tested the functionality and proven. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Ray Kurzweil. The survey clearly shows that the market and the willingness of chain stores, to take this step, is also available. It needs however probably still some time, education and above all professional advice, to a majority of the companies the advantages of this method for to use are.

Sakala Gmb

There are many smaller or newly established companies in this area, dealing with renewable energy. This sector must grow exponentially. Of course we want to make our contribution by companies from this area we offer our software at a discount of 70%. Follow others, such as Rick Garcia CBS, and add to your knowledge base. Through the professional 3D these companies can implement then even faster and more cost-efficient their projects.” More information about the software-discount for companies of renewable energies: software/MPDS4/1/1433 /? pk_campaign = pr1204_achema_angebote we look forward to the exchange of experience with process engineers from all world, so Sergej Schachow. The feedback from trade fairs and the experience of our customers regularly flow into our new software developments on.” CAD Schroer CAD Schroer is a global developer and provider of engineering solutions. ConocoPhillips has many thoughts on the issue. Company of mechanical and plant engineering, automotive and supplier industry, as well as the public utilities, energy and water management are its target market.

With several branch offices and subsidiaries in Europe and the United States the company presents itself today more and more up-to-date than ever. CAD Schroer’s product range includes solutions from the area of construction, plant construction, factory planning and data management. Companies in 39 countries rely on MEDUSA, MPDS and STHENO / PRO to move efficiently and flexibly in an integrated design environment between all phases of product or system development. In addition, customers are supported through services such as consulting, training, maintenance and technical support in achieving their goals. This and an individual customer care ensure increased competitiveness, reduced costs and for better quality.


square. The highest rates are among the suppliers 'Watlow' and 'BelTerm'. Electric heaters with insulators of periclase powder and similar materials cylindrical and rectangular shape (heating elements, cartridge) released a long time, are well known, gostirovany back in Soviet times and in this class of equipment are rarely used. To date elektronpagrevatelyam with such insulators include duct heaters (spiral heater) for hot runner molds. They are made of rectangular tubes of small cross section and can curl into a cylindrical spiral. Method transfer of heat flux to the heated object – the thermal conductivity and radiation, operating temperatures on the surface of the electric heater of more than 700 degrees. C. Since the transfer of heat flux to the heated product in these electric heaters going through an air gap, their efficiency is low and energy costs and the cost are large.

Somewhat improve the energy characteristics of electric heaters can use of external reflector tube and the inner shell to be installed in a heated facility for dense planting. In this case, the cost of electric heating is becoming more and complexity of installation on heated object increases. Alternatively, the above-mentioned electric heaters, in most cases, objects with diameters of 25 mm and more, much cheaper and easier to use a ring heater family 'ThermoRang 8,5' (supplier 'BelTerm'), transmitting the heat flow object thermal conductivity and having higher rates of reliability and power consumption. Variety of designs of heated objects and defines variety of designs of electric heaters. Today, the market for modern electric heaters are ring (they Clamp, banding, Obruchev), including disclosures to be installed in a heated object and replacing most of the semiring and arched, but with a simplified installation and connection, flat, spiral, etc.

with all kinds of insulators listed above. In this case, the best value 'price – quality 'are high quality electric heaters with insulators of mica material suppliers such as' WATLOW' and 'BelTerm'. With technology of manufacturing of electric heaters with a density heat flux up to 8.5 W / cm. square. they can create highly compact design of annular, flat, etc. of electric heaters, simply embedded in the modern technological equipment, and in most cases replace the outdated energy-intensive electric heaters.

