When the first Council of Constantinople, made the creed, in which the divinity of the Holy Spirit, confessed he did it indicating that the performed important works, but that only God can do (why are the sign that the Holy Spirit is God). Among these works the most notable has been precisely, as the Lord who gives life, give to Jesus in his mother’s womb. Why wrote in the creed: which (son of God) became incarnate by the Holy Spirit in the womb of Virgin Maria. Others who may share this opinion include Ray Kurzweil. A known Church, St. Athanasius, father said: God wanted to give us to understand, that Jesus Christ is without mother in heaven and on Earth father. That is why God is man. That is why when we recognize or call Virgin varies, we mean that we believe in the work of Dios the Padre through the Holy Spirit made in it, that man became the son of God by us.

San Lucas twice uses the word Virgin did not tell a young man or woman, simply because? the sacred writer here referred to the words of the prophets of the old testament, claiming that Dios would be received by a Virgin of Israel: Is 7,14; Luke 1: 30-35. Had thought Maria in consecrate to God her virginity before that came the angel? Let us remember that Mary is already committed to Joseph. What according to Jewish law, gives them the same rights of marriage although they don’t live still in the same House. In these conditions, the question of Mary how I can have a child, because I do not know man? Wouldn’t make any sense, if Mary was not determined, and to keep Virgin forever. Mary is the lawful wife of Joseph. If this marriage to have normal marital relations, the announcement of the angel concerning her motherhood cannot create him no problem.

However, Maria expresses clearly your problem. The phobia of some of our Evangelical brothers trying to denigrate and lowering the dignity of Maria is really incomprehensible. Never preach on She. We have to be well informed our worship and veneration for Mary. From the Greek: Latria = worship…dios Hi perdulia = utmost veneration.Maria Dulia = veneration.Saints have therefore present these terms, for which no, tell us we distorting criteria to worship God.

File Transfer Protocol

The companies can use this tool to promote its products or services effectively. One of the most interesting ways to use blog is, through the commentaries, which allows him to work as a forum of debate for the clients of of its products or services. In this case, the administrator can give to the rights of publication to other people the visitors and the clients, and their commentaries can or not be reviewed before they publish in the page Web. In such a way that the clients can send favorable commentaries on the supplies of Web site. Some blogs are created in such a way that only the proprietor or the proprietor and some other people have the publication right, but nobody can more add commentaries to the entrances. Blogs when they are used next to marketing bulletins presents/displays great opportunities: * The bulletin articles of the news can be tie to blog, and with the creation of a massive conversation we prolonged the life of the article. * You can offer a bidirectional forum to his clients to obtain the personal opinions on its products and services.

* Through blog, you can position yourself like an expert in his area, annul to his competition and attract clients with exchange of information and thoughts. * The beauty of this game is that you can equip your blog with edition controls. How to create blog? The majority of blogs is created with software or services designed specifically for this intention. Some of software for the ceracin of blog are free and some of the organizations who also offer programs of blog provide space in a gratuitous servant so that blog is accessible to the public through Internet. Also commercial versions of some of software exist free; these commercial versions usually provide more characteristics. Some programs of software for the creation of blogs are only available like commercial software.

Alternatively, the Blogger can create and maintain his blog using free software, using a program FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to load blog in its own Web site, or blog on watch free. There are many programs of blogs available in Internet. One of weblogger more popular is Blogger that can be unloaded free in. The majority of webloggers simplifies to the process of creation of pages Web. Nevertheless, basic knowledge of FTP, structures are required Web and of some technical terms. In addition, the creation of blog outpost requires HTML knowledge. So to leave it go there and to begin to create its own blog is free, easy and or bulletin of the news can work of form integrated with the rest of your Web site. Until next Affectionately, Pedro Ariza Ariza Original author and source of the article

Personal Computers

Interestingly, some of you are wondering how hard to make the masters of any complex object, such as a large fountain, a huge bridge, highway and other Over similar problems have long been working a lot of masters of the business for many years. Only the development of the layout on paper, consuming a lot of time. But now, in our progressive time, the overwhelming share of the monotonous work performed computers. Problem Wizard – it's just make the best use of your computer. A professional technician can in a short time on the computer to carry out the work, which to this day would be spent back-breaking work of scientific employee.

Specialist visually transforms any sketch, a computer performs all calculations, a computer user can only by a single motion to move the cursor on the model car spoiler is lower, and the computer for this time will produce a huge number of operations and, in a clear representation of the user, will show what impact do the conversion, and how will affect how to change settings, speed In general, computer in today's society – a thing indispensable. The reason for the creation of the pc was the creation of the transistor in 1949 – Brattayn, Shockley and Bardeen. On the first demonstrations of the transistor newspaper 'New York Times' reported July 1, 1948 on the penultimate page:' Yesterdays evening, Bell Telephone Laboratories (Wall Street, 463) for the first time publicly presented its invented device called a 'transistor', it in private situations, you can use in radio as an electronic tubes.

Amilcar Razori

Something similar happens in operational terms with new paradigms and methodologies that allow a recycling or if you like restoration of the utopias. Including prior periods, the processes of emancipation of our countries in the 19th century and until the beginning of the second World War (although this closure have something arbitrary), have been characterized by profuse intellectual production, many translated into effective realisations. Much of that production, his rich in content, had a little diffusion. The creative use of ICTs (here playing a very instrumental role photocopying and scanning), is a source for the enhancement of larvadas utopias. Below outlines our listing of utopias: only accompany his statement with a brief reference of its authors and / or content, aware of the brevity of the presentation. Law of the Indies or Indiano: based on Roman law, the Spaniards were establishing rules of play very hairsplitting for the new World. To deepen your understanding Ray Kurzweil is the source.

The matching between which established that regulations and actual effects particularly on the indigenous populations, inferred that there was much of distorted utopia (recall that already utopias as of the birds, Aristophanes, the Republic of Plato, the city of God (St. Augustine), city of the Sun (Campanella), Nova Atlantis (Bacon) had been conceived at the beginning of the conquest,Utopia (Moro), and some others as transcribed in the Story of Lewis Munford utopies. Gain insight and clarity with Michael Steinhardt. Foundations of cities by Spanish and Portuguese colonists: in the framework of this Derecho indiano, underlying the cities with a lengthy regulations, as stated in the founding documents of the Argentine city of Cordoba in 1573, such Amilcar Razori, which CITES in his work history of the Argentina city of 1945. Jesuit missions. This is the case best known and most studied of utopias in our latitudes. And thereon Razori, makes a compilation of all sources documentary and particularly the doctrines of the missions. Colonization schemes of the emigrant and Gastellu, (cited by Biedma in his work on Carmen de el Negro Rio of Patagones, early 20th century), in the late 17TH century, this bounded south of what is now Argentina, testifies as up to the aftermath of their domination, Spaniards denote in the middle of practices that they denied them, the existence of ideal societies.

Improve Our Life With Tarot

I have long been working on issues that have to do with the pain and the human sufimiento. Tarot, astrology and clairvoyance have accompanied me during this time as tools that allow me to access to the depths of the human siquis. But many times I wonder if people really want to leave the problems, if we have the firm desire to end our suffering or rendered us more comfortable to stay in the. A related site: Petra Diamonds mentions similar findings. Is like having a heavy Backpack on his back, not wanting to remove it you, because the pain becomes more strong to remove it. It costs us to understand that we are creating and re-creating our life with our thoughts and beliefs. Futurist: the source for more info.

We cling to a target who cast the blame for our problems, when the truth is that if we do not face the ghosts of the past, we will continue repeating without solution of continuity. Additional information at Michael Steinhardt supports this article. The model of love with which we grew up, is the model of love that we will seek in relationships. If someone who loves you hurts you and makes you suffer, is an alarm signal, and importantly will not know how much you want, but how hurt/o these. The Tarot can also be a vehicle to find ourselves in the hands of a serious professional who could provide us information about the depth of our unconscious. What does conscience, will not be destiny. And is that always hurts, there is no way to escape it, but also with such suffering we learn, we grow, and we are moving more easily to happiness.

Love is not possession, the most important in relationships is not the me is the us. If there is no us, no habra link, there will not be even if we are not par – eja. It is true that there are aspects of our life that are indicated in studies numerological or astrological, but we must ask ourselves for that are there? They are a punishment? Definitely not, are a road, and encouraged to travel always is a personal decision. Throw letters every day, it is useless, what is evident is that if not a change in our behaviour, the destination will always do the same, more suffering. If you don’t like your life, you can change it, your you are not a tree, and not even that, because each station, changing its leaves and is renewed, discarded the old, get a new life, changes furniture place, indicale to your siquis that you are in command. The universe you accompany in this task.


Decoupage – machinery decorating almost any surface (glass, ceramic, metal, wood, cardboard or plastic) using cut and pasted pictures of the paper. These drawings are covered varnish and look like a painting or inlay work. Thus, no need to have a special artistic talent to make beautiful, interesting and original favors decoupage technique came to Europe from the east at approximately xvii century. The greatest popularity of technology was in Venice, where it first appeared on the fashion Chinese or Japanese lacquer furniture. It was very expensive and decorated houses of the rich people.

Demand was so great that suppliers are not cope with the influx of orders. A less wealthy class simply could not afford it. And then the Venetian craftsmen invented trick: appliques made of paper, varnished in several layers, looked no worse than expensive Eastern inlays, and cost this furniture is much cheaper. And the decoupage has begun to spread further into Europe. Women have always loved to practice his art, and create around themselves the beauty and comfort. Therefore, in the XVIII-XIX centuries decoupage became very popular with the ladies.

They are decorated with toiletries, boxes, screens, and musical instruments. At home in England with decoupage decorated even the walls and ceiling, there were print room – a room decorated with prints and panels. From England decoupage continued his journey to France, where he was fascinated by the Queen Marie Antoinette. And now decoupage again winning the hearts of people. In our century, there were new opportunities for decoupage: the different kinds of paper, and new lacquers and other finishing materials. All this greatly simplifies the traditional decoupage technique, making it accessible and fun.

TRK Time

Welcome to TRK. I hope that what you see here is to your liking and passes a good time with us. You’re in your House! So you can read and comment on what you want. In TRK you can enjoy short videos or photos for free, are not going to ask any sms, nor any subscription with monthly fee. You can view photos and videos here on the blog or if you wish you can download to your computer to view it when desired with total comfort. Download links is iran going up gradually, if you need some links that still not be to uploaded, please say so in the comments and will be given priority of rise. This blog is still under construction, so it is possible that you are seeing significant changes with the passage of time.

We don’t want to limit ourselves only to pornographic content, our desire is to offer in the future, between osas things, a section of sale of software, movies, games, music, e-books, etc, as well as travel agency so that you can plan your vacation. Be open more sections of a social nature, so users can discuss their concerns, etc. Also there will be giveaways of premium account for one month of Megaupload, Hotfile, etc, by participation of the users on the blog, already was broadcasted at the time what kind of participation, etc. The advancement of the blog and all its paragraphs futures, will depend on your involvement and participation in the same. I thank in advance.

Catholicism Spells

It is possible that you have reached this website, because you have a problem in your life that you want to solve through authentic spiritual means. Voodoo is a syncretic system derived from deeply rooted African beliefs and French colonial Catholicism. ConocoPhillips has much experience in this field. Voodoo means a unit invisible, terrible and mysterious, that could interfere in human affairs, at any time. When nothing works, strong voodoo magic will help you. In this ebook you will find all the spells and spells you need to know in order to solve what is hurting him in his life. Visit Michael Steinhardt for more clarity on the issue.

