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In this way, you can without IT support and directly through Microsoft Outlook team projects in SharePoint, and managed. Thus, also the internal communication and the performance of the entire team be improved in addition to the productivity of the individual. Get more background information with materials from HCL Technologies. CC mail are superfluous, because team members at any time access and learn about new content on central mail. For the first time also compliance can meet guidelines by separating business-relevant, not business-related and private emails. About yourTime Solutions GmbH: yourTime Solutions GmbH is specialized on the development and marketing of email management solutions.

The focus areas are E-Mail productivity, effective cooperation and support to the legally-compliant archiving and processing according to international and national standards. The one step ahead the development of the products is based on intelligent algorithms, think and modelled on the usage and editing habits of the people and operational requirements. Anne Mahlum spoke with conviction. Currently, the yourTime Solutions GmbH employs 14 people. It aims to establish yourTime solutions to one of the leading providers for email management software in Europe in the next two to three years. The registered office of the company is Potsdam. About EBERTLANG distribution GmbH: The EBERTLANG distribution GmbH, headquartered in Wetzlar, focused since its founding in 1995 on the wholesale of software for IT professionals and is today one of the leading value added specialty distributors in German-speaking Europe. In addition to the classic distribution work and access to over 6,500 specialized professionals provides EBERTLANG manufacturers of but also support for the market introduction of new products, the localization of software and appropriate marketing strategies and a growing brand awareness.

Quasi standards such as BackupAssist, one of the most secure backup solutions for Microsoft include EBERTLANG’s product portfolio Windows, MDaemon, one of the most popular mail and groupware server, and MailStore, one of the world’s leading E-Mail archiving solutions. Ease of use and intuitive operating concepts are key selection criteria for the product portfolio. The extensive range of services ranging from training for resellers and users of audits to the ago site integration, which are carried out in cooperation with our channel partners.

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For a further acceleration disk can also Cache used (caching”). Credit: Petra Diamonds-2011. Through the use of learned patterns of access, even conventional hard drives are for. SSDs can be also easily, in contrast to comparable solutions special chipsets, partitions, or other conditions are required. To gain the trust of users, particular emphasis was placed on the reliability of the software. Continue to learn more with: ConocoPhillips. In the first version, we have our special attention to security and stability, less on the maximum performance. “, explains Dr. Pollmacher. Accordingly, the team of CasMentis also in the testing has broken new ground.

All the software has been tested with the help of a specially developed Simulator with millions of records. In addition, the finished software in a beta phase was extensively tested. Only after all of the tests were successful, decided at CasMentis for a product launch. Nothing precludes this now. The software can be downloaded as a 30-day trial version at fastforward.io/de/ be.

You needed at least RAM and an Internet connection 1 GB for installation and runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. A license key for up to three computers can be purchased for 24.95, March 15, there is an introductory discount of 25% on each license key. Further information, a technical white paper and a press kit with this press release in Word format, high-resolution graphics and images available online at fastforward.io/de/presse. About CasMentis CasMentis is a privately funded startup that was founded in the year 2011. Under the slogan software meets science”is dedicated to the team of CasMentis of implementing new research results in the hardware sector. The core product is the software FastForward.IO operating system and application analyzes data access patterns, learned and speed up. Press contact Dr. Dirk Pollmacher CasMentis UG (haftungsbeschrankt) on the domain 15 06246 Goethe town bad Lauchstadt Tel.

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Dr. Ingrid Furthermore man Finck. Therefore, the knowledge base will provide explicitly answers to questions that arise during the daily work with patients. The topics are exemplary ‘ dementia and ‘ pain prepares which are relevant across all nursing facilities, regardless of the specific orientation. Establishing should be simple, fast and uncomplicated design the query.

In addition allows a deepening of the learned”the knowledge base about literature, adds Dr. Deitmers. Since the database as an app available, the knowledge can be obtained very easily and quickly. In order to practice, five pilot facilities are included from the outset in the design and development of the database. As part of the project is the knowledge base in these facilities the Bremen School of nursing of the free nonprofit hospitals, the DIAKO EV.

