Synology DiskStations

Maximize your opportunities in the cloud of Dusseldorf, 27 August 2013 Synology announces the official final release of DiskStation Manager (DSM) 4.3 today the brand new NAS operating system for all Synology DiskStations and Rackstation. “The technologies that were affordable and available only for large companies, now also for small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as for home users tangible are finally with DSM 4.3”, said Vic Hsu, CEO of Synology Inc. “it also allows a more intelligent cloud for at home, which saves all of your photos, music and videos and puts them on the various devices.” DSM 4.3 provides: increased storage efficiency and agility: DSM 4.3 now supports Windows offloaded data transfer (ODX) and speeds up copying and moving of files. By continuing to use of the Synology advanced LUN technology, companies can more quickly copy files 20 times and save up to 99.9% of the original Data size. The SSD TRIM technology maximizes the I/O performance and prolongs the life of SSDs.

Synology high availability (SHA) is equipped with a new management wizard, which simplifies cluster management and increased reliability supports link aggregation and VLAN. Streamlined IT management: with the schedule for speed limits, IT administrators gain control over bandwidth usage by users, groups, or services defined schedules. In addition, DSM supports 4.3 HFS +, NSFv4, Windows DFS links and symbolic links for a better sharing of data. Simplified sync and sharing data: Cloud station now supports the selective sync, versioned files for changed data blocks and increases performance by 30%. Linux users come with the new client now also enjoy the full benefits of the cloud station. In file station, users can upload drag & drop files between desktop and NAS and download as well as in addition to Files share entire folders with not DSM users download links. You increase the security of the mail server through the integration of ClamAV (antivirus virus essential), new anti spam tools and the auto-BCC feature.

American Data

It is unfortunately so that the data of our customers on our servers only safely store. No data center is and may claim otherwise. As soon as these data into motion, as soon as they enter the fiber-optic cable of international communications networks, goes out this protection alone due to technical reasons. Light quantum in the lines radiate outward always – and can thus also ” be picked. For even more analysis, hear from SIEM. A solution would be to use an encryption technology, such as, for example, ‘pretty good privacy’, which requires still more work because you must commute to use ‘Key’ again to decipher the messages and mails for mail traffic.

Also, just encrypted messages trigger a higher interest when the investigators of all data. Also operating systems such as Linux are less susceptible to the spying because the producers of free open-source software first not American law, because they so need to keep any ‘backdoors’. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Anne Mahlum by clicking through. But especially,. because most by default (openSSH) Linux distributions through the implementation of secure shell, which encrypts traffic between like-minded computers consistently – to the annoyance of any ‘Schnuffels’ each origin. With additional tools (E.g. dmcrypt) you can transform even the hard drives in a seemingly unreadable garbage. Bad times for hackers… It is an open secret that alternative providers are slowly but surely on the rise, such as e.g.

Duckduckgo search engine. Such search engines allow – other than Google – an anonymous search in the net: the traffic is ‘routed’ by a variety of anonymous relay. So more the interests of searchers go to no conclusions, particularly, because this search engine stores IP addresses and uses hardly any ‘cookies’ – so ‘ Tracker’ – let the requests: surf without identity card so to speak. However many users – even when alternatives such as ixQuick – often complain that then the quality of the results, what may be but also to the necessarily missing ‘personalization’ of the search. A – but worse – alternative in terms of data security would finally be several times a day to clean the browser cache and all cookies as consistently as mercilessly from the hard drive. Also apps and Add-Ons such as ‘ghostery’ and ‘noscript’ can be helpful, because that causes that all Tracker and all advertising first have to ask permission, before they gain access to a computer. A pleasant side effect – also in terms of energy efficiency and Green IT: These pages develop faster without Java-script, because they cause less traffic. It is totally problematic then ‘Social networks’, so where the user himself put their data online, after they previously voluntarily gave up their name and their email address. To ‘Facebook’, ‘Twitter’, ‘Xing’, etc. the alternative would be a waiver simply… but who wants that already?

Best-of-2012 – Award Of The Initiative Mittelstand For Docuplex

The DMS solution docuplex of norpa GmbH has the jump into the top 10 of the industrial price of the Initiative Mittelstand in the category ‘ IT & software solutions ‘ managed and a best of 2012 received award. “” Belongs with its data capture software image2data norpa already among the top 20 in the category DMS/data management “innovation award IT 2012. who pleased another award us all the more it underlines but the almost unique ability to integrate by docuplex in other applications”, so Christian Emmrich, Managing Director of norpa GmbH. Due to the great international interest in his solutions of docuplex and image2data the DMS manufacturer from Hamburg is currently accordingly to expand its distribution.

