Steal The Wheels

A map N-shield "appear and disappear R and the" H ". We take the mission to R. Mission 44: Steal The Wheels. Going to a place we need to steal a car from the yard. The yard is closed – we take it and go around from the end, climb onto the roof and jump from it into the closed area. Moisten opponents. Set up it and head at high speed at the specified coordinates. Mission free.

Mission 45: _s A Stooge. In this mission to visit three places where small groups of people with guns. After elimination of these groups sit in a boat on the water and destroy the target. During the mission we get $ 1.500. Mission to the R terminated take on the "H". Mission 46: Arms out of Harms Way. We go to the place – it dock with the adjacent territory. Naturally we will meet resistance.

There is a trick: take the armor and runs through the crowd and quickly get into the boat. Catching up on her goal and destroy it! Mission is free. Mission 47: The wages of Hsin. Our main goal: to blow up the plant. But we do it will gradually . Throughout the entire plant set up the bomb and explode them, incidentally kill apponetnov. After installing the last bomb, run to the water and jump in it! During the mission will receive $ 2.500. Mission to "N" end, we take on the L.

Tactics Scout

After the recently released update for the Scouts, to play for this class is more interesting, and the approach to the tactics need another. I'll tell you a few tips on the game for Scouts, revealing 3 new weapons. Implacable force: Big return sometimes interfere, especially if you are going up, so it's important to stand on the ground and not jump when you shoot. And it is desirable to shoot at close range. Does not work double jump because of the bits? Do it with an inexorable force Bonk: The good news is that minus its carrying and use of no.

I believe that choice is better than a gun. Drink, runs in the thick of enemies and back them without success to react, they have lost and will shoot down the enemies in front, while behind them you anyway pokotsaete and kill. Good thing, when you need to run a distance that the bullets opponents Sandman: Caught in the head, quickly run up and moisten from the inexorable forces, not the head, doing the same thing only faster biggrin. From walls, strongly discouraging the ball, listen to the sound of hit or miss. And do not forget to pick up his ball. by CockaiN

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter

Infinity Ward is just one of those few. Talking about the diversity of plot Job is not necessary, but still even the thousandth time wondering release spy, capture terrorists, to protect the tank, etc. Most levels also except nonlinear not name – just have to run after its captain and try to crawl to the end of the level alive. But all of these common tasks and skill levels of "cooked" virtuosos developers. It is – seems to be the usual interactive situation where, for example, on you pounces with ill intentions dog and you need a certain time to click and everything – the animal is sleeping peacefully.

On the way to the intended target without fail you are waiting for an ambush, perimeter defense, will make its way ahead through the thick of the Arabs in order to catch a decreasing after 3 minutes the helicopter, crawl under a hail of bullets to rescue the injured pilot's failure Even the most fastidious gamer, sooner or later surrender and say "wow." The game does not give a minute respite – you will not forget for a moment that you are at war and that any careless action may be the last. Trying to stick his head and try to see what's there and as a dense machine-gun fire with probability of 99% to send players to the main menu to load the buttons. Of course, we are not talking about tactical hardcore in the spirit of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 1 and 2, but only one of marksmanship is fashionable to do only the first (introductory) missions.

Image Size

The result – a small image covers one-fourth of the average image size. The same relation exists between the image of medium size and the largest of them. Inch in an image medium size includes twice as many pixels than an inch at the big picture. Consequently, the image is of medium size is one-fourth of the area's largest. Changing the resolution to print when printing higher resolution leads to a clearer picture. Photoshop offers two ways to change the image resolution for printing. 1) Choose Image – Image Size (Image – Image Size), and the dialog box appears, allows you to change the size and resolution of the image.

Enter a value for Resolution (Resolution) in pixels per inch or pixels per inch. 2) You can configure Photoshop to scale the image when printed, by choosing File-Print with Preview (File-View and Print) (Ctrl + P). In the dialog box that appears in the fields Width (W) and Height (H), enter the required values of the size of the picture, or set the scale in the Scale (scale). Smaller values reduce image on the printed page, but increase the resolution, large – on the contrary. Value fields and Resolution Scaling saved with the image and determine the resolution for printing only: Photoshop divides the value of Resolution of the Image Size dialog box to Scaling the value from the dialog box Print Options. For example, if the image resolution is 72 pixels per inch, as zoom – 48%, the printed image will have a resolution of 150 (72 divided by 0.48). Changing resolution at the stage of prototyping parameter value Scale (scale) is ignored when importing images in such an object-oriented programs such as QuarkXPress and Illustrator. However, these applications take into account the value of Resolution (Resolution) of dialog box Image Size (Image Size). Pointing resolution of the image in Photoshop, you avoid the complications of print in the layout. For example, I set the necessary permission for all images used in the resorting large directories of identical images, so that it prints much ulutshelas.

Twilight Princess

Wii Remote allows those skilled in the games, and those who are inexperienced, to share the joy of the game, being in equal conditions. For those who grew up with video games, Wii will never feel that they have outgrown the game. For those who grew up before, will not have a sense that the games they have outgrown. Together with the Nintendo Wii you do not just feel like a player. You're inside the game. A mighty swing of his sword, aiming a bow or a rifle – these actions are no longer chained to the button gamepad. Wii controller lets you be in the middle of the action. Gone are the days when tennis player controlled pitching keystroke.

