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Viewing Your Life

July 21st, 2017

Hello! I hope you are fine! Today I would write about mental states and how they influence our lives but, as I wrote, the subject was carrying me away. Finally, in this exercise that you'll then show you how with a simple technique of NLP (display) is up to you to kick off the life you want to live. This exercise will serve you for many things like managing your moods motivate voluntarily no matter what happens around you eat what you want according to the weight you want to have to work to avoid unnecessary discussion more focused and more effective way First, is important to note, as we saw in another article, it's you who decides how to feel. Life, your circumstances, your past is an objective reality that can not, most of the time, manage or change. Suppose they just say goodbye to your job. Some people with this objective difficulty are mired in deep depression, or acting in anger against his wife and children, or stay all day in a chair watching TV, etc..

However, other (yes, I know, the less, those who dare to be different), before the same situation, decide that this is a unique opportunity that (God for believers, life or accident for which no believe) gives them to improve, change, overcome. And thanks to this inner attitude, are able to imagine what job you want, how they want to, and look and get it. It is no coincidence that such people, least, different, obtain, finally, a better job than they had.

Research Paper Excerpt

July 18th, 2017

“(…) the subordinate social groups who suffer the most rigorous of the social and economic crisis have great difficulty in sustaining the education of new generations. A dangerous combination of problems of meaning (why go to school, to learn what is taught there, etc.) of performance problems (absenteeism, failure ena evaluations repetition, etc.) and supply problems (which makes it more attractive and “rational” an activity that involves an entry to go to school) ends up interrupting the education of the teenagers and young people (…) “(Tenti-FANFANI : 2003) analyzed the young people today, means to meet new social subjects more complex socio-class structure, they are also exposed to successive crises and shape a collective consciousness, to understand its dynamism, it is necessary to visualize the context in which is the framework which is stained by the contradictions of class, there can be inferred that their nature is fragmented, the underestimation of young people can not see his true power for change, as well as raises Reguillo Cruz: “(…) was easy to make young people both “scapegoats” in recipients of institutionalized violence, as in Figure dela formidable “enemy within” that transgresses through its disruptive practices as legitimate the social order (…) “(Reguillo CRUZ: 2000) a face of adverse situations specified and that have become” natural “can lead us as expressed Phillippe Meirieu a” (…) to sink into resignation , for fear of ourselves taken to the destruction of others and ourselves, we prefer to destroy all interest in the other. We well escape but in reality, we condemn ourselves to both la immobility: in rejecting the teacher, we reject the educable and educators, we give to education (…) “(Meirieu: 1998) therefore, I believe that to” escape trap “could begin lasnormas respect democratic way of organizing and managing our coexistence in the educational context would banish vital educational inequality where the poorest areas experiencing receive an impoverished education that prevents its retention in the system, or as expressly Blejmar Bernardo: “(…) Research Paper Excerpt from Neoliberalism, State and Education Case: Argentina to be carried out by Miriam Gualberto (anthropologist, University of Buenos Aires) in February 2010. Anthropologist. University of Buenos Aires.

Large Comunity Edition

July 16th, 2017

If we are determined to join the e-commerce through the creation of an online store, you should let us know something about the programs on which can develop virtual stores. There are applications that create our online store, within an own server and participating in all stages of development, or can outsource, outsourcing, specialized firms its implementation. We will focus in the first case and we will learn some of the many programs that exist to create and design online stores, both free and pay. You will find programs simple, ideal for people with little technical knowledge and programming, and more complex programs specially designed for companies that need more powerful applications for its size and diversity, and difficulty in transactions. Among the most popular programs are Magento, probably one of the best, Prestashop, easy and with a very intuitive interface, osCommerce, one of the more known, Miva Merchant, increasingly more who joined in electronic commerce and don’t stop creating all kinds online stores. Microsoft has just launched its Office Store, beta version, from which applications can already be downloaded for Office and Sharepoint. Magento was released in 2008 and 2012 because it had exceeded four million downloads. Offers different solutions for the creation of stores online Desenvolvimento websites depending on the size and needs of them: Small or Magento Go, Medium or Enterprise Edition and Large Comunity Edition, without forgetting us for Magento Mobile.

