Image Size

The result – a small image covers one-fourth of the average image size. The same relation exists between the image of medium size and the largest of them. Inch in an image medium size includes twice as many pixels than an inch at the big picture. Consequently, the image is of medium size is one-fourth of the area's largest. Changing the resolution to print when printing higher resolution leads to a clearer picture. Photoshop offers two ways to change the image resolution for printing. 1) Choose Image – Image Size (Image – Image Size), and the dialog box appears, allows you to change the size and resolution of the image.

Enter a value for Resolution (Resolution) in pixels per inch or pixels per inch. 2) You can configure Photoshop to scale the image when printed, by choosing File-Print with Preview (File-View and Print) (Ctrl + P). In the dialog box that appears in the fields Width (W) and Height (H), enter the required values of the size of the picture, or set the scale in the Scale (scale). Smaller values reduce image on the printed page, but increase the resolution, large – on the contrary. Value fields and Resolution Scaling saved with the image and determine the resolution for printing only: Photoshop divides the value of Resolution of the Image Size dialog box to Scaling the value from the dialog box Print Options. For example, if the image resolution is 72 pixels per inch, as zoom – 48%, the printed image will have a resolution of 150 (72 divided by 0.48). Changing resolution at the stage of prototyping parameter value Scale (scale) is ignored when importing images in such an object-oriented programs such as QuarkXPress and Illustrator. However, these applications take into account the value of Resolution (Resolution) of dialog box Image Size (Image Size). Pointing resolution of the image in Photoshop, you avoid the complications of print in the layout. For example, I set the necessary permission for all images used in the resorting large directories of identical images, so that it prints much ulutshelas.