Sure In The Winter

Why it is useful to deal with the right tires. Winter holiday in Austria with friends and/or family is one reason for the anticipation every year again. Whether Tyrol or Vorarlberg, Salzburger Land and fun in the snow is guaranteed everywhere. But the white splendour on the mountains is so beautiful, on the streets it easier not necessarily the life or driving us. For this reason, it is particularly important to take care of the ride in the winter vacation to the correct tyres. In Austria, the winter tyre obligatory from 1 November to 15 April. Although this provision by adding the words winter conditions “but what exactly restricted, winter conditions are actually? It must by no means be snow on the road so that you have to do it with winter in the legal sense. Also freezing wet enough.

If you still prefer are driving without winter tires, you can draw in an emergency also snow chains. But only if the road with a continuous or not significantly interrupted snow or ice layer is covered and when will not damage the surface of the roadway. Forgo winter tires of any way you can, if the vehicle is parked. However begs the question of how to then get to your destination. It is so not only much safer, but also more stressful, simply pull on winter tyres before driving in the holiday. Should you but remain unconvinced despite all these arguments, the Austrian Executive offers also a financial incentive to comply with the duty of winter tires. A single abuse there is a penalty amounting to 35.

You have endangered other people but due to your negligence you must reckon with up to 5,000 penalty. In addition, it can also happen that you need to park your car on the spot. This is not necessarily a successful start to the winter holiday. But what exactly are actually winter tires, how are they properly raised and what type and size fits to your car? All these questions are Flachlandtiroler for us”not so easy to answer, as many Germans rarely come into contact with this so-called winter conditions and thus well without corresponding tyres through the winter. Professionals from the auto repair remedy there friendly and competent. Whether in Kitzbuhel or Dornbirn, on you will find always the right contact person. So go play it safe and make an appointment in advance. Your stress level and your car will thank you.