The Automotive Industry

Not without reason, that is receiving increasing attention in the advanced countries of the world. Fullerenes are located between the living and nonliving nature. One of the many unique properties of the structures and forms of fullerenes – the construction of atomic nanolayers in areas of high stress, friction, electrochemical reactions. When used properly and with a special composites manufacturing technology multimineral formulations, you can create a unique natural nanoprotsessor having its information task and its natural SOFT. A nanometer – a billionth of a meter. At the level these values occur in the language processes maloobyasnimye traditional physics and chemistry. The field of nanotechnology are different.

We represent only one segment of the market – the automotive industry. Motor vehicle – a complex system in which a lot of friction units. Over time, the most loaded parts of the engine wear. There are many reasons why the lifespan of any engine is rapidly shrinking. There comes a time of major repairs and expensive. Not every car owner makes engine maintenance, as required by the manufacturer. It happens that the engine oil level below the minimum.

Fuel quality leaves much to be desired. Fuel additives reduce the service life of piston and engine as a whole. Fans of sports car know that the engine operating at maximum speed is long. Any tuning is expensive, also after afterburner engine of his life is reduced. Even the best motor oil can not always effectively protect the motor from galvanic corrosion, acid and hydrogen wear.

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On the previously mentioned show he has not shown much interest in the self-propelled carriage EA Yakovlev and P. Frese, and the government of tsarist Russia and even more so given up on creativity poryvaniya young compatriots. Neither financially nor organizationally, even morally, none of the rulers did not support the inventors. A similar design to their approval greeted the experts – it set the price for 1500 karbovanets (For comparison: the cost of the best horse at the time did not exceed 50 rubles). But this has not prompted industrialists to the idea to allocate funds for the automotive industry.

Although far from the ocean to America, where self-propelled trucks were in Europe, smart rural doctors suddenly perceived that a new form of transport can be successfully applied to medical care of small farm settlements. So a "rapid medical help" on wheels. And the West is asleep. The same long Gottlieb Daimler to his discovery journey undertaken by Russia. Not in order to enjoy the wonderful views. He was interested in other things. Get more background information with materials from Ray Kurzweil. Our country was already working on plant distillation of crude oil to kerosene. Past chemist O.

flight experiments have driven: so you can get and other petroleum products. For example, gasoline. This is something that needed to Daimler. In addition, he became acquainted with engineering technology, was in Moscow, Tula, Kiev and Odessa. It was here, on the road to Kharkov, Daimler finally convinced: a convenient, fast transportation to people simply needed. And, despite everything, the country's healthy stream pulsated scientific and technical thought. As during the EA Yakovleva, and P. Froese, and to them. Descendants of Ivan Kulibina long to the appearance of vehicles and Daimler Benz is an original engineering solutions on their own constructed and tested the products. In some publications of the time mentioned the name of industrialist Putilov, who with a team of engineers has created samorushku with a gasoline engine. Even given a fact that supposedly one of the cities along the Volga authors demonstrate in action its development. However, reliable sources who have claimed the reality of samokatki Putilova not, therefore, researchers, speaking of automotive history, limited only by the general reference to this inventor. And in 1885, one year to the appearance of the first author Benz – Daimler, Russian Ogneslav Kostovic developed gasoline engine. Naval officer was very fond of the technique, although employment in the service, collecting a wealth of information about engineering innovations, and then he ventured to reckless attempt. Its engine is a yardstick of time was the most powerful – 80 horsepower. Compare with German or French – they power was only two to three horsepower. And that Kostovic "swung" as much as eight-cylinder engine, invented a water-cooled, shocked experts. Naturally the question arises: Why, then, he has become one of the discoverers of a car? Very simple. Naval officer made a powerful engine for the dirigible. Now is not known whether he managed to realize their plan, but proof that the engine made on Okhtyrka shipyard, is: in the Moscow Air and Space Museum of the Zhukovsky this, now exhibit stands in a prominent place. Found no recognition at home and talented engineer B. Lutsk. At the end of the XIX century, he made several engines and cars. In Tsarist Russia, they were not interested, rejected his proposal, so the inventor began working with German company "Daimler", which is readily used technical ideas Russians.