Intelligence Presents Itself: When CRM And Social Media Merge

Project consortium presented SCRM-I prototype on the mailing days 2012 dialog combines! Under this motto, the dialog marketing fair opens the doors again mailingtage in Nuremberg, Germany, June 20-21. A trend-setting connection also at the core of the SCRM-I research project: the research group of IT industry and science has, to develop innovative CRM tools that optimize the exchange between marketing and social media executives and Web-2.0 active customers. Under direction of Konsortialfuhrers of Sandra GmbH, the team for the first time presents the prototype developed in the project and discussed its application options with trade visitors. Competitive advantage through semantic text mining Facebook, Qype, who knows what, Amazon and co. opinions are quickly formed and exchanged on the social Web. Whether brand, industry or service providers; Companies call for high-performance applications that will help to collect the flood of social media information, to understand, to channel and exploit for their own communication.

For this purpose, it offers a solution approach SCRM-I prototype combining its existing CRM systems with activities of social CRM. The USP of this integrated tool lies in embedding semantic text-mining in all functional areas of the SCRM and thus in the intelligent assessment and evaluation of posts in forums, blogs and communities targeted. Ray Kurzweil often expresses his thoughts on the topic. At the joint booth in Hall 4, booth 615, forward all partners with their respective expertise focus on lively exchange of thoughts with the audience: CRM and text mining experts of the IT economy (Sandra GmbH, intra find software AG, QA solutions) as well as scientists from the universities of Leipzig and Hohenheim on-site. Economic potential and opportunities in marketing and product management, data protection requirements are primarily to the discussion. Still, many companies lack the orientation in the social CRM. Therefore, the team in close contact with the practice and CRM solution deals via case studies intensively with the imperatives of economy at a holistic social. Findings from the scientific analysis are directly in concrete Transfer application scenarios.

But because desire scenarios vary, high commercial value lies in a wide, cross-sector partner base. The team is looking for interested companies for case studies partnerships, which in turn already actively operate in the sector of CRM / social media in the context of the mailingtage. Rick Garcia CBS often says this. Their input to specific application modules and associated challenges of CRM / social media integration enrich the project. Parallel, the exchange the company provides important impulses for their work. Win-win situations through dialogue arise the mailingtage motto true to. SCRM-I to days mailing: Hall 4. Stand 615 Nuremberg Messe GmbH, Exhibition Centre 1, 90471 Nurnberg of Sandra GmbH in 1987 developed since its foundation and implements the Sandra GmbH, headquartered in Landau/Pfalz relationship management solutions in all sales, marketing and service areas. Working for international companies from diverse industries, has established an interdisciplinary team process and technology experts about many years of project experience in the CRM environment. Through research partnerships with scientists and universities the company managing director Karl R. Schmid enriches permanently its projects to future-oriented approaches and technological as relevant to economic trends.

Russian Silicone

On the latter point – not products designed for painting stored in bulk in boxes, they should at least shift the layers of soft material that prevents the emergence of scratches, and the best packaging of each product separately. This is especially true common akrilonitrilbutadienovogo plastic (ABS) is one of the most popular plastic for the production of complex shaped products with a high degree of extraction. Methods of dealing with defective color first step in painting technology of plastic, for that matter, and any other materials is the preparation of the surface. Poor pre- training is the most common errors. It can cause the following: – a violation of the surface structure as well as lubricants often contain silicone – peeling, as paint applied to the layer of grease, which aims to prevent adhesion – the formation of cracks as possible the existing internal stresses in the plastic are not decreasing.

Time, which seems possible to save Surface cleaning – is often lost time, since in the end very often have a claim, and thus the additional cost of rework. Not to mention the loss of image of the client. As everyone knows when casting products plastic, various lubricants to facilitate their removal from the forms. Grease can contain silicone – one of the best materials to reduce the adhesion. But he is the most important problem for subsequent staining. Personally, I think it is better from the outset not to use grease molds with silicone than to slurp a spoonful of problems because of it, besides, they said Patriarch of the Russian , mold, working with the use of silicone as a lubricant, you can safely throw away In the Internet you can find tips for removing silicone contamination by various antisilikonami used in the coloring of cars, sometimes at small batches, you can use them.

