The New Engines From Mercedes-Benz – CDI

New engines CDI – the embodiment of strength and moschi.Vy can choose for your Viano one of three diesel engines, CDI, power and the mobilization of its hallmark to a new level. Top automotive and power tuning for mercedes Viano – the new V6 CDI, 150 kW (204 hp..) and a maximum torque of 440 Nm which will allow you effortlessly manage and minivan with difficult tasks. Recently Compuware sought to clarify these questions. All three diesel CDI relevant regulations EU4/1II. They are equipped with the latest piezo injectors *, with high precision metering fuel injection into the combustion chamber. Compared to conventional solenoid valves, this technology reduces fuel consumption and harmful emissions and noise motor. As petrol variant V6, CDI V6 diesel only comes with a proven 5-speed automatic transmission also offers a 6-speed manual transmission as an option you can order them, and other variants of PTC. The basic package of all CDI engines is maintenance-free particulate filter.

Petrol engines: good on the go, perfect for hearing two modern 6-cylinder V-twin gasoline engine capacity of 3.2 liters and 140 kW (190 hp..) Or 3.7 liters and capacity of 170 kW (231 hp..) – a worthy alternative for those who value power unit is not just temperament, but also the most quiet operation. Equipped with modern electronic system, in daily operation they are able to please all with its powerful acceleration. We thought about lowering operating costs. Basic system display periodicity TO ASSYST and a significant reduction in the scope of work to significantly reduce the TO maintenance costs of engines CDI, in particular, due to load depending on oil change intervals. Also achieved by an ultra-reliable applications vysokokachestennyh Mercedes auto parts.

On average, you will stop off at TO every 30,000 km (or about once every 2 years). We have tried to improve the maintainability and Viano. Provided rational technology of repair, the failure of expensive parts and components in the zone of possible collisions, favorable insurance rates are "hull" and affordable repair minor damage. Fully galvanized body contributes to the conservation value of the vehicle at a sale.

Choosing A Battery

Battery – this is one of the most essential components of any car. He is responsible for how good can start the engine. In addition, the system itself needs a first-class battery ignition. Yet no matter how not perfect, this would be called part of a machine, a few years it will have to change to another. But how to do it right? The state of the electrolyte, and hence the effect on the battery temperature affects environment. In that case, when the temperature falls sharply, the electrolyte is thickened and becomes more viscous, which is no good effect on his ability to pass into the pores of the plates. This leads to a decrease in speed receiving a response and a drastic reduction in the award of the battery current required to start the engine.

Those who live in an area with a cold climate, you should put into the car battery is larger capacity by about 10 Ah, what need instructions. If the car will be used in off-road, the car battery) will experience a strong vibration. This will lead to a gradual release of the active mass of the plates, and it multiplies the risk of short circuits due to the reduction of capacity. Xcel Energy often addresses the matter in his writings. There is desirable to use the battery wrapped in a separator envelope unipolar plates. It is understood that this is not fully protect against short circuit, but to minimize the risk. If the vehicle owner is forced to constantly make the starter starts, the battery will run down all the time, unable to renewable energy. It is understood that that the battery is highly desirable additional charging, otherwise the tank will quickly lose volume. Yet it is not often possible to make a charge.

It is advisable to take care in advance and buy a maintenance-free battery, which has such important characteristics as low self-discharge and separator envelope made from polyethylene. In all cases good solution is to select the battery Medalist. Under this brand are sold nonperforming calcium batteries, with a significant resistance to overcharge. These batteries are well show themselves in the cold season and heat. And if the battery pack nazvaniemMedalist will be idle a couple of years, it is still possible to use, without charge. Through the use of a special composition of the electrolyte, chopping plate is not actually happening. The unique technology of Ca / Ca with the inclusion of Ag, which allows seriously strengthen capacity battery is ideal for winter Russian frost. Performed such Rechargeable batareina latest equipment, and therefore products are of high quality. We can not say that the batteries sold with Medalist 3-year guarantee. No need to pity and to save money on the battery. Give preference for quality rather than more affordable cost. Only such a choice is a guarantee that the battery will never let you down, and therefore the driver's mood is always good!

Mobile Stands

New exhibition technologies offer a choice of a huge range of creative solutions. Unlimited field for creativity and realization of technological capabilities of modern firms can achieve stands mobile type. The current classification of exhibition stands and display advertising for the exhibit is a long systematized and well-structured domain. Among the many types of structures can be identified such basic types, according to technology and technical solutions used in the design and manufacture of mobile stands. These include structures such as Pop_Up, stands for exhibitions Roll-Up and Fold-Up. Naturally, the exhibition stands should be selected in accordance with the tasks, as well as with an eye to the format and venue of the exhibition. Mobile stands Pop_Up (umbrella construction) – this is the perfect solution for advertising campaigns in places with limited area.