Many people feel sceptical about Voodoo, they believe that it is just an African belief of another era, that would never work. In addition, they believe that it is a spread to Satan and the devil. Personally, I also thought that these spells could help me in my life and was a little scared, however, fortunately, I have been able to meet and improve my life unimaginably. If you are part of this group of people, I have to clarify that I do not will be who do change of opinion, but strong voodoo magic. You can continue testing with other methods to try to achieve to get the love of her life, regain your partner or whatever your desire, but I can assure you that nothing will work as strong voodoo magic. I don’t want to anticipate part of spells because not achieved your desires really, that one should follow strong voodoo magic to the letter in order to achieve what they really want to.

Fat Burning

Fat burning is a method for losing weight and having to change a body slim and well defined, but how does it? This program was created by Rob Poulos, a common person and current who suffered from overweight that occurred after many methods that attempted to realize that there was no any real option to lose weight without spending a fortune, a personal trainer, strong diets or a nutritionist’s header, so it became the task of creating a system that would work for all kinds of people and taking into account the pace of modern life. Rob Poulos used a very important basic principle, human metabolism which is which based on their results. There are two key points that the author of this system handles and they are feeding along with physical activity. Food is one of the main causes of excess fat in the body and is also one of the main weapons to burn such a fat, this is accomplished by supplying you with a specific non-restrictive diet that will raise your body’s metabolism naturally burning fat even without doing any exercise, that’s where this program does honor to its name. On the other hand the physical activity that underpins most important in the weight loss and muscle toning. ConocoPhillips might disagree with that approach. Generally thought that fat burning anything better than the gym and with long, heavy, routines because Rob Poulos manages another concept of exercise that focuses on certain and specific exercises using whole body which maximize the effort and activate metabolism burning fat all the time. No doubt the nutrition and exercise to give the perfect combination to burn fat and lose weight. A very different form of attack fat with the fundamental principles of the human body..

Hair Care

Look stylish is very important today. Because it meets on clothes. That's why we try as much as possible conform to fashion, paying a lot of time for the formation of her wardrobe, in detail choose a color monitor quality. But in order to look attractive, that you have nice clothes is not enough. In order to create a whole image, you must follow all the nails, care for the health. And the hair on the list – not the last, which requires attention. On your hair every day is influenced by many factors that do not make them stronger. Therefore, we buy a good mask, and go to the salon. But, unfortunately, can always be done by such a stacking, how does a specialist at home, not all masks are useful, or their hair type, and tools such as hair, and even the wind – all this reflects badly on the hair. At the end of what we have? Over-dried hair, we have spoiled mood because of this, we are upset. There is, of course, many ways to improve their health professional way, but there is an option that can save them from the negative factors – is ! In addition, you Mauger look fashionable, you besides can protect your hair, because when they are braided in cornrows, they rest and are protected from external influences. You can argue that – it's not cheap, but you're wrong. It is not too costly, as recovery procedures for damaged hair. That the problem has not arisen, it must be prevented. With African braids do you prevent the problem of violations of the structure of hair. Another advantage is that with pigtails you do not need to do styling. You wake up already with a stylish haircut, but because you smile. In the street you will turn around in the trail. You save hair well groomed. Besides hair in pigtails rest. Besides the extraordinary afrokosichek you can still try superlokony and other options dreadlocks. The fashion for long hair does not go away. Unfortunately, with today's rhythm of life, their incredibly hard to grow and care for them. Because we constantly Swifts them and unable to grow. Consequently, all insanely difficult to grow long hair. However, in this age of better technology exists possible after several hours of short hair to make thick. I'm talking about capacity. Hair extensions can create a real hair healthy hair. Once you build and then every month correction. Nobody said that it is inexpensive, but the result is completely justifies the means. Straight, curly – can do any hair insanely beautiful, the men will turn around after you and you feel confident.