Now you – tennis, racket in your hands – Wii Remote. He – the sword, bow, golf clubs, wheel aircraft, automobile steering wheel and more. Characters will no longer imitate the movement for you – they repeat them for you. Those in whose heart has always lived the game, can now live in the heart of the game. If life – the game, as the classic, the Wii – the key to its higher level. Stripped wire and equipped with a motion detector, remote control makes the Wii Remote in any Game intuitive. With ergonomic controller you are managing game events, mimicking the normal, everyday traffic: You can beat the drum, play tennis or baseball, just holding Wii console in hand, and imitating movement of bats, rackets or drumsticks.

Agree, this is much more original and interesting than just pressing buttons. Nintendo made the Wii Remote from the remote controller is absolutely universal: in a game they need to hack the enemy, as if sword in the other it can smoothly rotate left and right, as the steering wheel This is your brush to paint, your golf clubs, wheel of your aircraft, your stick is the key with which you can open up a whole world of new gaming experience. Connect Wii Nunchak (Nunchuk) to the console the Wii Remote and get ready Congratulations: you've just started right away with both hands in a previously inaccessible virtual world. With the help of a pair of controllers, games can operate with unprecedented accuracy: it is your shield and sword in Zelda: Twilight Princess, and this is your way of controlling a character in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and Red Steel. On the Wii Nunchak is the mini-joystick, and built-in motion detector. In first-person shooters, this controller takes all the functions of displacement, while Wii Remote control can be carried out other, more accurate and vivid action. In the simulation of American football with Wii Nunchak player runs from enemy defenders, and remote control Wii Remote to pass the ball free player.

Convoy Conflict

Mission 48: Convoy Conflict. To accompany to your destination two trucks. We provide the motorcycle safety movement of the column. The mission is very short: and free. On the map one label "H-Shield". Mission 49: Evidence Dash. Catch up and take the assault vehicle.

Then take a course at any park, and stop the car on its territory: the farther away from people! After, go behind the car and open the trunk, put in his papers, and burn them. Next Ride in a specified location on the map. Mission is free! Appear on the map R and L. We take the mission to R. Mission number 50: Oversights. We climb into the territory of the warehouse, go to the roof and pick up a suitcase packed with a rifle. Collect it and our problem is this: Our man meets, it will have an armed attack, we must protect him and keep him as dead.

During the mission will receive $ 250. On the map instead of the R appears H and L. We take the mission to "H". Mission 51: A Rude Awakening. In this mission the need to pass in three places in the city and steal a car – and then destroy. It's simple. During the mission you will get nothing. On the map one label L, go there. Mission number 52: See No Evil. Get into a car and drove to the place. There we must ensure security around the city labeled cars. Close to the protected object "Stay away!".

GTA Chinatown Wars

So the game started and shows us a video screen saver, which is flying the aircraft in the sky high, high. I do not know where he is flying, but for perfectly understandable to: in Liberty City. Then we show how the car rides through the city and of course the opening credits play. Action starts with what you find under water in a locked car. Your primary goal to break the rear window car with his fists.

In the bottom screen klatsat arm on the glass – it is simulates blows “with their fists on the glass.” Once you break the glass and will be on the surface of the water, swim right to the stairs (berth). Climb up onto the first rung and go to the machine – the machine hangs a blue arrow. Sit down in her car and starts with a screwdriver. How? In the lower screen, visually, all show what action is required of you: Now head to the one indicated on the map (radar) position. Upon arrival, exit the car and go to the yellow marker (Similar to the arrow) – this is the entrance to the China Cafe. In the intro one person gives you the coordinates of your home.

After, head to the house. There you will also expect an explanatory video: how to keep, and how to use the refuge. Clear stump – all in English! And we will write during the game, in Russian! Go into the house, klatsnite mouse in the bottom screen on the sofa (in some homes no sofa, but there is a chair) and save the game (your first achievement).

Unreal Tournament

Not Crysis, of course, but the graphics are very pretty. Do not forget to make themselves pleasing to the eye effects, which are as always very much: colorful, and loud explosions, realistic fog etc. Artificial Intelligence leaves an ambiguous impression. On the one hand, the enemy is not evident, as is often the case, a frontal attack and firing exclusively from shelters, from which to pull it is not so simple. Us constantly bombarded with grenades, not one – such a course is recognized by the author of these lines is extremely effective. Precision shooting Arabs, too, does not hold. The other side of the coin is not shining so brightly.

The behavior of the enemies is exclusively of boring scripts. If a terrorist has to run it along the wall – so be sure to occur, resulting in incidents often occur. Fascinated by this process fighter can simply fail to notice player, scurrying in front of his nose and crawl on its position. Not distinguished intelligence teammates, so 9 out of 10 tops the enemy will lie on the conscience of the player. But the team is always loud warning about the detected ambush, thrown grenades and other dangers. Now we can safely say that Infinity Ward has turned smoothly transfer the action of The Call of Honor "at 21.

Managed to revive its former interest in one of the most popular game franchises. And at the same time we establish the fact that it's all the same favorite game, which we enjoyed in 2004. It's not just words – look through the news and make sure that the popularity of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for several weeks in the West does not abate. Sales Charts uk and the U.S. are unanimous – the first place in both cases belongs to the fourth part of the series. Even note-hits like Crysis and Unreal Tournament 3 quiet rest in a corner. ps While you're reading this, Activision and Infinity Ward has been announced Call of Duty 5!