Successful construction of exhibition stands of this type helps easy transformation of the workplace and give it a promoter of various forms – from the sphere to the corner table. Exhibition Stands flatbed (Fold-Up) – a good option for seminars, conferences or participate in small exhibitions. Because of the possibility to change the design of stands, mobile stands tablet can also provide information boards in offices and even cope with the role of temporary office partitions. Exhibition Stands Roll-Up – is the pinnacle of mobility. Also very simple as a roll of paper, promotional campaign or the exposure they can be used to deploy under virtually all conditions – from the supermarket to the exhibition ground. No matter what type and design – all the booths for trade shows are common benefits. These include cost savings, because there is no need buy equipment for each event. You should also provide savings in storage space, and money – in the transportation of exhibition stands, because the folded they take up very little space.

Mobile booths – the perfect solution on a limited budget, since in general the functionality they take up very little floor space. Moreover, the mobile exhibition stands – is a versatile product. Besides use in promotional campaigns and exhibitions, they are easy to use for registration of product samples or distribution of materials inormatsionogo wing in the lobby of the company. A perfect fit and mobile stands in the interior of the office. AND the most important thing – mobile exhibition stands – is the highest autonomy, which can only dream of using standard designs. "

Separation Fuel

Water mixed with diesel fuel entering the combustion chamber, prevents complete combustion of the working mixture. This leads to over-expenditure of fuel and power loss. The word comes from the Latin Separation Separatio – office, has become as synonymous diaper or copier. Although Pampers, and Xerox – such as registered trademarks. Sellers of trucks, mechanics, drivers call, any filter with water separator "Separation." Especially dangerous is getting into the fuel system of the most contaminated fuel, collects on the bottom of the tank – that's why we recommend not completely empty the fuel tank and, on the contrary, it is recommended to wash the fuel tank at least once a year.

Water in fuel can get either the refueling (Non-compliance of production technology, not following the rules of the fuel storage), or with prolonged condensation from the air. Rusty the inner surface of the tank – too good "drive" of moisture. Heating control performed automatically thermostat switch on at a temperature below +5 C and off at temperatures of +10 C. HOW DOES IT WORK? In 1992 the firm "Willibrord Lezing. Filtrtehnik 'generation has developed a fuel filter Separation-2000 as an effective system of separation of water and solid particles contained in the fuel. Both components – water and particles – leads to premature wear of the engine, causing expensive repairs. FEATURES Separation-2000 In 1992, the company "Willibrord Lezing. Filtrtehnik 'generation has developed a fuel filter separator 2000 as an effective system of separation of water and solid particles contained in the fuel.

Cars Gallery

In the autumn of 1964 zakonchilis ispytaniya it, and after finishing and pepedelok in noyabpe Year period 1972 UAZ-469B zamenil nA konveyepe vetepana GAS-69. Pazumeetsya, almost 20 years ppoizvodstva za GAS-69 ostavalsya not the same. Instead, the 52-strong dvigatelya, unasledovannogo of "Victory", he got more A powerful 55-strong. Changed ppivod puchnogo topmoza have been strengthened detali Racing uppavleniya. From 1970 Year period GAS-69 was more durable and pepedny zadny drive axles from sepiynoy mashiny UAZ-452, the sleeve off a semi stupitsah pepednih wheels Reinforced topmoza, new awning. GAZ-69 unit and a description of design features. What ppedstavlyaet a GAS-69? Ppezhde all nado skazat that no site, no agpegat mashiny kakoy was not a technical novelty. It udachno ispolzovalis already appobipovannye elements sochetanie usilivalo eccentricity and drove them dostoinstva nA no ppisuschie nedostatki, a combination of high soobschalo mashine ekspluatatsionnye pokazateli.

Dvigatel, kopobka pepedach, Racing mehanizm, diffepentsial, amoptizatopy, topmoza, pepednie WALL, akkumulyatop in znachitelnoy degrees were unifitsipovany with uzlami sepiynyh gpuzovyh and passenger mashin. Takim obpazom, lower the cost of a new ppoizvodstva Cars Gallery, upposchalos ensure its zapasnymi chastyami oblegchalsya and Repair. GAS-69 with samogo nachala was zaduman kak pposto on to device accessible to the Cars Gallery with obsluzhivaniya and pemonta uzlami. Znachenie these kachestv in mashiny, kotopaya ekspluatipuetsya more chastyu in payonah with dopogami GROUND, vdaleke from pemontnyh baz, tpudno pepeotsenit. Kak mashina high ppohodimosti, "sixty devyataya" ppedstavlyala a nezaupyadnuyu konstpuktsiyu. Big dopozhny pposvet (210 mm), and malye pepedny zadny overhangs ppivod nA kolesa all six pepedach, Length max nebolshaya very udachnoe pasppedelenie vesa on axes, profitable relationships podobpannye pepedatochnye tpansmissii let her go uvepenno on virgin snow, gpyazi.

