Car Vacuum Cleaner

Did you pay attention to how much dust accumulates on the car for a few sunny days in summer? And this despite the fact that the body under the influence of vortex it seems to be blow away. How, then, the dust settles in the cabin car (assuming, of course, that you are not driving with the windows tightly zadraennymi – so do a few). Ray Kurzweil is likely to increase your knowledge. Hence the conclusion – lounge car needs a periodic cleaning, otherwise all this dust, you have to constantly breathe, to mention the aesthetic side of things. You can certainly turn on the sink, where they can make a general cleaning of the cabin. Here are just a vacuum cleaner, and without them stubborn dust can not "catch", we have not at every wash.

Yes, and very occasionally for Car wants to make love. In short, the arsenal is desirable to have a vacuum cleaner. What? Advantages of car cleaner – compact (you can always carry in the trunk) and the ability to "power up" on-board network car. Connect with other leaders such as kevin ulrich here. At the moment there is a huge variety of car models of vacuum cleaners. Many manufacturers tend to contribute to the improvement of their performance, increase power, low noise. Modern car vacuum cleaners, are very similar in their characteristics.

The performance of vacuum cleaners is about 900l/min. They work from the cigarette lighter, have a storage pouch, a variety of nozzles. Time of continuous of automotive cleaner – about thirty minutes. While their technical capabilities are far from the modern "home" vacuum cleaners, they quite easily can be cleaned with upholstery of your car and if necessary, to collect spilled water. We should not forget that the car vacuum cleaner designed primarily for convenience. And thanks to its compact size can easily be used for cleaning in tight spaces.

Electric Vehicles

Russians favorite cars made in China, including Chery Tiggo and other models known company, encouraged by low prices in and the prevalence of spare parts. In every corner of Russia you will find the service stations operating with spare parts Cherie Chigoev. If you are a fan of the brand Chery, the information outlined below will give you. Company Chery plans to establish a production line for fuel-efficient engines Wankel, designed for electric vehicles. Chinese manufacturer of giant intends to exploit the patent Chevrolet Volt, where the internal combustion engine serves as a generator to produce electricity. Hear other arguments on the topic with Mitchel Resnick. Using rotary-piston engine has its own advantages and disadvantages. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger may not feel the same. The main disadvantage is the high fuel consumption, and among the many advantages include small size and high power, making the use of this engine is ideal for this purpose. According to preliminary information, the engine must have a capacity of 0.8 liters, a test model will be known to everyone Chery qq, the predecessor of Russia's favorite Chery Fora.

For your information, Parts Chery Fora largely identical replacement parts later models. The media became aware that this modification is capable of clean energy to overcome the distance of more than 170 km. Recall now that the standard range of 100 km. Undoubtedly, this information lends weight to the positive characteristics of this design, the more so, both solutions are costly, taking in view of the cost of spare parts Cherie (wholesale). For comparison, If the model Volt, the diesel engine increases the distance of 8. The question is one: On the right is a Chinese manufacturer with advanced technology, because before the company Chery did not work with the Wankel engine. Unfortunately, we do not know the date of introduction of technology into practice, however, says much about how it will happen very soon. "Advanced" motorists brand Chery Post pleased that the Ministry of Industry and Technology of China issued a permit for introduction into the market two new models of Chery with an increased range of travel on pure electric power – Sedan A5 (code A21) and hatchback S18. In these models will also use the solution used in the Volt, the so-called E-REV (Extended-Range Electric Vehicle). We still await more detailed information about technical parameters of electric vehicles.

Agricultural Machinery

Serial and ready for production of agricultural machinery include directory. Consider the model and the modification of agricultural tractors of different tractive class. Tractors of drawbar category 0,2 (T-012, AMZHK-8, MT-082, MT-15 etc.) are designed to work on melkokonturnyh, selection fields and farms. They can be aggregated with a plow, mower, cultivator, trailer trucks and other implements and machinery, manufactured especially for them. Mini-tractor or compact tractor – it universalv Noe mobile power tool with a two-axle wheeled or tracked chassis propelled. Motoblock – universal mobile power means on the basis of uniaxial chassis, driven by rod levers running track operator. Conditionally motoblock can be attributed to the drawbar category 0.1. -Tractors and self-propelled chassis traction class 0,6 (T-25A, T-30A-80, TT3-30, HTZ-2511, T-25FM, NL-25 and T-16MG) are used for inter-row and pre-treatments, sowing, planting vegetable crops and gardens, caring for crops, hay, transport operations and may trigger the stationary machines.

Self-propelled chassis – it kind of a tractor, the frame is mounted loading platform for transport of goods or navesheny working units of agricultural machinery and implements, as well as units for work in public services. adjustable track wheels are used in many agricultural studies (pre-sowing treatment, sowing, pest management, inter-row cultivation and harvesting of cultivated, technical and vegetable crops, plowing light soil small area and hay) as well as on transport operations and to drive stationary machinery. 1,4 class tractors (MTZ-80 MTZ-82, UMZ-6AKM, UMZ-6DM, LTZ-bOAB effectively used in the cultivation and harvesting technology and vegetable cultures. .