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The need to plan the steps and strategic actions in achieving a better web positioning is one of the key points that will contribute to achieving the success to seek top positions in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). And the best way to plan is to have a program to Google that allows not to lose any of the steps necessary to achieve an action effective SEO. We all know that there are lots of applications and utilities that say these objectives. But when we tested them, we can see that they don’t have the lowest real effectiveness, or they are just demos of dubious quality whose single objective is to sell a particular software. It is also true that there are some very interesting applications, and free. But have the raw materials, ingredients, does not mean that everyone knows cooking, nor become a consummate chef to an improvised. But, fortunately, finally exists a program for Google in Spanish that has proved to be the last solution in terms of web positioning: IBP (Internet Business Promoter).

With this program for Google is possible to control each and every one of the stages that lead to achieve top positions ten of the search engines. If you have already lost too much time testing formulas, seeking links and trying to get incoming links, it is time that begins to make things right. Instead of scoring the yields of their keywords in a spreadsheet or worksheet, do with a program for Google which will bring you information instantly, comparing different search engines, and multiple keywords at once. Incredible, isn’t it? No other program for Google can offer you such provision. A time that, based on the metrics of each preset keyword, and the greater or lesser demands of them, you have set a definitive list, you can move to the second step, which is to optimize your web site. Why are keyword selection as a first step? Because you must adapt the semantic content of its site to conform to them, and not vice versa. Now comes time to optimize inbound links. With this program for Google, it is very easy to do.

Get dozens of inbound links, based on their textual content and keywords. These are relevant links of first level, not only by the relevance of the same, but that you can select them by Page Rank. Do you think that using another program for Google you will need reliable information, so hand, just a couple of clicks? No, everyone will try to sell you their links. With IBP, you can choose the best candidates to do link Exchange. Thus, each and every one of the steps are described in this program for Google. So much faith you have the product we give you an amazing guarantee: If you don’t get the Top 10 positions your money. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity. Download the demo and check why hundreds of satisfied customers have made IBP its program for Google’s header.

Organization Construction

Over the past year leading firms exhibit extraordinary activity on telecommunications solutions in the development of technologies for receiving and processing the call (call centers). In the United States and Europe are now a real boom of call centers. This is due to many factors. The main ones are the producer interest in selling call centers (call processing system are typically software, not require a large amount of production capacity and, consequently, bring the maximum profit) and market readiness for implementation. Many overseas companies have felt the need for call centers and telemarketing in connection with the growing competition and increasing demands for service provided by these companies. Thus, the need to implement call centers by the following factors: the need for improve the service call, its culture and quality, as well as the high cost of maintenance of a large number of operators. From the above, revealed two major goals set call centers: a quality improvement service and increase the number of processed calls (more precisely, reducing the number of lost calls) with a decrease in the total number of employees, their manufacturing. Specificity of the contents of a large number of operators at call centers foreign companies is that the return call centers is 3-6 months and is due to savings to reduce the total number of operators in connection with a relatively high wages of unskilled or unskilled workers in the leading countries of the world. Thus, the risk in the organization of the call center in Russia is much bigger, and the reasons for such 'shopping' should be significantly less.

Tim Willits

July 31 in the U.S. city of Dallas started the festival QuakeCon 2008, entirely devoted to games of id Software. This year the event has aroused among journalists and ordinary gamers a special interest, and not difficult to guess that it is expected see all those present. See have not seen, but heard plenty full. For the series with a 15-year history of DooM, if we take into account the original version, it looks pretty fresh to this day. Perhaps that is why (John Carmack) in one of interview at QuakeCon 2008 has put an equal sign between 4 and DooM DooM2, speaking on gameplay filled fourth. What does this mean? And that means that id Software is developing blooded shooter a la Painkiller or Serious Sam2 with crowds of monsters, a large selection weapons, hurricane dynamics, as well as the complete absence of young girls and skewed zombies popping up from the toilet stalls. Multiplayer mode – one of the priorities which will be given as much time and funds, and how many ‘single’.

According to Carmack, the plan DooM 4, of course, can not compete with the highly networked Quake Live, but show a great progress compared with its predshesvennikom and Quake 4. Do not forget the founder of id Software to repeat and what to say at the last E3 2008: Fourth DooM is three times as detailed than the other projects – Rage, despite the fact that in both games is based on one core id Tech 5. His contribution to the formation of news has made another employee, Tim Willits (Tim Willits). Talking to journalists, said id Software designer working status name DooM 4 and did not rule out the possibility that one day may take place numbers any subtitle.


