Unreal Tournament

Not Crysis, of course, but the graphics are very pretty. Do not forget to make themselves pleasing to the eye effects, which are as always very much: colorful, and loud explosions, realistic fog etc. Artificial Intelligence leaves an ambiguous impression. On the one hand, the enemy is not evident, as is often the case, a frontal attack and firing exclusively from shelters, from which to pull it is not so simple. Us constantly bombarded with grenades, not one – such a course is recognized by the author of these lines is extremely effective. Precision shooting Arabs, too, does not hold. The other side of the coin is not shining so brightly.

The behavior of the enemies is exclusively of boring scripts. If a terrorist has to run it along the wall – so be sure to occur, resulting in incidents often occur. Fascinated by this process fighter can simply fail to notice player, scurrying in front of his nose and crawl on its position. Not distinguished intelligence teammates, so 9 out of 10 tops the enemy will lie on the conscience of the player. But the team is always loud warning about the detected ambush, thrown grenades and other dangers. Now we can safely say that Infinity Ward has turned smoothly transfer the action of The Call of Honor "at 21.

Managed to revive its former interest in one of the most popular game franchises. And at the same time we establish the fact that it's all the same favorite game, which we enjoyed in 2004. It's not just words – look through the news Gamerulez.net and make sure that the popularity of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for several weeks in the West does not abate. Sales Charts uk and the U.S. are unanimous – the first place in both cases belongs to the fourth part of the series. Even note-hits like Crysis and Unreal Tournament 3 quiet rest in a corner. ps While you're reading this, Activision and Infinity Ward has been announced Call of Duty 5!