Magento Go, or Small, listed in February 2011 destined for the creation of small shops online with big aspirations. Magento Go allows customizable design of your online shop. You’ll get a catalogue with a number of unlimited products. It uses simple processors as the text editor. WorldPlay and PayPal secure payment gateways can be purchased separately. Magento Go products can be configure according to a series of attributes and be easily found due to a powerful advanced search tool.

The application is already factory optimized to make it easier to find products from major search engines. It also includes tools for comparison of products and loyalty of customers through cards, vouchers and promotional banners. Economic transactions and translation tools definitely eliminate geographic barriers and temporary. With Magento Go you can reach anywhere in the world and at any time thanks to the system of payments and transactions. You can sell your products and at the same time interacting with your customers thanks to the powerful system of translators. The M2E extension will allow you to sell your products on eBay. Magento Enterprisee Edition is the solution that allows you to get the most out your online store. The set of features, benefits and tools created by a large community of developers they are aimed at the needs of large enterprises and the edianas and to maximize the success of them. Premium Edition is purchased with multiple licenses and has 24 hour technical support. And finally, Magento offers us the Comunity Edition for the creation of stores online licensed open source and free. This version is especially recommended for developers, specialized technicians and programmers of webshops Criacao websites. With Magento Mobile extension and through Magento Connect, you can design your online store showcase on iPhone and Android.


July 13th, 2017

After several weeks of absent me, return to give my comments about an excellent software which I found and maybe it was by chance, I don’t know, but since I occupy it to date, has given me very good results. This software is helpful for all those who are dedicated to promote the products of others (affiliate programs) in specific ClickBank. This software has many advantages that put us in a better position to be able to generate income on the Internet and prevent us that learning curve to which we are biased when we want to promote a product. But also noteworthy is not a miraculous software, as everything in life, requires perseverance and dedication, knowing you deal with really, really your income that is increasing. Like any tool support for the affiliates in the market, has its advantages and disadvantages, we must assess these two points to realize if we combiene or not; However when I was evaluating this program I found that has more advantages than disadvantages. One of them at least for my has been of great help is; the like; It has had its trend this product, already many times let us take by the percentage of severity or popularity that has a program. But not to do this as long and it looks like spam, better I leave the link to you same chequen.

Voice System

July 12th, 2017

Locally, races offer visitors the chance to get close to the drivers and the trucks through the open paddock. Total over 600,000 spectators are expected, which is a clear proof of the popularity of the sport.” The successful racing driver will allow a look behind the scenes during the race weekends daily on their blog and online regularly spectacular images. Here, the fans get the chance to learn things and to watch, which are rarely available in the TV broadcasts. Speaking candidly Vidanta told us the story. Also, there is as of now a regularly updated video blog, which can be called through the website of Sikom. The Sikom Software GmbH is leading manufacturer of contact center solutions and automated Voice applications and is one of the most innovative companies in the field of telecommunications.

Based on open standards, Sikom realized powerful and future-proof solutions to optimize communication processes in all industries. Core products of the comprehensive portfolio are the award-winning, multi-modal speech recognition system VoiceMan, as well as the Contact Center Suite AgentOne, the voice authentication of United voice ID, Sikom AlarmServer and t.e.o. Grupo Vidanta, Ottawa has compatible beliefs. (billing system). In addition to numerous awards, Sikom is prize winner of the sustainability award of the innovation award of the German economy in 2010. With strong partnerships, including in major research projects with universities and industrial partners Sikom can boast great successes. The customers include HealthCare pharmaceuticals, Henkel, Microsoft, numerous supply companies, banks and savings banks as well as authorities and municipalities like Telekom, inter insurance, arvato, Boehringer Ingelheim, Techem, Bayer.