In the apparatus placed a very high-quality TFT-screen of unusual size. Its resolution 480h320 points, he – the horizontal. Display size 2.6 inch, it displays up to 65,000 colors. The picture looks just fine, she is bright and pleasant, despite the limited number of colors displayed. This is one of the best displays in the classroom.

Now go to other modules and functions, which can boast this functional piece. BlackBerry Bold 9000 is not deprived of part of the picture. He is on board 2-megapixel camera with CMOS sensor, which, though not armed or autofocus, no flash. Nevertheless, the device makes it very good shots. Again, Black Berry Bold 9000 – communicator. Here is the firmware that is running BlackBerry OS 4,6 (This is its own development company), with all the typical programs and games that are usually included.

You can download some additional applications from the manufacturer, additional software or games from the Internet and install on your phone. No additional instructions or drivers for setup you do not need. The device runs on Intel XScale PXA270 processor clocked at 624MHz. RAM unit – 128 MB, which is enough for any application. GPS navigation is implemented using A-GPS chip and proprietary software BlackBerry maps. Installing third-party navigation software is problematic, so I have to settle for that is. By the way the route is excellent machine, cold start is standard time, about 4 minutes. Communicator supports Bluetooth protocol version 2.0 with EDR, Wi-Fi support also provided, which can not fail to please. BlackBerry 9000 Bold has on board long enough to install the necessary software stack memory, you have the 1GB, but you can always put in the device memory card. It used standard cards microSD, restrictions on the volume – no. Supported their 'hot swapping'. Lithium-ion battery has a standard capacity of 1500 mAh. That should be enough to ensure the unit of energy in standby mode up to 310 hours, and prolonged conversation may take up to 5 hours. When test BlackBerry Bold 9000 worked for about two days. This is a very good indicator for the device. Cost of BlackBerry Bold 9000 is adequate. We, the price may have more to draw attention to this model. Review can be completed so – very functional communicator in the classical case with a QWERTY keyboard. Quality: Before you purchase on request can send instructions. We sell only quality goods of class 'AA'. You can be confident in the quality of our products. At each product warranty + assistance in equipment installation. We are authorized dealer of such companies as: MobileAction, GOOOD, X3, GPRScable, Mobidick, Transcend, Sony. Warranty for Cell Phone BlackBerry Bold 9000 on each product's warranty. You always able to consult with our customer support on connecting and configuring the purchased equipment. During the warranty, you can download for free, and update software, which sends our online store. Through our service center, you can set different software: programs, games, pictures, ringtones, themes for BlackBerry Bold 9000. Also in our service center has a set of GPRS settings for different operators.

Work Systems

Version of a classic. The company does not take any action to optimize for constructing an effective system of work, drifting, sometimes rising, sometimes reduced. The ups and downs in this review are random, but the overall trend leads to the degradation ("Titanic", for example, drowning too long). Critical moment for such a company will be on the market quite a serious competitor, or an array of smaller competitors, which will select a major chunk of the market, leaving the company, in fact, what can be called with the crumbs table. Remarkably, if the company tolerate offensive critical moment, in this moment of its cost is significantly reduced.

Option constructive. In a moment of recognition (by and large it does not matter when this moment occurred, the main thing was to allow sufficient time to implement changes before the death of the company) need to optimize the organization of work, construction management, development of the company as a whole should be decided (and this is should be a strong solution) on the need for development activities. Further, such activities should be developed and implemented. Typically, in such events, there are three units: audit, development of model implementing change. And, as a rule, major changes lead to staff turnover and a great work with the inner world of managers of the company. And the most difficult (in some cases impossible) in this process – to change owners and top management (for example, any surgical intervention is a lot of stress for the organism, but the body gets a chance to live and enjoy life). That's why the decision to start the changes should be strong.

After a successful optimization and building management systems, the company transformed into a stable, internally consistent, flexible and universal structure, ready to respond to external changes. Naturally, it is better to construct a system management in the company, the more competitive it is on the market. Assume that you have built a control system of the highest level. But your competitor also built a system management at this level. The further you can compete? Suppose that this issue will be for you. After all, if a fight out of these two masters, the fight will go before the first blow. Evgeny Petrovich.

