In spite of the great variety of shovels of pdel that exist, most difficult in this game it is the election of the suitable pair. The ideal when we faced the election of a pair of pdel is to fuse from the beginning but that usually is very difficult and more difficult still to maintain over the years. The level of game of both member of the pair is advisable that is similar. When teams of two people play, apparently these work better if they have aptitudes of similar level. The more even they are his respective abilities, the more probabilities must to remove the maximum benefit to the combination from these. Some keys to guess right in our election are: To be realistic the options usually are limited, since they are reduced normally to the next surroundings, and sometimes with the influence not only of sport but also personal factors. The phases of the pair These phases are: constitution, conflict, normalization, consolidation.

It will be in the overcoming of the conflicts where the pair is fortified or debilitating. This will be what, a posteriori, the not so good election of pair certifies to us good or. Everything a challenge, since it requires tempo, dedication, work and emotional implication. In order to obtain this each player it can make the following thing: > To know its companion well. > To help the other whenever it is possible. > To provide positive reinforcements. > To be responsible to the maximum.

> To communicate frankly, sincerity and assertiveness. > To solve the conflicts immediately. > To strive at any moment to the 100%. Later, the march of the competition will do the others, since the consolidation of a pair needs that some things leave from the beginning or or that at least is a success horizon. If it is not thus, the shade of a new change of pair can project on the track as a ballast that debilitates the yield.