EXIST Russian

MOTOR-SHOW 2009 – Exhibition in the last decade gathering in the capital of Russia's best automotive professionals from around the world, provides a unique opportunity for automotive industry professionals first acquainted with new products of the world auto and allow different companies to establish long-term and profitable partnerships. For many years, showcased their national pavilions are Italy, China, Spain, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, India and other countries. Among the permanent members – Lukoil, Bosch, Kaercher, Webasto, Borg Warner, Acoma, MAN, Concern Pram, Vierol, Evrozapchast, WESTA, Eurasia, Sibur – Russian Tyres, Abeksim, Belshina, KAMA, Ravenol and many other famous companies. In addition, MIMS has traditionally become the world's major showcase of new products and automotive parts, because this year their products here will represent the company and EXIST – one of the main parts suppliers in the Russian automotive market. 10 years EXIST offers Russian motorists the most advanced information technology world and our own cutting-edge software development, unique statistical and analytical information in the automotive industry. Company EXIST successfully cooperates with suppliers from Japan, Korea, Europe, Belarus and UAE exports to Russia more than 26 million different auto parts, including for special vehicles and tuning from 1200 reputable manufacturers – such as Mapco, NK, AJUSA, Meyle, etc. In addition, customers can take advantage EXIST effective on-line search and order spare parts from a vast catalog company and a convenient system of franchising. In addition, to serve our clients and partners EXIST – offices and warehouses in Moscow and regional offices, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, the most fast delivery in 200 cities Russia. The exhibition MIMS-2009 EXIST company will present a wide range of parts and accessories for today's most popular cars, as well as their own innovations. Participants and visitors will be able to see not only in advantages of cooperation with the EXIST, but in the rich assortment of products offered in the high professionalism of the staff, as well as the correct approach to the company's work with each client, for which there is a possibility individual on-line monitoring of the order. As in previous years, the MIMS-2009 is organized with the support of the State Duma Committee on Transport, the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, Moscow City Government and Moscow Region, Moscow Chamber of Commerce, the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Moscow Association of Entrepreneurs and will be held in the IEC "Crocus Expo".

ABS Plastic

ABS plastic can be represented by different colors and shapes, depending on which and the price of each product. The main color is black, but apart from that we also offer a gray and white sheets of ABS plastic. Due to the existing special equipment we carry vacuum molding products. And also we have been manufacturing plastic sheet ABS. Another activity Avtostayl is production and sale of spare parts PAZ and GAS. For example, our company you can buy caps for the wheels, grille or facing panels for additional devices.

Moreover, we can start producing other spare parts for different cars, manufacturing of various products from ABS plastic, but only if large bulk orders on a regular basis. Production of various products and spare parts for cars in large volumes can carried out only if the possibility of using vacuum forming technology. ABS plastic can be represented by different colors and shapes, depending on which and the price of each product. The main color is black, but apart from that we also offer a gray and white sheets of ABS plastic. Due to the existing special equipment we carry vacuum molding products. And also we have been manufacturing plastic sheet ABS.

Another activity Avtostayl is production and sale of spare parts PAZ and GAZ. For example, our company you can buy caps for the wheels, grille or cladding panels for additional devices. Moreover, we can start producing other spare parts for different vehicles, the manufacture of various products from ABS plastic, but only if large wholesale orders an ongoing basis. Production of various products and spare parts for cars in large volumes can only be done if there is the possibility of using vacuum forming technology.

Space Museum

On the previously mentioned show he has not shown much interest in the self-propelled carriage EA Yakovlev and P. Frese, and the government of tsarist Russia and even more so given up on creativity poryvaniya young compatriots. Neither financially nor organizationally, even morally, none of the rulers did not support the inventors. A similar design to their approval greeted the experts – it set the price for 1500 karbovanets (For comparison: the cost of the best horse at the time did not exceed 50 rubles). But this has not prompted industrialists to the idea to allocate funds for the automotive industry.

Although far from the ocean to America, where self-propelled trucks were in Europe, smart rural doctors suddenly perceived that a new form of transport can be successfully applied to medical care of small farm settlements. So a "rapid medical help" on wheels. And the West is asleep. The same long Gottlieb Daimler to his discovery journey undertaken by Russia. Not in order to enjoy the wonderful views. He was interested in other things. Get more background information with materials from Ray Kurzweil. Our country was already working on plant distillation of crude oil to kerosene. Past chemist O.

flight experiments have driven: so you can get and other petroleum products. For example, gasoline. This is something that needed to Daimler. In addition, he became acquainted with engineering technology, was in Moscow, Tula, Kiev and Odessa. It was here, on the road to Kharkov, Daimler finally convinced: a convenient, fast transportation to people simply needed. And, despite everything, the country's healthy stream pulsated scientific and technical thought. As during the EA Yakovleva, and P. Froese, and to them. Descendants of Ivan Kulibina long to the appearance of vehicles and Daimler Benz is an original engineering solutions on their own constructed and tested the products. In some publications of the time mentioned the name of industrialist Putilov, who with a team of engineers has created samorushku with a gasoline engine. Even given a fact that supposedly one of the cities along the Volga authors demonstrate in action its development. However, reliable sources who have claimed the reality of samokatki Putilova not, therefore, researchers, speaking of automotive history, limited only by the general reference to this inventor. And in 1885, one year to the appearance of the first author Benz – Daimler, Russian Ogneslav Kostovic developed gasoline engine. Naval officer was very fond of the technique, although employment in the service, collecting a wealth of information about engineering innovations, and then he ventured to reckless attempt. Its engine is a yardstick of time was the most powerful – 80 horsepower. Compare with German or French – they power was only two to three horsepower. And that Kostovic "swung" as much as eight-cylinder engine, invented a water-cooled, shocked experts. Naturally the question arises: Why, then, he has become one of the discoverers of a car? Very simple. Naval officer made a powerful engine for the dirigible. Now is not known whether he managed to realize their plan, but proof that the engine made on Okhtyrka shipyard, is: in the Moscow Air and Space Museum of the Zhukovsky this, now exhibit stands in a prominent place. Found no recognition at home and talented engineer B. Lutsk. At the end of the XIX century, he made several engines and cars. In Tsarist Russia, they were not interested, rejected his proposal, so the inventor began working with German company "Daimler", which is readily used technical ideas Russians.

The Automotive Industry

Not without reason, that is receiving increasing attention in the advanced countries of the world. Fullerenes are located between the living and nonliving nature. One of the many unique properties of the structures and forms of fullerenes – the construction of atomic nanolayers in areas of high stress, friction, electrochemical reactions. When used properly and with a special composites manufacturing technology multimineral formulations, you can create a unique natural nanoprotsessor having its information task and its natural SOFT. A nanometer – a billionth of a meter. At the level these values occur in the language processes maloobyasnimye traditional physics and chemistry. The field of nanotechnology are different.

We represent only one segment of the market – the automotive industry. Motor vehicle – a complex system in which a lot of friction units. Over time, the most loaded parts of the engine wear. There are many reasons why the lifespan of any engine is rapidly shrinking. There comes a time of major repairs and expensive. Not every car owner makes engine maintenance, as required by the manufacturer. It happens that the engine oil level below the minimum.

Fuel quality leaves much to be desired. Fuel additives reduce the service life of piston and engine as a whole. Fans of sports car know that the engine operating at maximum speed is long. Any tuning is expensive, also after afterburner engine of his life is reduced. Even the best motor oil can not always effectively protect the motor from galvanic corrosion, acid and hydrogen wear.

Winter Tires

Driving a car in winter, of course, requires certain skills. However, no matter how well you either drove a car, so much depends on it "footwear" – well-chosen tires. If you are offered "all season" tires, talk about their excellent properties, and even they will be equipped with quality certificates – do not believe it! It does not happen – that bus, even built with the help of "laser technology", could equally well be on the road, strewn with snow, rain and on dry track. This is nonsense! Almost all the bus are divided into two large groups of tread – winter and summer. Today we talk about winter tires. It is clear that they must tread provide a smooth, well-controlled movement on snow and even compacted road. The idea is that a bus must have a deep tread pattern, which can provide good grip on snowy roads, as well as remove snow, slush or water through the drainage ditches. These tires are, and they show themselves very well when driving on snowy road.

At the same time be aware that when driving on dry roads, these tires cause increased noise in the cabin and negatively affect the control of the car. Tires for snow tires, of course, is slightly different in composition from the rubber tires summer. The fact that such tires must maintain their properties in sufficiently low temperatures below zero. That is, it is much softer and more elastic than the old tire. It is clear that the use of tires in the summer will cause "sticking" to the road while driving. Another solution – spikes on the tread. However, in Europe, studded tire is prohibited, as it is believed that it affects the road surface. At the same time, Finland and Canada at the legislative level, require drivers to use in cold weather tires.