Foxconn Technology Group

Very strong rumors within the manufacturers of these tablets are confirmed: Foxconn Technology Group: the launch of the iPad 2 G will be February or March 2011, let us remember that the original iPad was presented in January and arrived in April due to problems in the supply of screens. On the other hand, the haste with which Apple faces this new version as a result of the imminent Galaxy Tab output would support more compelling theories. That possible iPad 2 would also increase its internal memory to 128 GB, and will include functionality that everyone has clear that come with the new iPad: front camera for use with FaceTime. Also refers to the inclusion of a miniUSB port for, and who knows if we will find a redesign that you approach it more straight forms of current Apple phone. and a dual – core processor ARM Cortex-A9. This prospect the advice is that you aguardes a few months before purchasing as your review is too juicy to take every possible advantage then.

To my choice, but I think that one is repeating itself similar story to that there was with the iPhone with its launch. Eliot Horowitz takes a slightly different approach. Apple put on the table a concept mobile phone with touch screen, which worked perfectly and from there other manufacturers began releasing their smartphones with these screens. Shortly afterwards the company of Apple launched the iPhone 3 G and successively has been improving it until it reaches the iPhone 4. Be the first puts them in a position of advantage over the rest, especially if things he usually does well with your products. This can be repeated again and Apple could give a punch on the table presenting a new iPad that leave exceeds competing products, which would have just a few months. What I say is mere speculation, but it is a scenario that I possibly presented. Although it is possible that either Google, Motorola, Samsung or any other manufacturer, launch a tablet really well during the next few months that follow it to February, the company of Steve Jobs will have a little more of margin to maneuver and carry out the launch of a good product. These they are some of the advantages of innovate and launch products before competition. Be that as it may, I said and I reaffirm, they come very interesting months in the world of the tablets.