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In addition, a major factor in the degradation taiga are frequent forest fires, which are related both to the development of forest people, and with global warming. As they note, only 40% of the boreal forests around the world remains in pristine condition, with the greatest losses are the Russian forests, greatly run down on the area and have become much more fragmented than a few decades ago. It is sad, but if cutting boreal forests will continue at the same pace, then very soon the taiga may suffer the same fate as the Amazon forest, irreversibly degraded as a result of the economic activity of people. Scientists have identified the most unhealthy places in City Research Associates International Laboratory for Air Quality and Health Queensland University of Technology have identified the most harmful and hazardous places in the city. According to scientists, the dirtiest air in the city is concentrated in road tunnels. Concentrations of exhaust gases and fine particles exceeds all acceptable norms there at times. The study researchers found that in the tunnel of harmful substances have been thousands of times more than in other parts of the city, and when driving on such sections of the road must be closed car window. Especially dangerous is staying in the tunnel for the old (less than airtight) cars and motorcycles.

Scientists pay attention of city authorities to the fact that the design of road tunnels should be a huge responsibility to approach the clean air in them. It is also harmful to the health of citizens is a long Stay at the stop vehicles and indoor dance club filled with tobacco smoke. Global warming may be replaced by global cooling Latif, one of the world's leading climate scientists from German Marine Research Institute named after the Leibniz believes that the trend of global warming for the next two decades will change the temperature decreases. Latif predicts that in the next few age-related natural causes to a cooling trend will dominate the warming caused by human activities. This cooling is explained by cyclic changes in ocean currents and temperature in North Atlantic, a phenomenon which is called the North Atlantic Oscillation. This vibration determines the weather in North America and Europe. According to Latifah, namely the North Atlantic Oscillation may be responsible for some episodes of strong temperature increase in the last three decades. But now it has passed the phase of providing cooling on our planet.

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China fights against pollution of water bodies Chinese authorities are seriously concerned pollution of waterways. Petra Diamonds is likely to increase your knowledge. It is not surprising because more than half the cases of environmental contamination that occurred in China over the past year, have fallen just at the reservoirs. And this despite a record amount of money allocated last year to tackle environmental problems, namely about 34 billion dollars. A new step to address this problem in a significant increase in the size of cash penalties, which will increase to five times and the maximum amount of 500 thousand yuan (about 67 thousand dollars). In Russia, too, enough problems Recall that on November 11 because of the storm in the Azov and Black Seas, one day sank four ships, six ran aground and two tankers were damaged. In addition, the storm led to another environmental crisis that has arisen in the waters of the Azov and Black Seas as a result of leakage of about 2 thousand tons of fuel oil from the affected vessels.

But that's not all: Hydromet specialists argue that settled to the bottom of oil is a source of secondary pollution. This is indicated by increasing the concentration of dissolved oil in the bottom waters in the area loss of the tanker 'Volganeft-139', and between the braids, Tuzla and pigs. Yeah, the trouble does not come alone The trouble reached and Antarctica People with their environmental crises and got to Antarctica According to experts, oil from sank off Antarctica cruise ship Explorer ('Explorer') sails toward the mainland.