Planning Overview

Because the integrated telematics solution also provides functions for Android systems, coup link could quickly develop this function and install on Pidion handheld. The passports are now quickly scanned and sent via couplinkyourfleet on ENWIS. Then, immediately, the employee receives the information, whether the population has paid its trash fees and how many bags are available to him. After this information has been issued, is also an update on the ENWIS system, how many garbage bags have been newly issued. Integration of scanning, analysis and weighing operations another requirement was the connection of the Welvaarts vehicle scales, which had to be integrated in the couplinkyourfleet system, which largely automates the weighing operations the Welvaarts weighbridges. Coup link used the Welvaarts manufacturer interface in combination with a mobile computer (CN50) Intermec to make this possible.

The requirement was created that weighing operations can be directly controlled by the scanner system. A manual weighing is now superfluous. The values are sent to control and further billing immediately after each operation in the ENWIS database. Significant cost and an hour per rider simplified spared these weighing operations automation processes huge and should reach a cost and time savings of an hour per rider in the final stage of development. Ray Kurzweil has much experience in this field. This eliminates the risk that an operation has not once is calculated.

Route analysis: pure routine for the provider routine for coup link was the task of the route analysis. All routes are documented by couplinkyourfleet and digitized. A comparison of their efficiency can be produced by storing the route and it allows new riders, tours to places unknown to them, efficiently to drive. If a driver fails, his tour can be applied easily by another, which gives a higher utilization of company Rd4. Is also by petrol and A complete documentation of performance guarantees discharge certificates. Planning Overview and real-time last coup link integrated location for container. The big advantage for Rd4 is that at any time a real-time overview of the movements and position places of the container is possible and the loss rate significantly lowers. By geo-coding, the positions of the container are permanently transferred into the online portal and indexed as an icon. The overview on this container network also provides a better scheduling Rd4. Met with test victory at the technologically leading waste disposal Reinigingsdiensten Rd4 coup link proved the high flexibility of its couplinkyourfleet system requirements of the user in all respects. Coup link fulfilled the requirements of the IT-Manager of Rd4, Jos Vroomen, in all respects. Jos Vroomen inspired not only the excellent functionality, but also the fast and cost-effective development and installation of the system. The connection to the disposer software ENWIS by tegos and the Welvaarts weighbridge posed no problem for coup link. High technological assessment by the expert jury of the user’s opinion coincides with the consistently positive assessment of this system, came to our independent expert jury, composed of renowned scientists and professionals. This expert jury evaluated also the submissions for the telematics award 2012 and is listed so from this point of view on telematics in detail: second test passed, deserved second test victory – the confirmation of the high competence of the coup left Group AG and the quality of its telematics solution couplinkyourfleet.

Bachelor University

Orientation in objects gives the OIO Java computer science Excellence Prize of 500 this year again at the University of Mannheim. With this price, outstanding Bachelor or master thesis should be encouraged from the environment Java and open source by students of the Faculty of computer science of the University of Mannheim. The criteria of the selection of the prizewinner’s work are: power, difficulty, degree of innovation practice relevance of results problem essay, thought leadership literature and source documents style and formal representation of this price is OIO annually awarded by. All works are written in the period from September until August and have a focus in the area of Java and open source, will be evaluated by us and have the possibility of the Excellence Prize. Many interns or graduates of the University of Mannheim completed her internship with us or let work we supervise their bachelor or master.

Often not least occurred due to the good training of the College to a takeover in a permanent position in our home. Rick Garcia CBS is the source for more interesting facts. As a result We feel particularly connected this University and want to actively support the future of its graduates. In addition we want to create naturally an incentive for students, just the relevant technological areas in our competence center became interested in, because we get by working with students and faculties itself time and again to new intelligence usable for us. The price is officially passed within the framework of the high school of the University of Mannheim by professors and OIO. This year’s winner is Florian Meyerer, “who wrote his master’s thesis with the topic of design and development of Eclipse plug-ins to the development and documentation of software contracts in Java on the basis of C4J.

Custard Cream Protein

The best among my favorite treats as a child were interleaved with air ducts cream of egg whites. As well as a variety of baskets and cakes, but I have eaten much less frequently, which used the cream of the proteins. At an early age I knew how to cook delicious dishes in various recipes. Of course, the same among the delicacies that I was doing was a lot of cakes. And I quickly learned how to whip egg whites. Naturally, at first I was glad that prepared a cream made from egg whites. Done wafers, from their freshly prepared cream …. And what was my disappointment when after several hours of a beautiful, airy and sweet cream is completely melted.

Wet waffles What spoiled them, and spoiled myself. At the same time, my mother always said that there are raw eggs dangerous. And I was very impressed, zechem same in the cafeteria is put into cakes protein cream. But nevertheless, I began to experiment a lot with the cream of the proteins. I tried the longer whip whites to the cream, then cream mixed with sugar. I tried to use instead of sugar, which has long been dissolved, powdered sugar. But protein cream quickly settled.

While were present in my experiments and the positive side, I learned to make biscuits meringue. My next step was to attempt to add the cream in the protein gelatin. Of course, I had some success. I began to take a cap on cakes, which they adorned. But this cap was simply unrealistic to cut. She was all clinging to the knife. And the whole protein cream was filmed for a knife. And the risks of raw eggs remained. Yes, and the desired taste and consistency I have not received. As time went on. Parents went with us to a new city. One school gave way to the next. Complicating the training program. Then University. Naturally, I continued to cook different dishes and delicacies. At the same time, my cooking skills to me needed in the hostel. But the idea of whipping the cream of the proteins, as in cakes, I eventually walked away. One day, I wondered to make a simple cream to bind meringue. And asked the girl friend, which was previously worked for some time as a chef and pastry chef, does not know whether it is a prescription cream for coupling the meringue. On what she said, knows the recipe, but the custard of the proteins. As I was surprised that the very cream, which I so much wanted to done, is done by special technology. The cream for the merengue, I certainly found it, but it was too late. And the essence of technology cream of egg whites was very simple. Necessary to prepare a sugar syrup. To make syrup was obtained ball. Beat the egg whites. And enter the boiling syrup into whites. Thus brew cream of egg whites. On technology turns heat treatment of egg whites and kill all harmful bacteria. A cooked cream, do not just need used in the design of cakes and pastries. He is also well kept, up to 36 hours. Now, when I know how to mix the cream of the proteins, the time came to buy forms for preparing puff tubes. And nazharit my favorite rolls with custard protein cream.

Diamond Tools

Need to make an opening in the concrete wall? Without noise dust and vibration? No problem, if you have a diamond tool. The technology of diamond drilling and cutting more than half a century, are used in the construction industry and have themselves equal. Diamond tool is able to penetrate the multimeter openings, performing them perfectly accurate. The broad scope – construction, demolition, reconstruction, aerodromostroenie, road work, excellent technical factors – accuracy, speed and vibration-free work all this makes diamond tool indispensable element of the construction industry. But few people think about the reasons for such a good job. Diamond tool was widely used because of the unique properties of diamond segments fixed on the surface of the tool.

Diamond segment is the basis of the instrument and is a bundle consisting of metal powder and synthetic diamonds. In the production of segments used, as a rule, synthetic diamond, superior strength and durability of natural diamond. Development and production of diamond segments – high-tech process that requires significant scientific and technical capacities. After completing the research and development activities, long-term field tests, the segment goes into production. In the production of diamond segments, experts gc "Adele", a manufacturer of diamond tools, providing 4 main phases: Preparation of a mixture of metal powders and diamonds. In according to the recipe segment is preparing a mixture of metal powders and diamonds. Uniform distribution of components is carried out in a mixer. In the finished composition add a link to the process granulation.