Joseph Brodsky

In the wonderful poem, "I love St. Petersburg, for you misty, blue eyes …" it with extraordinary lyricism admits his true love to St. Petersburg and to the saints, which keeps its ground. It is no coincidence her sublimely lyrical and soulful poem of St. Xenia of Petersburg, took first place at the prestigious poetry competition. Speaking of a lyrical conception of the poet, I would have marked its leading theme, like "religious tone of simplicity." Maybe this is my personal perception of her work, but it seems to me that classic theme of confrontation of civilization and nature, the fullness of the nature of religious purity, it opens with great aesthetic force and philosophical depth, with special author's originality and uniqueness. Love of the monasteries and their soothing peace, the love of God, in spite of the fallen world, carried through the terrible years of communist atheism, when the young author, a priest of the Diocese of Tver, giving a blessing to write poetry about God, he advised them not to publish: "For poems about God, they would crucify you …. " From this mindset, it seems, love of natural, material, mystical poetry Yesenin, glorified the beauty of mother nature and "otherworldly field …" Also, in this case, recall the classical Joseph Brodsky's lines: "In the village of God dwells not in the corners …." In this regard, stating, however, their opinions, I would call the poem "The waves washed Seligersky …" just a software for the creation of Ludmila Leonidovna, a poem, in which her poetic talent is revealed with particular force and fullness.

EXIST Russian

MOTOR-SHOW 2009 – Exhibition in the last decade gathering in the capital of Russia's best automotive professionals from around the world, provides a unique opportunity for automotive industry professionals first acquainted with new products of the world auto and allow different companies to establish long-term and profitable partnerships. For many years, showcased their national pavilions are Italy, China, Spain, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, India and other countries. Among the permanent members – Lukoil, Bosch, Kaercher, Webasto, Borg Warner, Acoma, MAN, Concern Pram, Vierol, Evrozapchast, WESTA, Eurasia, Sibur – Russian Tyres, Abeksim, Belshina, KAMA, Ravenol and many other famous companies. In addition, MIMS has traditionally become the world's major showcase of new products and automotive parts, because this year their products here will represent the company and EXIST – one of the main parts suppliers in the Russian automotive market. 10 years EXIST offers Russian motorists the most advanced information technology world and our own cutting-edge software development, unique statistical and analytical information in the automotive industry. Company EXIST successfully cooperates with suppliers from Japan, Korea, Europe, Belarus and UAE exports to Russia more than 26 million different auto parts, including for special vehicles and tuning from 1200 reputable manufacturers – such as Mapco, NK, AJUSA, Meyle, etc. In addition, customers can take advantage EXIST effective on-line search and order spare parts from a vast catalog company and a convenient system of franchising. In addition, to serve our clients and partners EXIST – offices and warehouses in Moscow and regional offices, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, the most fast delivery in 200 cities Russia. The exhibition MIMS-2009 EXIST company will present a wide range of parts and accessories for today's most popular cars, as well as their own innovations. Participants and visitors will be able to see not only in advantages of cooperation with the EXIST, but in the rich assortment of products offered in the high professionalism of the staff, as well as the correct approach to the company's work with each client, for which there is a possibility individual on-line monitoring of the order. As in previous years, the MIMS-2009 is organized with the support of the State Duma Committee on Transport, the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, Moscow City Government and Moscow Region, Moscow Chamber of Commerce, the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Moscow Association of Entrepreneurs and will be held in the IEC "Crocus Expo".

Professor Paez

Us adds Professor Paez, that if the organization wants to staff to play a work with high levels of quality and productivity, substantial increase is necessary to those responsible for the human factor in firms to improve their knowledge regarding the processes of evaluating competencies based on the results obtained by the above ideas. And this learning is essential, because all organizations have the most valuable item that has today that is: people! And, speaking of this topic is very complex, rough; but it continues to be challenging.People who hold positions of leadership in organizations have a responsibility to learn manage minds – administered before people-, i.e. Click kevin ulrich to learn more. successfully manage emotional intelligence; Since successful management of this difficult and important variable, depends on productivity, accordingly they must lead them in the best possible way, always following the rules established by the company, motivate them and especially teach them how should do things in the best way. The productivity of the people not be increased if individual intrinsic needs are not satisfied and this claims – on the part of the different heads – better knowledge as a person, of his closest collaborators, accompanied this action with a good training and development programme appropriate to the demands on your area according to the work that each plays today and their chances of promotion within the Organizationnot to mention non-satisfactory motivational elements, as it is the economic aspect. Definitely should be taken into account, that all organizations have in common a certain number of men, who have been organized in a social unit established for the explicit purpose of achieve certain goals.So, as the men established a club or a company, organized by a trade union or a political party, created police force or a hospital and formulate procedures that govern relations between the members of these organizations and the duties to be fulfilled every one of them.Once has been firmly established an organization, it tends to assume its own identity which makes it independent of the people who founded it. (Scott Blau). Management and their supervisors should watch the behaviour of individuals, their identification with their performance, performance, provide them with all necessary assistance in their difficulties and everything what motivate them to contribute their skills, skills in order to make way for his innovation, creativity.