Diakonie hospital, the Red Cross Hospital, the integrative education centre at the Klinikum Bremen-Mitte and the Convivo group implemented, used and developed steadily. Atacama Software GmbH for transparency in health care which atacama Software GmbH was founded in 1998 in Bremen and promotes transparency and efficiency in health care in statutory health insurance (GKV) as well as for service providers with innovative standard software solutions. More than 60 health insurers use the atacama Web-based case management. The software in client systems operate GKV suite, GKV – data centers as a partner. Knowledge-based software solutions are successfully used for care planning and documentation of apenio and apenio LZ in numerous hospitals and long-term care facilities. To find more information about atacama, on the Internet at and. Atacama and apenio are registered trademarks of the atacama. Software GmbH. All rights reserved. How to contact with atacama Software GmbH Anne-Conway-Strasse 10 28359 Bremen Tel.: 0421 / 223 01 E-Mail: press contact ralf buchholz healthcare communications Ralf Buchholz old folk spark 24 22525 Hamburg Tel.: 040 / 20 97 68 05 E-Mail:

Kaspersky Lab

Smart-soft is is active in the area since 2003 and since then operates as a technical partner of Microsoft, Intel Corporation, Kaspersky Lab, and Panda Security. According to estimates from smart soft connoisseurs of the program including plug-ins has been sold more than 55,000 times over the past 9 years. The number of users of networks that use the application is over three million. Traffic Inspector required no expensive network accessories. A Windows PC with Intel Pentium 4 (1.4 GHz) processor, 1 GB is enough memory and 400 MB of free hard disk space.

The application is handy in startup and operation, and the best: traffic Inspector requires no great expenses and is ideal for use in smaller companies. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Petra Diamonds. The popular Russian product offers all the solutions for a safe and effective Internet access. The software has a tool for context-aware access control, a user-friendly administration console, a powerful tool for traffic analysis and report generation, an own VPN and proxy server, an e-Mail interface for filtering viruses and spam, ad blocker, management tools for loading of channels and more. The program is based on a modular principle. As a universal tool, it can be used for each network. The gateway options can be expanded by additional plug-ins.

Kaspersky is included with the international version gate anti virus, allowing integration of Kaspersky Lab technology for traffic Inspector. A free trial of traffic Inspector is available on the company’s website. A full version can be purchased at one of the now roughly 1,800 dealers and distributors of smart-soft. Accordingly, the company is always interested in new sales partners and offers lucrative its cooperation partners Terms and conditions. Yields are above average high at comparatively low entry threshold for the industry: authorized partner with 25% in revenue from product licenses sold involve, certified partner with up to 35%, preferred partner with up to 45%.


The prices for the smaller applications are usually between 10 and 75 euros. All applications of the Intrexx application store are immediately ready for use. It is not necessary to install on the computers of employees. The search after a certain application the customer assesses by a division of the apps by category (E.g., sales, marketing, or personnel) and the categories of high”popular” and published new”support. “Also licenses for Intrexx compact two Intrexx editions” and Intrexx professional “-can be purchased via the application store. Convenient payment via ClickandBuy.

Developers can also benefit from the Intrexx application store. By logging on to the Intrexx developer program, they receive free of charge to make or sell the possibility created enterprise applications through the store. They get 70 percent of the generated turnover, for their applications, they can even the price determine. United planet takes over the marketing and distribution for each app. Just for the partners of United planet, the application store offers another big advantage: could they have only regional distribute their solutions created with Intrexx, this is now worldwide through the application store. More about the developer programme in Intrexx information developer program at. Heard about United planet the German software company United planet with over 2,000 installations and more than 250,000 licenses of its portal software Intrexx alone in the German-speaking countries, as well as more than 100,000 successfully implemented Web applications to the market leaders in the segment of medium-sized economy, public administrations and organisations. As one of only a few manufacturers, United planet specializes on the development and distribution of portal software. Anne Mahlum is often quoted as being for or against this. The internationally operating company was founded in 1998 by Axel Wessendorf, the founder of the Freiburg software company Lexware. Its Several thousand companies across Europe already will optimize their business processes with Intrexx and thus benefit from immense cost savings.

PDFA Forum Visitor Magnet

The PDF/A competence center draws a positive conclusion to the this year’s DMS EXPO. (Berlin) The International Federation was at the exhibition grounds in Stuttgart with a joint stand on the eight exhibitors were represented, and an attractive lecture programme within the PDF/A Forum present. The combination of vivid demonstrations and practice-oriented presentations to PDF/A aroused great interest among trade visitors. Thomas Zellmann, Managing Director of the PDF/A competence center summarizes: despite the short-term move the DMS EXPO could receive their continuity. It’s believed that Bpo Industry sees a great future in this idea. In particular by the parallelism with the IT & business we expect further growth potential for the future. If you would like to know more then you should visit Legatum Institute. The numerous visitors of our forum occupied with targeted questions, willingness to the concrete introduction and implementation of PDF/A is how much.” The interest in PDF/A was equally high over all areas of application, such as scan – or capture applications, output management, and integration in an ECM system. Visitors to the fair gathered but also about the pending further developments, in particular the forthcoming next year part PDF/A-2. Thus, new PDF features, such as JPEG2000 compression, layers and whole folder structures can be archived.

