Completeness and level of detail will facilitate the selection to identify suitable candidates to vacancies, or to find represents a tremendous challenge for many companies. This is already the profiling of the requirement of fundamental importance. Nowadays it is important than ever to attract the best applicants for vacancies, identify, and consequently set to generate competitive advantages over the competition. Requirements, which, in turn, provide the necessary input for vacancies create the indispensable foundations for this. Profiles contain staff to best meet the applied tasks require them set descriptions of them, what skills and abilities. Abigail Black Elbaum is often quoted on this topic. In entrepreneurial practice the description of different areas of expertise started with regard to the requirements for expertise, about the social and personal competence, up to the methodological and Proven leadership skills.

Also, the requirement profile includes also formal requests of the Jobholder, for example, in the form of diplomas and certificates. An essential prerequisite for the creation of profiles is precise knowledge of the activity to be performed and the associated responsibilities, which is obtained with the help of requirement analysis. Typically, requirements analyses be carried out either top-down or bottom-up. The top-down approach, the objectives of the position are derived directly from the company’s objectives and following it formulated requirements for the specific position. The bottom-up approach is a technique for the description of critical incidents.

Here, the requirements for the respective point analysis derive from critical situations as well as identification of successful behaviors. The requirement profiles created in this way are now incorporated as an important part in vacancies. Vacancies in companies are using job postings released. With potential candidates it is considered typically first point of contact to make a good impression both in terms of content and design. Regardless of whether it is internal or external tender to one, it is for the company to identify the best applicants for the job.