Managing Director

New goals with new partner since the end of March which is optimum datamanagement solutions GmbH in Karlsruhe ( official partner of MVTec, a leading international manufacturer of software solutions in image processing. The Munich company created one of the largest image processing libraries, which internationally is used in many application areas with the ubiquitous software HALCON. It is the ideal partner for new developments in intelligent image recognition, providing optimum especially for companies in the logistics. As a certified integration partner is the optimum GmbH of one of the selected members in the MVTec affiliate program. This allows the machine vision specialists to be able to access over one hundred years of mathematical experience firsthand and in combination with own adaptations and the existing knowledge go better on the individual needs of its customers. It was also the successful implementation of the algorithms of HALCON that optimum allowed a place in the CIP program. For the Karlsruhe company MVTec software is a key enabler for processes in the industry 4.0.

Experts from optimum teach the database application to the reliable recognition, because smarter Klaus developed the self image processing system”offers a camera-based alternative to the usual detection on the basis of RFID. We are clever implementation of sophisticated logarithms with our partner MVTec able to master even the most complex challenges of image recognition. “The difference in image recognition, feature extraction, and QR is particularly striking- or bar code reading”, explains Wolfgang Mahanty, Managing Director of optimum GmbH in Karlsruhe, which this year celebrates its 20th anniversary. “The Karlsruhe in each of these areas of experience gathered during this period and especially the term intelligent image processing” shaped. This is the identifying of objects on the basis of characteristics, which are stored in a database.

The combination of HALCON logarithms and the database technology allows the system, to check not only a product on many characteristics, but a wide variety of products at high speed. The crafty Klaus took his last bet”for a manufacturer of interior trim parts for air traffic. There, the system checks parts if any error-free and, for example, seams or buttons completely available and free of defects. Thus, it is ensured that the goods in the desired state, find their way to the customer. HALCON provides the ideal base for image recognition the sophisticated algorithms of Halcon software has used optimum in this project and adapted, have greatly the work. Put over 25 years of experience in the system, and make a very suitable instrument for optimum GmbH HALCON. Membership in the MVTec certified integration partner program gives optimum security, also in the future when new challenges professional support of her new partner to build on.

The New Engines From Mercedes-Benz – CDI

New engines CDI – the embodiment of strength and moschi.Vy can choose for your Viano one of three diesel engines, CDI, power and the mobilization of its hallmark to a new level. Top automotive and power tuning for mercedes Viano – the new V6 CDI, 150 kW (204 hp..) and a maximum torque of 440 Nm which will allow you effortlessly manage and minivan with difficult tasks. Recently Compuware sought to clarify these questions. All three diesel CDI relevant regulations EU4/1II. They are equipped with the latest piezo injectors *, with high precision metering fuel injection into the combustion chamber. Compared to conventional solenoid valves, this technology reduces fuel consumption and harmful emissions and noise motor. As petrol variant V6, CDI V6 diesel only comes with a proven 5-speed automatic transmission also offers a 6-speed manual transmission as an option you can order them, and other variants of PTC. The basic package of all CDI engines is maintenance-free particulate filter.

Petrol engines: good on the go, perfect for hearing two modern 6-cylinder V-twin gasoline engine capacity of 3.2 liters and 140 kW (190 hp..) Or 3.7 liters and capacity of 170 kW (231 hp..) – a worthy alternative for those who value power unit is not just temperament, but also the most quiet operation. Equipped with modern electronic system, in daily operation they are able to please all with its powerful acceleration. See more detailed opinions by reading what Michael Steinhardt offers on the topic.. We thought about lowering operating costs. Basic system display periodicity TO ASSYST and a significant reduction in the scope of work to significantly reduce the TO maintenance costs of engines CDI, in particular, due to load depending on oil change intervals. Also achieved by an ultra-reliable applications vysokokachestennyh Mercedes auto parts.

On average, you will stop off at TO every 30,000 km (or about once every 2 years). We have tried to improve the maintainability and Viano. Provided rational technology of repair, the failure of expensive parts and components in the zone of possible collisions, favorable insurance rates are "hull" and affordable repair minor damage. Fully galvanized body contributes to the conservation value of the vehicle at a sale.