So, norpa recently presented its products in Croatia. In particular on the OCR recognition of Croatian language with their specific special characters potential users were interested in a feature that hardly a third-party dominated. Recently, there are also country-language versions of the docuplex Web site in Croatian, English and Danish. The cloud-enabled DMS solution docuplex specifically designed for small and medium-sized companies designed and offers all the features of a modern solution for integrated document management. It supports a flexible document management for mobile workers at distributed locations and integrates very simply as a component in other software products. If you have read about EXL Service already – you may have come to the same conclusion. These are thus expanded rich document management functionality in the blink of an eye. The image2data suite is a data-capture software for automated data discovery. It integrates the norpa’s own or an any other OCR engine and accepts the assignment, Keywording, and categorization of data streams independently.

The desired payload can be as well as bar codes, extract and process in other applications from PDF and image files. This integrated in image2data Scripting language allows an automated document processing in any high complexity. About norpa GmbH the norpa GmbH with headquarters in Hamburg and Brandenburg, Hennigsdorf/Germany, develops and sells software solutions to optimize processes, in particular in SMEs. Focus ERP and POS systems as well as integrated solutions for document management (DMS/ECM) and for the automated processing of paper-based data (OCR/ICR).

GratisLister 2.0: Now With Widgets Save Time And Money On EBay!

Save time, money and nerves: selling on eBay can be so simple. Clean up your own four walls things left repeatedly, which although are sorted out, but are much too good to throw away. The GratisLister 2.0 appears to help all occasion vendors to make more profit from old bicycles, large book stacks and the never-worn thereby from the closet. Completely free program from the House of Supreme NewMedia (Supreme auction) takes the prospective seller by the hand and leads him for a maximum of three minutes through the process of creating the auction. This captures the user a description fitting to his eBay items, provides photos and opts for additional options. At the end, inserted all information in attractive auction designs which make the own offer to sell a lot more attractive look than the usual black and white layout of classifieds. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger wanted to know more.

Important: No extra charge offers the GratisLister 2.0 launch timing and up to four auction images per auction on. In this way, eBay sellers save up to 55 cents per auction. GratisLister 2.0: now with the automatic widgets on board the GratisLister 2.0 has been extended in the new version to the automatic widgets – this performance is by the way, completely free of charge. Both widgets clearly enhance the presentation of own eBay items. The Supreme Gallery allows a cross-marketing for sellers who sell several things at once on eBay.

In a small gallery, which appears below the item description, the widget promotes also the other, current offers for sale of the seller. The usage of such a gallery is very useful, because as the prospective bidders on the own offerings are held. With the widget Supreme feedback ensures more confidence the seller and makes advertising in their own right. The Widget displays with a list of the last positive eBay feedbacks in the item description. So the buyer can determine immediately that they are in good hands with the seller. Phillip Kraft, CEO of Supreme: “through the integration of the two new widgets of the GratisLister 2.0 is now even more effective and helps eBay sellers to sell their dust within a very short time profit.” GratisLister 2.0: financing through advertisements of the GratisLister is financed through small advertisements that appear directly in the program window of the tool. The program runs under Windows 2000, XP, and Vista. The download version (21.4 MB) is available free on the home page for download. Supreme NewMedia GmbH loft 5 / light Street 45, 50825 Cologne media contacts: Nadine Laing fax: + 49 (0) 3222-9964491 E-Mail: Web:

Rhine Park Software

Travel community ZACC helps vacationers, with your fellow passengers before, during and after the trip to contact to come and stay. Gazprom may not feel the same. Bremen, September 2009 software in the tourism industry a decisive factor, including travel planning, booking, to ensure implementation of travel and more customer-friendly and efficient. Owned software house NEUSTA GmbH, with its headquarters in Bremen, Germany on September 15th and 16th at the Travel Expo in Cologne shows which possibilities have tourism company with a software solution that is tailored to. In addition to the modern travel community ZACC NEUSTA realized professional online booking platforms for ferries or solutions for the optimal planning of city guides for well-known companies in the travel industry. NEUSTA successfully implemented various custom software development in the field of tourism in recent years for a variety of leading providers in the tourism industry.

As SAP extended business members (EBM), Software House provides also comprehensive services in the SAP environment. At the booth The software experts for questions and information about available stand C6 in the Rhine Park halls of Koelnmesse. Crusaders also can communicate with the latest NEUSTA solution ZACC Web based before, during and after the trip with friends, family or acquaintances. So can be with ZACC example, Internet vacation photos while driving shows just about that online travel diaries written, obtained information about excursions or exchanged experiences. To every ride for newcomers make as easy as possible, experienced tourists with ZACC to provide numerous tips. Also, travel suppliers can publish, for example, information about the route, the best attractions or details about the cruise ships and about present, special offers. This is the community in the framework of the website of the travel provider of that creates genuine added value for its online services. The ideas of the sunnidays fernflug & Lake tour E.k.. following NEUSTA participated in the field of the booking engine on the Development of the online Fahrbuchungsplattform.