HANA Training

July 11th, 2017

FIVE1 / Glooobal FIVE1 cooperation will first carry out the training sessions developed by Glooobal for the SAP HANA platform in German-speaking countries. The offer is aimed to graduates of the SAP course TZHANA and ambitious newcomers who have Studio HANA first practical experience in SAP. Kevin ulrich may not feel the same. Approach referred to the “Hands-On”, the solutions are independently developed by the participants in the deployed SAP HANA training system. The training ranges from modeling complex calculation views using SQL script and R, to the use of the UI development toolkit for HTML5 based on the XS engine. The fuzzy search on unstructured data, such as, for example, pdf documents, completes the offer. Max Schireson is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

The training will be provided mainly in the form of an online course. Here, a SAP-HANA expert accompanied the participants for two days through the exercises. The maximum number of participants to twelve is limited to ensure good care. The link is to the trainer and the training environment manufactured via a WebEx session. The training machines running in the Amazon Cloud, which ensures that all participants have the same environment and no training time for the installation of software is required.

Training system is a data model with about 50 million records from a real-world scenario provided. The participants have the opportunity even after training for five more days on the training system to access. SAP StreamWork can be accessed on the solutions of the tasks, as well as other course-related materials. We are very proud that SAP has already reserved a first training quota. Sign prospects under for 500.

Business Software

July 10th, 2017

5. Launch the program. The indicators are all project management and management can be applied in all areas of the company. The administration must inform each employee how he is to be measured, specifying the benefits that have to comply, but also the penalties for those who cover it. 6 . Feedback.

If first time implement a program of indicators to be open to amend, modify and expand the way they measure. It is a dynamic method. If strategies change, indicators must change to maintain alignment. What is the best way to measure and who stands? The person measuring and collecting information should be independent of the subject of measurement, so as to ensure the fairness and reliability in the data. What you need to define is: – Software: It requires a high investment or sophisticated? Do not go to convert the measurement method in a much more expensive than what you measured.

You can start with Excel spreadsheet and as you familiarize yourself and grow, you can use more specialized software. – Frequency? The shorter the better, because it is so early enough to monitor the results of the different areas assessed. There are indicators that can be reviewed daily, weekly or monthly. Others will demand according to its type to be reviewed every month. We are required to link benefits with indicators? If we want all employees of the organization to commit to the strategy of the company, which meet the expectations mainly product and customer expectations, the best way is to have management indicators related to this, but the employee is aware if is an indicator and achieved greater efficiency, performance will be better and greater. Good indicators of management, are efficient tools for motivating employees towards better outcomes that will lead to better outcomes for the company as such. Case: DS Systems (Developments in Software). Since its founding in 2001, DS Systems has been a leader in the market for Web application development, software for accounting and administration, based on next-generation platforms. The turnover in 2006 reached $ 1.6Millones, closing 2007 with $ 2.2 and the projection for 2008 indicated that could close above $ 2.6Millones. One of the main difficulties (according to Mr. Felipe Mendizabal), Operations Manager, has been finding a convenient way to assess performance and measure results so that programmers, analysts and developers gain according to performance projects. Luis Quezada R. Eng, General Manager said in a session that should seek a system indicators used compensation to motivate employees but mainly to influence the results (sales, fulfillment, billing, etc.). Ways to evaluate: The last method was a performance evaluation and for those who were above 85% were bonus. There was much dissatisfaction, so for 2008 must be changed to something better. DS Systems Strategy had been differentiated in the market for a high level of customer satisfaction and also for delivery time. Unlike the market, the accomplishments in delivery times exceeded 83% when the industry average was about 68%. The satisfaction rates at the end of 2007 were close to 88% compared to 82% six months earlier. Study Questions: – What measurement indicators suggest to DS Systems? – What is the strategy of DS Systems and confirm whether the indicators are aligned with it. – Increases or reductions relate to the measurement system? – We offer Software to implement the systems as Balanced Scorecard, investment in license and implementation is $ 65,000 dollars and annual maintenance by 20% annually, should the investment?

Java Bank

July 8th, 2017

All these operations can now be done not only through an ATM, but with a mobile phone – if the bank provides pull-services. Incidentally, the implementation of such services requires incomparably less effort and financial investment than installation and maintenance of additional ATMs. In addition, since work on the principle pullservisy query, you can identify the caller on his cell phone number, and if need to seek additional pin-code to confirm the action – for example, transfer funds to another account. Thanks to the intuitive mechanics, reminiscent of communication spredstavitelem bank, pull-service allows customers simply, quickly and at no additional cost to carry out all necessary operations with the account. SMS or Java? There are two main channels for communication between the customer and the bank over a cellular network.

