But the threat was real. In December 1942, Dwight D. Eisenhower was appointed to the rank of general assignment of the next commander in chief, and then Supreme Commander Allied Expeditionary Forces in North Africa and the Mediterranean. Under his leadership, the Allies conducted an offensive operation, codenamed 'Cake' – ('Torch'), in which American expeditionary force landed smoothly in Morocco. However, the allied landing in North Africa, as well as the entire operation "Torch" has meant in practice that a second front in Europe again postponed indefinite period. By mid-May 1943 fighting in North Africa ended. Politicians in the U.S. and Britain were discussing the question in what direction to develop further the strategic efforts of the Allies.

Eisenhower continued to consider it necessary to first cross the English Channel and landed in France to begin the main task – to conduct rapid and direct military operations against Germany, but policy objectives have led Western allies again postpone the opening of a second front in Europe. Instead, the conference Casablanca, it was decided to attack Sicily. Again, this amphibious operation, which was a success, headed by General Eisenhower. From December 1943 until the victorious end of World Eisenhower was supreme commander of the expeditionary forces the Allies. Under his leadership, planned and carried out the largest amphibious operation 'Overlord'. For the landing on Normandy coast were collected enormous forces: on the eve of the invasion of France, they had 39 divisions, 2,876,439 men and officers (20 American, 17 British, 3 Canadian, 1 French, 1 Polish divisions).

Perpetual Truth

Our ancestral ones already looked ways to express the allure for the mysteries of the creation being deified the Nature. But the universality of the human thought, with its metaphors and symbolisms throughout the centuries in the search of the solution, the explanation for the Perpetual Truth and the enigmas and paradoxes of the present life, esbarra in our polarized vision (the natural one and supernatural) of the reality. the found solution to understand this vision of the reality for some primitive peoples was essentially religious. Ahead of this analysis, when studying on the aspects of the religiosidade of the previous period the creation of the writing is to penetrate in a gamma of interpretations on sources apercebidas in a weak penumbra. On this context, all the existing affirmations on such period and mainly on the metaphysics of the art and the religion are based on mere hypotheses. Google often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Thus granting, Daily pay-History as a sufficiently vast field for a gamma of constructions and theoretical desconstrues on the subject.

At last, to affirm something on definitive study, being based only on the vestiges them peoples of this so distant time would be a task of utmost sensitivity with what it would come to be the likely fact occurrence in the times lived in Daily pay-History. In this context, a theoretical basement in the research on the theory of the religiosidade was strengthened still more, in view of manifestation of the sacred one and the profane one. Thus looking for, to understand the man prehistoric, in view of its similarities with the humanity contemporary. One knows that it has 35,000 years, the Homo Sapiens the same possuam nervous system that we, the same facultieses of synthesis and abstraction, and are not more primitive of what we. They are part of the same Humanity. She is clearly that she has a historical context and a way to conceive the world, without a doubt, different of ours, but not necessarily inferior.