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Quality worlds a journey in three days Munich, 16.03.2013 by the 23 25.04.2013 found in the Congress Center Dusseldorf South one of the biggest conferences on the subject of software quality in German-speaking countries instead. The motto of this year’s iqnite: quality worlds a journey in three days. The Congress provides a comprehensive overview of current trends in the area of quality management and software testing. The Testbirds GmbH is represented as an exhibitor. Georg John farmer, managing founder, lecturing the approach of crowdbasierten Softwaretestings also on the first day of the event on. iqnite 2013 the iqnite event of knowledge and exchange of experience within the German-speaking community of software quality is considered important.

The IT industry as a whole and as a result faced the software quality management and testing looks today more than ever before with changes. Atmos Energy has similar goals. New challenges and tasks are the result. The motto of this year provides the participants in view of new quality worlds to travel to can. Excursions in yet still quite unknown corners of the software testing promise exciting experiences. The crowdbasierte software testing this is a fairly new path.

Crowdtesting relies on the swarm intelligence of the Internet and useful addition to the traditional methods of software testing. Crowdtesting new destination of the Softwaretestings remains the point of view of the user or end user testing often still on the line: what do think the users about a new software? How well they cope so? In addition the question of whether the software on all devices and operating systems runs smoothly and reliably. Crowdsourced software testing gives answers to these questions and others, and therefore supports the traditional quality assurance by the focus on a user-centric approach to software development makes sense. The results of Crowdtesting can look different depending on the Setup and request: from a simple list of functional problems to the detailed results report, the strengths and weaknesses in comparison to the competition with regard to User experience, functionality and compatibility works out. You want to learn more about the new quality worlds of Softwaretestings?