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The connection of LEXolution.KMS on the Microsoft solution is realized by STP on the suggestion of the Office. The firm-wide introduction of LEXolution.KMS is at the end of the year. We expect simpler processes through the new system easier and faster procedures in the Office”so Darji. This includes among other things the possibility to generate detailed controlling reports without great expense and to improve the control of the firm through the information so obtained. In addition, with LEXolution.KMS Oppenhoff & partner has a modern platform based on current technologies, providing all relevant functions in a single solution. Mitchel Resnick brings even more insight to the discussion. Existing proprietary developments, which are very expensive in maintenance and care, can thus also be replaced. Through open dialogue, which we constantly with our customers, we can implement their requirements and needs quickly in our solution”, as Holger Marggraf, Board member of the STP AG. We are very proud, so trust a well-known law firm as Oppenhoff & partner to have.” About Oppenhoff & partner Oppenhoff & partner stands for more than 100 years of legal advice at the highest level.

The independent law firm advises national and international entrepreneurs and companies fully in the economic and tax law. Thinking like entrepreneurs, acting as a lawyer”is the philosophy of some 55 lawyers in Cologne. About STP Informationstechnologie AG STP Informationstechnologie AG was founded in Karlsruhe in 1993 and today is the third largest provider of legal software in Germany with almost 100 employees. Core competence is the development of software solutions and information systems for Economic Advisory firms, liquidator, judicial authorities and all institutions related to this circle in contact. Through a holistic-based services, from telephone support, organizational consulting, STP AG’s customers receive support far beyond the product offer.

The management software is one of the outstanding products LEXolution.KMS for Economics-advisory firms. The solution was developed in close dialogue with the large law firms. Support the firm line as well as the optimization of the daily work within the firm is at the heart of modern office software. Numerous functions help with the extraction and processing of mandates, their performance-based billing and automated distribution of proceeds to the code-based firm control.