When the first Council of Constantinople, made the creed, in which the divinity of the Holy Spirit, confessed he did it indicating that the performed important works, but that only God can do (why are the sign that the Holy Spirit is God). Among these works the most notable has been precisely, as the Lord who gives life, give to Jesus in his mother’s womb. Why wrote in the creed: which (son of God) became incarnate by the Holy Spirit in the womb of Virgin Maria. Others who may share this opinion include Ray Kurzweil. A known Church, St. Athanasius, father said: God wanted to give us to understand, that Jesus Christ is without mother in heaven and on Earth father. That is why God is man. That is why when we recognize or call Virgin varies, we mean that we believe in the work of Dios the Padre through the Holy Spirit made in it, that man became the son of God by us.

San Lucas twice uses the word Virgin did not tell a young man or woman, simply because? the sacred writer here referred to the words of the prophets of the old testament, claiming that Dios would be received by a Virgin of Israel: Is 7,14; Luke 1: 30-35. Had thought Maria in consecrate to God her virginity before that came the angel? Let us remember that Mary is already committed to Joseph. What according to Jewish law, gives them the same rights of marriage although they don’t live still in the same House. In these conditions, the question of Mary how I can have a child, because I do not know man? Wouldn’t make any sense, if Mary was not determined, and to keep Virgin forever. Mary is the lawful wife of Joseph. If this marriage to have normal marital relations, the announcement of the angel concerning her motherhood cannot create him no problem.

However, Maria expresses clearly your problem. The phobia of some of our Evangelical brothers trying to denigrate and lowering the dignity of Maria is really incomprehensible. Never preach on She. We have to be well informed our worship and veneration for Mary. From the Greek: Latria = worship…dios Hi perdulia = utmost veneration.Maria Dulia = veneration.Saints have therefore present these terms, for which no, tell us we distorting criteria to worship God.