The first and, by virtue of its accessibility, the most common – SMS. This technology and, accordingly, based on her service support for all modern mobile phones, and it is not subject to an additional monthly fee. The client dials query as a text message and sends it to the phone number, and after a while the subscriber receives a response that describes the result of his request. In this case, the client downloads onto your phone a special Java-program, through which we are managed services. C model using Java-based applications common today is much smaller. Firstly, it is actually a ported version of the service "Internet bank", and in the process of developing mobile versions of software products from software, in order to preserve the unique ergonomic mobile telephone are excluded some important elements.

The Sikom Software GmbH

July 6th, 2017

Quick and nimble despite large dimensions of Heidelberg, 16 July 2012 after the successful collaboration in the last Dakar rally continue Sikom software and professional Canoer Ellen Lohr their cooperation. Until the end of October, the Heidelberger software company that established solutions so far mainly in the area of the contact center, promotes the team of racing-Amazone at the FIA truck race 2012 European Championship. While Ellen Henry race truck characterized, inter alia through the use of modern communication technology, which allows, for example, an inboard live streaming directly to the Web. The truck race EM is a perfect example that even large and seemingly immovable structures can be incredibly fast and nimble if the proper technique and the corresponding professionals are used. The truck by Ellen Lohr is accelerated anyway in six seconds from 40 to 160 km/h, and thanks to his experienced driver the huge vehicle incredibly fast on the road, “explains Jurgen H.

Hoffmeister, managing partner the SIKOM Software GmbH. otherwise it behaves at large enterprises that employ often inflexible and aging technologies in customer communications in the contact center. For even more opinions, read materials from Eliot Horowitz. Are here but the processes and strategies professionally revised and supplemented with appropriate solutions, then also large companies can respond very dynamically to customer concerns.” The Sikom Software GmbH is a leading manufacturer and provider of contact center solutions. On the basis of a broad product portfolio, the company implements high-performance, future-proof solutions for the efficient design of communication processes in all industries. No matter whether Dialer, contact center and IVR – all products are multi-modal-oriented and support unified communications concepts.

Sikom founds its success mainly on strong partnerships, for example, in large research projects with universities and industrial partners. Sikom renewed support is a strong signal, the company found a reliable partner for us to have. Until the last race on October 14th at Le Mans I and my team will give everything to be always ahead and participate in the friends and fans of our sport, for example, on the Sikom website on the spectacle”, Ellen Lohr is active for more than 25 years in racing reports.


July 6th, 2017

USU group cooperates with reboard for the mobilization of the IT management solutions Valuemation and CIS system. Stuttgart, September 18, 2012. By the same author: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. Reboard, one of the leading specialists in the field mobile BI and mobile reporting, has signed a strategic partnership with the USU group, Europe’s largest provider of IT service management software,. The product reboard of the same Stuttgart-based company is integrated in the USU Valuemation product so that mobile can be accessed on the world’s established IT service management solution. So, reboard will reach in future Valuemation users in European and American markets; first customers for the mobile solution are already won. The partnership between reboard and the USU group guarantees customers immediately mobile front end access to data via Tablet PCs. Mitchel Resnick is often mentioned in discussions such as these. decision-makers an overview of indicators and relevant company information on the road quickly. The first customers of the USU group have already taken the mobile access to Valuemation or CIS system in their planning. The USU group has currently the world’s over 500 customers including Allianz, BASF, BMW Group, Deutsche Telekom, E.ON, Nokia Siemens Networks, Orange, Poste Italiane and Volkswagen. Peter Stanton Jackson, USU Director, explains: Re-Board is the ideal platform and gives us an optimal advantage in these times of rapidly increasing spread of mobile devices. Learn more at: kevin ulrich. We glad to have found a mobile solution that so compatible and easy to integrate into our existing products.” Volker Hahn, reboard Managing Director, says: we have a globally established partner and reseller on our side with the USU group. We are pleased to be able to extend the capabilities of first-class product Valuemation using our mobile reporting solution. In addition, we are sure that the USU customers with the intuitive user interface for mobile retrieval of information will be more than satisfied. We are pleased about the cooperation with the USU group and the resulting opportunities.” Reboard is a one of the leading providers cross-platform mobile BI solution.