You must understand and know how to handle the necessary tools for a change planned towards the orientation of the behavior of the human factor in the organization in accordance with the demands of today in a changing environment and increasingly demanding, it is necessary:- Design and implement strategies for change within their organizational contexts and in this way improve the productivity and excellence of the individual in the process of managerial development and in this way contribute with excellence to the development of the country. -Understand and value the importance of managerial skills for the success of the organization. -Understand the integration of individuals in the organisational sphere in a systemic relationship and synergy in the pursuit of the objectives of the Organization through excellence.

Members Group

Speaking of working with people a crucial point are meetings of the elements that make up the team, but let’s start with the first: what is a team? It is a highly organized social entity that consists of a small number of people who exchange ideas, roles and functions to achieve a common goal. Refers to a group of people who share a mission or vision, working interdependently as a result of the acceptance and confidence in themselves and others. This produces a sense of ownership and belonging, by which participation in achieving the goal is timely and other responsible. The resolution of problems and conflicts is perceived as an opportunity for learning and continuous improvement. What a group? A group is a set of people who meet for a given situation, how to approach a public transportation, visit a Museum, go to a mall or enjoy a concert. In all these cases people can relate, but it is not imperative to do so, since they do not apply to the purpose of your meeting. There are groups of buyers, amateurs, settlers, etc. And also there are working groups, people who coincide in time and space in a post or in a function.

They are daily or on an occasional basis, they shake you eat together or even attend the same meetings. This may be familiar because start a relationship so you can continue long time and can be crucial for an organization, since it can simulate a computer, this is recognized as seudoequipo, which over time is more damaging to recognize itself as a working group. A seudoequipo is a shared goal, the different interests of each are as fundamental lack and is evident in at least one of the Members wanting to demonstrate their accomplishments individually and independently. Apparently there is communication, but what more there is inside everyone is competition, so that the objectives, rarely are achieved.

Unique Business Idea Without Cost Risk

PegStar AG grants 3,000 licenses for unique Internet business that is booming Internet business. And precisely for this reason, it is increasingly difficult to find a business idea, with which it is worth to build a solid part-time job to earn money from home regularly. Often lacking the entrepreneur in PES but the right expertise or experience to build an Internet business. It is not uncommon however also love money, which does not allows the side job-interested to earn money from home. The business idea is maybe, but then lack the wherewithal for the Internet business. Chronic financial difficulties, there is also on many webmasters who operate small Web stores or portals. Technology, purchasing and warehousing – all costs money and wants to be refinanced. Helmut Ament, self-made millionaire, success coach and sole owner of the Schweizer Pegastar AG has wondered across over the years about exactly this phenomenon and developed a comprehensive concept, which it to simplest means money on the Internet can earn without having to move to financial difficulties. s topic.

The resulting unique success concept makes it possible to use a direct Internet business concept to make money without risk of costs or effort. Interested, which is finally out of the vicious circle of love money would erupt and want to make your own Internet business on the legs, or want to expand your Web activities, can earn money themselves with this Unternehmeskonzept. For a monthly fee of 19.95 EUR the prospective buyer and Internet business beginners receives a complete business model presents incl. immediately usable professional Web page! The highlight of it all: The entire contents of the business runs completely automatically. No inventory, no shipping, no customer support. Nothing remains on the application its business URL for the licensee to do. What sounds like a long time study of comprehensive software is in reality itself easy to learn for the uninitiated.

To escalate to this offer but not, Helmut Ament decided to grant only 3,000 licences worldwide. The Internet provides many more possibilities you must only recognize them and take. Helmut Ament shows the way the people in the online business. “I can’t do but more”, he says “for making money I can force anyone”. Further information about this innovative business idea there on company description the McCrazy GmbH home is successful and sustainable in the online marketing sector for over 10 years. As a member of the German direct marketing Association (DDV) is guaranteed for high standards of quality and performance. Company contact: McCrazy GmbH Stefan Appenrodt Marktstrasse 69 37441 Bad Sachsa Tel: 055239529860 E-Mail: Web: