Simply advertise and ready. Now look at. profesionalesenred. com or. Negocios-inteligentes. com or.

emprendedoresvirtuales. NET what is the difference? On the three website you showed, their main pages incite to take a single action, and only a single action. In the other pages we may take various actions. But at the time of the sale, there is a single action to take and with a good or very good sales letter. These two types of structures are quite different. Since in the last three website you’ll find a system much more efficient, and also going to provide many more results. Site Web now see that it is a Web site and how it is structured. A Web site is, nothing more or nothing less than a place where different pages are centralized.

I’m going to be a little more clear. If you have a page where you sell your mini course, have five where you put articles of interest for your visitors, you have another detailed where all your products, you have another where you allow to contact you and you have five pages where you sell products and services. All these pages together make up your Web site, the centralization of all these pages make your website. I want to make clear something, before you continue, when I say sell the mini course am speaking of inciting the visitor subscribing to a mini free course. I’m not talking about selling a course payment. But a letter from sale to make visitors leave you email address and your name it is clear? I am assuming that these consent that it should have mini courses by e-mail. I also assume that each page must lead the visitor to take a single action. We build our site? To build the site, let’s take an example.