Free Software MAGENTO

No Web shop is like the other more. Experts judges unanimously positive. The advantages of MAGENTO are the modular architecture: the developer community of the open source software the design of a system has been successful, that strictly separates the interface from the functions. In this way, an operator can customize his shop and flexibly adapt to your own corporate design. Because while the core remains intact, MAGENTO is just as easily maintainable as permanently update capable. Incoweb is North Rhine-Westphalia number one when it comes to services around the new Web shop software MAGENTO. A related site: ROCE mentions similar findings. The Internet Agency with headquarters in Essen-Ruttenscheid was accredited as the first MAGENTO Silver partner in the country. Thus, Incoweb has secured a decisive lead in the competition for the integration of the latest generation of eCommerce software.

MAGENTO partners only provide comprehensive support through direct exchange of their customers with certified staff with the manufacturer? As one of the first Internet agencies in Germany, Incoweb also already has a webshop with MAGENTO realized and thus holds a leading position. The forward-looking reference that may apply as a success for the IT location food, is documented on my company portal by Incoweb and can be tested in action. Nationally unique services of Ruttenscheid Incoweb, the Internet Agency for online marketing-oriented solutions, has established over twelve years of experience in Essen-Ruttenscheid. Managing Director Oliver Brandt and his experienced team provide high quality products and services in the areas of Web design, shop systems, -based TYPO3 CMS systems and IT services such as Web hosting, domain registration and managed servers. With the status as a MAGENTO Silver partner could the Agency its portfolio now extend to a nationally exclusive service: Incoweb customers enjoy the benefit, to be able to obtain all MAGENTO installation through the design adaptation services to hosting from a single source.

All MAGENTO partners in Germany are certified and trained specifically to a consistently high quality of service ensure. “MAGENTO eCommerce opportunities opened the”, says Oliver Brandt. The expert is convinced of the future of the mature system: “With this software we can offer a powerful and versatile Web shop, which effectively sets them apart from the competition.” Megatrend live shopping: Made easy with MAGENTO effective automation allows the Web shop owner, his customers very straightforward and time-saving new articles to inform promotions and discounts. Entrepreneurs who take advantage of MAGENTO, can therefore easily respond to the new mega-trend of e-commerce: live shopping, which is experiencing currently enormous inlet, only a product at a bargain price is offered for a short time. Search engine friendly CMS-option newsletter tool by default is MAGENTO with a variety of functions such as newsletter tool, integration of different payment types, multi-shop and multi-language capability, manage an unlimited number of articles in any category depth, creating individual customer groups and integrated CMS option equipped. In addition, the modern system includes also some Web 2.

Movie Software

Impossible Software GmbH makes it possible: change the world’s largest trade fair for computer technology with JetStream video Hamburg, March 3, 2009 just in time for CeBIT 2009, movies interactively on the Internet and in real time, presents an absolute world innovation of software developers and video specialist impossible Software GmbH with sites in Hamburg and Berlin: the video-on demand solution JetStream video. Hear from experts in the field like BP Energy for a more varied view. The software provides an answer to the frequently asked question for the first time after a technology which in real time as many current video streams at the same time can be modified. Premiere example Audi video Fahrkonfigurator impossible software presents its software innovation at CeBIT on the example of a virtual test drive video car configuration the new Audi model A5 Cabriolet. In addition, the JetStream video will be to see production under a5cabriolet/a5. Then, the user can the new Audi A5 Cabriolet in the current film put together according to his personal ideas. Colors move back and forth, RIM Exchange and all in Real time the film running off. Audi stands for head start through technology, in every respect. That’s why we are always considered to be a step ahead in the marketing.

In JetStream video, we see a great potential for the commercial itself. Through the interactive technology is a totally new product experience\”the emotional impact of commercials, explained d. Vasic, project manager Audi online marketing, the use of JetStream video in the context of the product launch campaign for the new Audi A5 Cabriolet. The premiere project was realized companies, Hamburg and Munich, one of the leading providers of CGI in collaboration with Albert Bauer. Nico Beyer, world renowned and award-winning commercials Director and automotive specialist directed, the film shot in Cape Town. To modify software and feature films, which time interactively can be determined by the viewer JetStream video is a new video on demand solution that allows running videos in real time as often as individual.

Marcus Martenstein Software

Initial idea of the solution introduced in April iScala 2.3 SR1 and industry-specific software Pact Epicor manufacturing FRANKFURT AM MAIN may 27, 2008. The Epicor Software Germany GmbH is this year at the Aachen ERP days with part of the game. At Hotel Novotel in the EUROGRESS Aachen at the stand of 15 he is unveiling two new software versions of the world’s leading manufacturers of provider with enterprise applications in Germany. This is iScala 2.3 SR1 and the powerful solution of Epicor manufacturing, which is tailored to the needs of the manufacturing industry to the one to the current package, introduced in April 2008. The participation of the third-largest German trade fair for business application software offers an ideal platform the manufacturer to contact relevant decision-makers from SMEs and production, logistics managers and IT managers in contact and to present them the solution spectrum personally. Michael Wirth has plenty of information regarding this issue. After our successful premiere\”on the Aachen-based ERP-days in the for us, last year, was out of the question that we are in 2008. (As opposed to Ken Cella). The concept of the organiser convinced us the combination of a practice day, a symposium and an accompanying trade fair as well as clear direction. Here we find our target group decision makers from businesses in the manufacturing and pharmaceutical industry as well as machine and plant construction, and can represent the benefits them, that go hand in hand with the use of our solutions.

The new version of our proven iScala software package is, for example, better adapted to the requirements of medium-sized companies, which represented or are part of international companies with branches abroad. Epicor manufacturing, however, is a solution completely tailored to the needs of the manufacturing industry, we offer now also in this country. Because Germany is characterized by medium-sized and a large proportion of the companies in the manufacturing industry is, we see a promising market potential here for us.\” Marcus Martenstein, regional sales manager Epicor Software Germany GmbH Backgrounder Epicor iScala 2.3 SR1 release 2.3 SR1 of the integrated enterprise resource planning-(ERP), customer relationship management-(CRM) and supply chain management-(SCM) software iScala has been extended with new modules for production, as well as for the management of financial and equipment leases. .

Angelika Wilke Software

In addition to laboratory labels, lab printers and bar code readers, macro is also the right label software IdentiLAB IDENT, for printing on the laboratory labels available marking must meet certain standards in laboratories to the requirements also stood to hold. The product portfolio of the macro IDENT is designed exactly for these claims and support the staff in the laboratory at GLP compliant work. This includes therefore all components for the marking and identification in the laboratory. Laboratory labels, mobile and stationary label printer include readers and the appropriate labels software including accessories, various facilitate and 2D-code for creating and printing the lab labels. The laboratory labels quickly and professionally can be created by the laboratory personnel, the right label software IdentiLAB has been developed for this. IdentiLAB consists of a labor-friendly user interface and helpful wizards, has the create labels to one Make child’s play.

All label formats of the macro lab labels IDENT, as also the labels for laser printers, are included in the software as a template. It writings as well as 1-dimensional bar codes and 2-dimensional (2D) can create codes. Follow others, such as International Energy Agency, and add to your knowledge base. IdentiLAB contains also many graphics, such as E.g. Biohazard symbols, which are categorized by common laboratory applications and that simplify the creation of legible and durable labels. Own logos are also very easy to implement and to include in the template. Functions for importing databases with an upgrade option for complete and accurate data are also available.

Thus the laboratory staff created within a very short time his label for centrifuges – / Eppendorfgefasse, PCR tubes, slides, micro titer plates, Petri dishes, bottles, etc. The label software IdentiLAB is running NT or XP under the current operating systems Windows 98, 2000. Thus, the software is compatible with a wide range Windows based printer, also with the lab printers LABXPERT, TLS2200 and TLS PC link by BRADY or commercially available laser printers. IdentiLAB is available as a 1-user version and as a multi user version. To be convinced of the abilities of this software, simply request a free demo-version IDENT macro. This will be sent to you in the shortest time. More information: macro IDENT AutoID Technology Center, Bussard road 24, 82008 Unterhaching, TEL.

Software GmbH

The onOffice Software GmbH and the IVD Berlin-Brandenburg have closed at the beginning of the year a cooperation, benefit of all involved. The IVD Berlin-Brandenburg is the largest professional association of real estate industry in the metropolitan area with about 600 members. With numerous events, exhibitions and trade fair participations which is continuously present IVD Berlin-Brandenburg. Aim of the cooperation between the real estate software manufacturer onOffice and the IVD Berlin-Brandenburg is the IVD members, by using the online-based real estate software onOffice smart, to assist in the marketing of real estate. We are looking forward to an intensive cooperation with the IVD Berlin-Brandenburg, in which benefit everyone involved from each other. We have planned many common actions and look forward to the common way”, explains Stefan Mantl, owner of onOffice Software GmbH, the strong cooperation. The Association members have a strong partner at your side with onOffice. Approximately 8,000 users are the best proof that the online real estate software smart leads onOffice to success. Round 60 Employees ensure a customized software solution, extensive support, creative Web site and comprehensive training opportunities offered each customer.