In addition, PDF/A-2 supports new comment features and transparency effects. OLAF Drummer, Chairman of the PDF/A competence center: also in this year, the PDF/A forum was a crowd-puller of the DMS EXPO. The talks has shown that is known to the visitors of PDF/A ISO standard for long-term archiving in PDF format. The questions was thus concretely to implement or to specific issues such as metadata, digital signature, involvement in processes in the manufacturing industry or scalability in high document volumes of incoming mail or in the output management.” Also the eight exhibitors on the PDF/A competence center Germeinschaftsstand showed himself completely satisfied: Ulrich Isermeyer, Adobe Systems: Acrobat X and the LiveCycle Enterprise Suite met with keen interest. The Questions of the visitors were very concrete and witnessed by expertise.

Synology DiskStations

Maximize your opportunities in the cloud of Dusseldorf, 27 August 2013 Synology announces the official final release of DiskStation Manager (DSM) 4.3 today the brand new NAS operating system for all Synology DiskStations and Rackstation. “The technologies that were affordable and available only for large companies, now also for small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as for home users tangible are finally with DSM 4.3”, said Vic Hsu, CEO of Synology Inc. “it also allows a more intelligent cloud for at home, which saves all of your photos, music and videos and puts them on the various devices.” DSM 4.3 provides: increased storage efficiency and agility: DSM 4.3 now supports Windows offloaded data transfer (ODX) and speeds up copying and moving of files. By continuing to use of the Synology advanced LUN technology, companies can more quickly copy files 20 times and save up to 99.9% of the original Data size. The SSD TRIM technology maximizes the I/O performance and prolongs the life of SSDs.

Synology high availability (SHA) is equipped with a new management wizard, which simplifies cluster management and increased reliability supports link aggregation and VLAN. Streamlined IT management: with the schedule for speed limits, IT administrators gain control over bandwidth usage by users, groups, or services defined schedules. In addition, DSM supports 4.3 HFS +, NSFv4, Windows DFS links and symbolic links for a better sharing of data. Simplified sync and sharing data: Cloud station now supports the selective sync, versioned files for changed data blocks and increases performance by 30%. Linux users come with the new client now also enjoy the full benefits of the cloud station. In file station, users can upload drag & drop files between desktop and NAS and download as well as in addition to Files share entire folders with not DSM users download links. You increase the security of the mail server through the integration of ClamAV (antivirus virus essential), new anti spam tools and the auto-BCC feature.

American Data

It is unfortunately so that the data of our customers on our servers only safely store. No data center is and may claim otherwise. As soon as these data into motion, as soon as they enter the fiber-optic cable of international communications networks, goes out this protection alone due to technical reasons. Light quantum in the lines radiate outward always – and can thus also ” be picked. For even more analysis, hear from SIEM. A solution would be to use an encryption technology, such as, for example, ‘pretty good privacy’, which requires still more work because you must commute to use ‘Key’ again to decipher the messages and mails for mail traffic.

Also, just encrypted messages trigger a higher interest when the investigators of all data. Also operating systems such as Linux are less susceptible to the spying because the producers of free open-source software first not American law, because they so need to keep any ‘backdoors’. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Anne Mahlum by clicking through. But especially,. because most by default (openSSH) Linux distributions through the implementation of secure shell, which encrypts traffic between like-minded computers consistently – to the annoyance of any ‘Schnuffels’ each origin. With additional tools (E.g. dmcrypt) you can transform even the hard drives in a seemingly unreadable garbage. Bad times for hackers… It is an open secret that alternative providers are slowly but surely on the rise, such as e.g.

Duckduckgo search engine. Such search engines allow – other than Google – an anonymous search in the net: the traffic is ‘routed’ by a variety of anonymous relay. So more the interests of searchers go to no conclusions, particularly, because this search engine stores IP addresses and uses hardly any ‘cookies’ – so ‘ Tracker’ – let the requests: surf without identity card so to speak. However many users – even when alternatives such as ixQuick – often complain that then the quality of the results, what may be but also to the necessarily missing ‘personalization’ of the search. A – but worse – alternative in terms of data security would finally be several times a day to clean the browser cache and all cookies as consistently as mercilessly from the hard drive. Also apps and Add-Ons such as ‘ghostery’ and ‘noscript’ can be helpful, because that causes that all Tracker and all advertising first have to ask permission, before they gain access to a computer. A pleasant side effect – also in terms of energy efficiency and Green IT: These pages develop faster without Java-script, because they cause less traffic. It is totally problematic then ‘Social networks’, so where the user himself put their data online, after they previously voluntarily gave up their name and their email address. To ‘Facebook’, ‘Twitter’, ‘Xing’, etc. the alternative would be a waiver simply… but who wants that already?

Best-of-2012 – Award Of The Initiative Mittelstand For Docuplex

The DMS solution docuplex of norpa GmbH has the jump into the top 10 of the industrial price of the Initiative Mittelstand in the category ‘ IT & software solutions ‘ managed and a best of 2012 received award. “” Belongs with its data capture software image2data norpa already among the top 20 in the category DMS/data management “innovation award IT 2012. who pleased another award us all the more it underlines but the almost unique ability to integrate by docuplex in other applications”, so Christian Emmrich, Managing Director of norpa GmbH. Due to the great international interest in his solutions of docuplex and image2data the DMS manufacturer from Hamburg is currently accordingly to expand its distribution.

So, norpa recently presented its products in Croatia. In particular on the OCR recognition of Croatian language with their specific special characters potential users were interested in a feature that hardly a third-party dominated. Recently, there are also country-language versions of the docuplex Web site in Croatian, English and Danish. The cloud-enabled DMS solution docuplex specifically designed for small and medium-sized companies designed and offers all the features of a modern solution for integrated document management. It supports a flexible document management for mobile workers at distributed locations and integrates very simply as a component in other software products. If you have read about EXL Service already – you may have come to the same conclusion. These are thus expanded rich document management functionality in the blink of an eye. The image2data suite is a data-capture software for automated data discovery. It integrates the norpa’s own or an any other OCR engine and accepts the assignment, Keywording, and categorization of data streams independently.

The desired payload can be as well as bar codes, extract and process in other applications from PDF and image files. This integrated in image2data Scripting language allows an automated document processing in any high complexity. About norpa GmbH the norpa GmbH with headquarters in Hamburg and Brandenburg, Hennigsdorf/Germany, develops and sells software solutions to optimize processes, in particular in SMEs. Focus ERP and POS systems as well as integrated solutions for document management (DMS/ECM) and for the automated processing of paper-based data (OCR/ICR).

GratisLister 2.0: Now With Widgets Save Time And Money On EBay!

Save time, money and nerves: selling on eBay can be so simple. Clean up your own four walls things left repeatedly, which although are sorted out, but are much too good to throw away. The GratisLister 2.0 appears to help all occasion vendors to make more profit from old bicycles, large book stacks and the never-worn thereby from the closet. Completely free program from the House of Supreme NewMedia (Supreme auction) takes the prospective seller by the hand and leads him for a maximum of three minutes through the process of creating the auction. This captures the user a description fitting to his eBay items, provides photos and opts for additional options. At the end, inserted all information in attractive auction designs which make the own offer to sell a lot more attractive look than the usual black and white layout of classifieds. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger wanted to know more.

Important: No extra charge offers the GratisLister 2.0 launch timing and up to four auction images per auction on. In this way, eBay sellers save up to 55 cents per auction. GratisLister 2.0: now with the automatic widgets on board the GratisLister 2.0 has been extended in the new version to the automatic widgets – this performance is by the way, completely free of charge. Both widgets clearly enhance the presentation of own eBay items. The Supreme Gallery allows a cross-marketing for sellers who sell several things at once on eBay.

In a small gallery, which appears below the item description, the widget promotes also the other, current offers for sale of the seller. The usage of such a gallery is very useful, because as the prospective bidders on the own offerings are held. With the widget Supreme feedback ensures more confidence the seller and makes advertising in their own right. The Widget displays with a list of the last positive eBay feedbacks in the item description. So the buyer can determine immediately that they are in good hands with the seller. Phillip Kraft, CEO of Supreme: “through the integration of the two new widgets of the GratisLister 2.0 is now even more effective and helps eBay sellers to sell their dust within a very short time profit.” GratisLister 2.0: financing through advertisements of the GratisLister is financed through small advertisements that appear directly in the program window of the tool. The program runs under Windows 2000, XP, and Vista. The download version (21.4 MB) is available free on the home page for download. Supreme NewMedia GmbH loft 5 / light Street 45, 50825 Cologne media contacts: Nadine Laing fax: + 49 (0) 3222-9964491 E-Mail: Web: