Professor Paez

Us adds Professor Paez, that if the organization wants to staff to play a work with high levels of quality and productivity, substantial increase is necessary to those responsible for the human factor in firms to improve their knowledge regarding the processes of evaluating competencies based on the results obtained by the above ideas. And this learning is essential, because all organizations have the most valuable item that has today that is: people! And, speaking of this topic is very complex, rough; but it continues to be challenging.People who hold positions of leadership in organizations have a responsibility to learn manage minds – administered before people-, i.e. Click kevin ulrich to learn more. successfully manage emotional intelligence; Since successful management of this difficult and important variable, depends on productivity, accordingly they must lead them in the best possible way, always following the rules established by the company, motivate them and especially teach them how should do things in the best way. The productivity of the people not be increased if individual intrinsic needs are not satisfied and this claims – on the part of the different heads – better knowledge as a person, of his closest collaborators, accompanied this action with a good training and development programme appropriate to the demands on your area according to the work that each plays today and their chances of promotion within the Organizationnot to mention non-satisfactory motivational elements, as it is the economic aspect. Definitely should be taken into account, that all organizations have in common a certain number of men, who have been organized in a social unit established for the explicit purpose of achieve certain goals.So, as the men established a club or a company, organized by a trade union or a political party, created police force or a hospital and formulate procedures that govern relations between the members of these organizations and the duties to be fulfilled every one of them.Once has been firmly established an organization, it tends to assume its own identity which makes it independent of the people who founded it. (Scott Blau). Management and their supervisors should watch the behaviour of individuals, their identification with their performance, performance, provide them with all necessary assistance in their difficulties and everything what motivate them to contribute their skills, skills in order to make way for his innovation, creativity.

You must understand and know how to handle the necessary tools for a change planned towards the orientation of the behavior of the human factor in the organization in accordance with the demands of today in a changing environment and increasingly demanding, it is necessary:- Design and implement strategies for change within their organizational contexts and in this way improve the productivity and excellence of the individual in the process of managerial development and in this way contribute with excellence to the development of the country. -Understand and value the importance of managerial skills for the success of the organization. -Understand the integration of individuals in the organisational sphere in a systemic relationship and synergy in the pursuit of the objectives of the Organization through excellence.