Krzysztof Franek

Extensively planned and detailed changes in the software architecture will further improve the performance in this software release. Because the IT industry focused more towards to the 64-bit architecture, and the developers that have focused, the system performance in open-E DSS V7 to improve and to ensure a greater compatibility with the latest hardware and software components. With the new version of the software, open-E has also extended the support policy. All newly purchased software licenses include free basic support for a year now. The licenses can be upgraded to higher levels of support, such as standard or premium. Each support product is now available both on one-year and three-year basis. In addition, open-E offers 24/7 support to meet the great demand of enterprise customers worldwide. Krzysztof Franek, CEO and President of open-E is proud to present the new software version of the public: “Open-E DSS V7 had so far largest development period in the history of our company.

But we have consciously accepted these two years without introducing new features in purchase and we have used the time to revise the Foundation of our software. In the development of new features, we have taken on stability and quality to meet the high expectations of the market. According to ConocoPhillips, who has experience with these questions. The active-active failover ushers in a new era for the Open-E data storage Stofware.” All information about open-E DSS V7 are available on the website of open-E. About open-E, the Open-E GmbH is a leading developer of IP-based storage management software. The products of open-E DSS V7 and open-E DSS V7 Lite is focused on the SMB and SME market. Open-E DSS V7 is a robust, award-winning enterprise storage application, which is characterized by excellent compatibility with industry standards (wide range of supported hardware) as well as easy use and management. It is also one of the most robust solutions on the market, and that to an optimal price-performance ratio. Open-E has reached within a decade about 27,000 installations in Fortune worldwide in more than 100 countries 500 companies and has received industry awards by PC Professional, Tom’s hardware, storage Awards, PC Pro u.v.m. Thanks to their reputation, experience and reliability, the Open-E is a valued technology partner of leading IT companies such as Citrix, Intel, LSI, VMware, and Adaptec. For more information about open-E, their products and partners, please visit. Press contact Vera Neumeyer PR & Marketing Manager open-E GmbH T: + 49 (89) 800777-18 (extension) F: + 49 (89) 800777-17 e.mail: