The Sikom Software GmbH

Quick and nimble despite large dimensions of Heidelberg, 16 July 2012 after the successful collaboration in the last Dakar rally continue Sikom software and professional Canoer Ellen Lohr their cooperation. Until the end of October, the Heidelberger software company that established solutions so far mainly in the area of the contact center, promotes the team of racing-Amazone at the FIA truck race 2012 European Championship. While Ellen Henry race truck characterized, inter alia through the use of modern communication technology, which allows, for example, an inboard live streaming directly to the Web. The truck race EM is a perfect example that even large and seemingly immovable structures can be incredibly fast and nimble if the proper technique and the corresponding professionals are used. The truck by Ellen Lohr is accelerated anyway in six seconds from 40 to 160 km/h, and thanks to his experienced driver the huge vehicle incredibly fast on the road, “explains Jurgen H.

Hoffmeister, managing partner the SIKOM Software GmbH. otherwise it behaves at large enterprises that employ often inflexible and aging technologies in customer communications in the contact center. For even more opinions, read materials from Eliot Horowitz. Are here but the processes and strategies professionally revised and supplemented with appropriate solutions, then also large companies can respond very dynamically to customer concerns.” The Sikom Software GmbH is a leading manufacturer and provider of contact center solutions. On the basis of a broad product portfolio, the company implements high-performance, future-proof solutions for the efficient design of communication processes in all industries. No matter whether Dialer, contact center and IVR – all products are multi-modal-oriented and support unified communications concepts.

Sikom founds its success mainly on strong partnerships, for example, in large research projects with universities and industrial partners. Sikom renewed support is a strong signal, the company found a reliable partner for us to have. Until the last race on October 14th at Le Mans I and my team will give everything to be always ahead and participate in the friends and fans of our sport, for example, on the Sikom website on the spectacle”, Ellen Lohr is active for more than 25 years in racing reports.