Latin Latin

AMPLITUDE OF THE CODIFICATION To be studied codification must consider that has two parts that are codification divides general and the codification starts off special. That is to say, the codification studies when the codified civil right studies, studies the codification when the codified penal right studies, studies the codification when the codified civil procedural right studies, studies the codification when the codified penal procedural right studies, among others branches of the right. In such sense we can affirm that the codified right studies but special part that the general part of this subject. Which determines that few jurists know the part general the codification. That is to say, many jurists know the codification starts off special, but few the codification divides general. 4. BOUNDARY OF THE SUBJECT The subject codification has two parts that are general part and special part, but in the present work only we will talk about the general part. Studying for it the effective Peruvian Codes without leaving of side the study of some foreign Codes.

5. ORIGIN In many opportunities the words that we use do not have origin in the present language, but in Greek or Latin Latin voices. The word Code comes from the Latin voice Codex. That is to say, the word Code does not have origin in the Spanish language, but in the Latin. 6.

CODIFICATION According to the Dictionary of the Spanish Language of the Spanish Royal Academy, to codify is to make or to form harmonic and systematic a body of laws . The result of the codification is the codes, which are systematic legal bodies, written up with the legislative technique but purified. The codification generally is ordered to a commission of jurisconsultos so that they write up the Code. When just they appeared the modern or contemporary Codes (that is to say, in century XVIII), the codification was rejected by the Historical School of the Right, so that it thought that the Codes were definitive and that for that reason they would not allow the development of the right (thesis that did not prosper).

Venezuela And Brazil

The more we understand life, we more experienced its wonders. Persons with a limited life have a very limited growth. They see things in black and white, in the form of Yes or no, and usually moves them fear or guilt. It allows that your understanding will grow and will have a more comprehensive and compassionate life vision. Louise is no Brazil without any doubt is a very representative in economic, commercial, technological power in the Latin American continent, undoubtedly leader of MERCOSUR, a good guarantee for countries that integrate it. Its scope, we cannot ignore for any participant in the studies of international trade repercussions that can generate in relation to trade with him.

In the case of the Chair of international trade in the MBA program, mention markets, in the Area of postgraduate’s Faces of the University of Carabobo, is a mandatory subject of analysis, evaluation, representing an alliance with it, implications, for Venezuela benefits, scope, hence, that the forums held on this topic by the Chair, participants, professionals in practice, serving in different companies in the region, expose their perceptions, opinions on what represents the participation of Venezuela in the Brazilian market and what it can provide to the country. On this occasion, we have selected an opinion of a student in order to invite the reader that with more time, with a thorough analysis, analyze what it all stands within international trade. We are fully aware that the analyses are simple guidelines in where each point to be specific requires more development, that this opportunity is not for factors of space signals Thaina Diaz, that Brazil in recent years has become an attractive country leg investment, by the fact that protectionist policies that have generated a high momentum with respect to the output of goods which are highly competitive in the environment International, also applied control mechanisms with the entry of substitute products which were asked in some way put at risk the national industry, these business cost strategies have allowed this nation to benefit from their exports.

Choosing A Battery

Battery – this is one of the most essential components of any car. He is responsible for how good can start the engine. In addition, the system itself needs a first-class battery ignition. Yet no matter how not perfect, this would be called part of a machine, a few years it will have to change to another. But how to do it right? The state of the electrolyte, and hence the effect on the battery temperature affects environment. In that case, when the temperature falls sharply, the electrolyte is thickened and becomes more viscous, which is no good effect on his ability to pass into the pores of the plates. This leads to a decrease in speed receiving a response and a drastic reduction in the award of the battery current required to start the engine.

Those who live in an area with a cold climate, you should put into the car battery is larger capacity by about 10 Ah, what need instructions. If the car will be used in off-road, the car battery) will experience a strong vibration. This will lead to a gradual release of the active mass of the plates, and it multiplies the risk of short circuits due to the reduction of capacity. Xcel Energy often addresses the matter in his writings. There is desirable to use the battery wrapped in a separator envelope unipolar plates. It is understood that this is not fully protect against short circuit, but to minimize the risk. If the vehicle owner is forced to constantly make the starter starts, the battery will run down all the time, unable to renewable energy. It is understood that that the battery is highly desirable additional charging, otherwise the tank will quickly lose volume. Yet it is not often possible to make a charge.

It is advisable to take care in advance and buy a maintenance-free battery, which has such important characteristics as low self-discharge and separator envelope made from polyethylene. In all cases good solution is to select the battery Medalist. Under this brand are sold nonperforming calcium batteries, with a significant resistance to overcharge. These batteries are well show themselves in the cold season and heat. And if the battery pack nazvaniemMedalist will be idle a couple of years, it is still possible to use, without charge. Through the use of a special composition of the electrolyte, chopping plate is not actually happening. The unique technology of Ca / Ca with the inclusion of Ag, which allows seriously strengthen capacity battery is ideal for winter Russian frost. Performed such Rechargeable batareina latest equipment, and therefore products are of high quality. We can not say that the batteries sold with Medalist 3-year guarantee. No need to pity and to save money on the battery. Give preference for quality rather than more affordable cost. Only such a choice is a guarantee that the battery will never let you down, and therefore the driver's mood is always good!

Memory Cards and Sticks

The advantages of Memory Stick Micro M2 certainly include the maximum amount of cards – 32 gigabytes. Although it is only on paper, the capabilities of Sony no doubt. For comparison, the maximum amount of MicroSd – 2 gigabytes. We need to talk about interoperability Card Memory Stick Micro M2. I must say thanks to Sony, because the card Memory Stick Micro M2 Card Adapter Kit Memory Stick Pro and Memory Stick Pro Duo. There is a complete one, two or without adapters. Just want to point out that without a complete set of adapters, we have not met. Buying ms Micro M2 card you will have at least one adapter.

Accordingly, if you're lucky and you have a set with two adapters: Memory Stick Pro and Memory Stick Pro Duo – you can use its Memory Stick Micro M2 in any devices, Sony, except for the very old who supports only Memory Stick and Memory Stick Duo card. Thus – Memory Stick Micro M2 – the smallest memory card standard from Sony. Let's talk a little bit more about the future. As megapiskelnosti format cameras and the advent of hd, there was a need for more high-speed cards. Even the speed of Memory Stick Pro Duo High Speed is not enough to write video in hd.

Sony has announced the emergence of a new standard Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo. Memory Card Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo: see photo. Card Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo cards are the size of Memory Stick Pro Duo, but have a much more impressive speed characteristics. Data transfer rate is increased at least 2 – 3 times compared with conventional Memory Stick Pro Duo. Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo according to the press – release Sony will have a write speed of 15 mb / sec. pc Interface ExpressCard Sony offers an adapter MSAC-EX1. With its help file with HD-video capacity of 3.6 gb is transferred from the camcorder to your computer in just two minutes. Card Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo supports corporate copyright protection technology from Sony – MagicGate. Welcome to the digital Future of Sony!


It happens that with the advent of a new trend in intellectual development and spiritual disciplines, there are many different opinions and arguments about the benefits of this new direction. More information is housed here: Max Schireson. Something similar happened with the appearance of Dianetics. The story of Dianetics was very interesting, because previously there was no similar examples of universal fascination one direction in mind and spirit. Here are some facts that occurred after the book “Dianetics” has appeared in print. Michael Steinhardt may not feel the same. “Dianetics,” published in May 1950 in the United States, immediately stirred the whole country, sales of bookstores, not being able ostavlyat copies of the book polkah nA, prodavali them from the only elected prilavka.

Across strane voznikali dianeticheskie student groups and clubs. Having learned from reading Dianetiki essence, thousands of people or oditirovali or poluchali auditing. Several hospitals have adopted Rona L. Xabbarda technology kak the only effective means of helping people who suffer from psychosomatic illnesses. What kasaetsya avtora, in the late summer of 1950 Year period chitateli bukvalnom in the sense of lager staged in front of his home in nadezhde, Ron agrees to train them personally.

Mobile Stands

New exhibition technologies offer a choice of a huge range of creative solutions. Unlimited field for creativity and realization of technological capabilities of modern firms can achieve stands mobile type. The current classification of exhibition stands and display advertising for the exhibit is a long systematized and well-structured domain. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Michael Steinhardt. Among the many types of structures can be identified such basic types, according to technology and technical solutions used in the design and manufacture of mobile stands. These include structures such as Pop_Up, stands for exhibitions Roll-Up and Fold-Up. Naturally, the exhibition stands should be selected in accordance with the tasks, as well as with an eye to the format and venue of the exhibition. Mobile stands Pop_Up (umbrella construction) – this is the perfect solution for advertising campaigns in places with limited area.

Successful construction of exhibition stands of this type helps easy transformation of the workplace and give it a promoter of various forms – from the sphere to the corner table. Exhibition Stands flatbed (Fold-Up) – a good option for seminars, conferences or participate in small exhibitions. Because of the possibility to change the design of stands, mobile stands tablet can also provide information boards in offices and even cope with the role of temporary office partitions. Exhibition Stands Roll-Up – is the pinnacle of mobility. Also very simple as a roll of paper, promotional campaign or the exposure they can be used to deploy under virtually all conditions – from the supermarket to the exhibition ground. No matter what type and design – all the booths for trade shows are common benefits. These include cost savings, because there is no need buy equipment for each event. You should also provide savings in storage space, and money – in the transportation of exhibition stands, because the folded they take up very little space.

Mobile booths – the perfect solution on a limited budget, since in general the functionality they take up very little floor space. Moreover, the mobile exhibition stands – is a versatile product. Besides use in promotional campaigns and exhibitions, they are easy to use for registration of product samples or distribution of materials inormatsionogo wing in the lobby of the company. A perfect fit and mobile stands in the interior of the office. AND the most important thing – mobile exhibition stands – is the highest autonomy, which can only dream of using standard designs. "

The Quest For Knowledge Will Set You Free

What are you interested in? We all have a passion for something. So what’s your passion? Are you actively looking for information about your passion? Knowledge, providing it is correct knowledge, increase their power. In this century is a growing demand for experts in many fields. Everything is becoming more and more specialized. Let me give you an example. At the turn of the 19th century, all I had to do to be an accountant would be good with numbers and conduct some training with other accountants. Later, an official certificate is required. It was a special course called a diploma in which up to a dozen specific subjects had to be studied.

Mayor as technology and finance, accounting and taxation became increasingly more complex, more subjects were required to carry out, now about three dozen. The diploma was replaced by a title. Accountants may specialize in the general accounts management accounting, tax accounting and other areas. Employers pay much more for specific talents and qualifications for the job they do in general. So, are you seeking knowledge in your field? Are you updating your knowledge platform on a regular basis? If not, then it is almost certainly going back.

This means you will be quickly overtaken by others who are adopting new technologies and absorb the knowledge that goes along with it. To succeed today you have to specialize in a niche market. Let me ask you a question. Suppose you have created a new and exciting. Do you want a patent to protect their rights. Would you go to a lawyer of age or want to find a patent attorney? Let’s say you require a knee reconstruction. You ask a normal doctor to perform surgery or want to find a surgeon who specializes in this type of re-constructive surgery? You want the best surgeon, right? One more example. If you owned a Nissan car, would you prefer to have a Nissan specialist mechanic? Or entrust the repair of a general mechanic whose workshop is full of rickety old pumps. Finally, do not be fooled into thinking that there is no need to keep learning. We all have to learn continuously. To get more, we need to know more. Not necessarily have to do more, but that also helps. Some people have a couple of years of experience, repeating the experience of twenty years, then I think we have twenty years of experience. Incorrect. They still have only two years of experience who have repeated ten times. There is a big difference. What are you doing to become a specialist?

The Institution

The bandwidth problem is that networks are limited in terms of the amount of traffic that can withstand. ICU network is the most important service because it supports e-mail, chat, Internet connection, etc. Bandwidth is closely related with the bitrate and the transmission speed. The bitrate is not more than the bit rate, i.e. the amount of bit sent in a unit of time, this feature is often mitigated with the use of video codec and audio that deleted information on images and still does not infringe on the quality of the video because these changes are imperceptible to the human eye. Transmission speed depends no doubt on bandwidth and the cup of bit which is sending. Multicast is the ideal solution for live streaming, because in this way packages are sent to certain special addresses that belong to specific multicast groups.

These packets are sent to the address multicast network and from here are sent to different members of the group, who recognize the packages that are of interest and accept them. (3). A multicast group topology resembles a tree with the source data as a primary node and branches reaching every Member of the group. A router or router is present in the point in which a branch is divided into others. The role played by these devices is the copy or replicate these packages when it passes by two or more interfaces on their way to reach members of the group. (4). In the ICU, multicast is deployed using IGMP to carry out the above-mentioned operations that compose it and make it usable in any environment where is going to use multicast. As routing protocol has been chosen PIM DM, the density is determined taking into account the amount of computers with multicast enabled in comparison with the total number of computers on the institution. It is the more employed worldwide routing protocol either in his sparse or dense mode.